Boho Bathroom Ideas: Rustic Wood, Charming Accents, and Serene Retreats

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2024.01.26

Explore a collection of boho bathroom ideas that embrace the essence of rustic charm and bohemian chic. From stunning wooden accents to elegant white walls, each photo transports you to a serene oasis where relaxation is key. Get inspired by beautiful clawfoot bathtubs, wicker chandeliers, and unique design elements that create a harmonious blend of nature and style. Discover the beauty of boho bathrooms and transform your space into a tranquil haven.

1 Embrace Boho Vibes with a Wooden-Floored and White-Walled Bathroom

boho bathroom ideas
photo: 8degreessouth

Get inspired by this delightful boho bathroom idea that combines wooden flooring and white walls to create a soothing and inviting space. The centerpiece is a pristine white vanity with a charming wood countertop, complemented by rustic wood flooring. The walls, constructed with white bricks and adorned with white grout, add an element of texture and style. To complete the look, a stunning wicker chandelier hangs gracefully from the ceiling, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance.

2 Rustic Charm: A Farmhouse Bathroom With a Wooden Double Vanity

photo: homedeco

Step into rustic charm with this farmhouse-inspired boho bathroom. A stunning wooden double vanity takes center stage, adorned with two circular mirrors framed in sleek black. The floor boasts beige tiles with dark grout, adding to the rustic appeal.

boho bathroom ideas

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3 Cozy dimly lit bathroom with a boho touch

photo: bohemiandecor

Look at this cozy boho-inspired bathroom with its soothing white interior, wooden floors, and rustic wooden wall accentuating the elegance of the white bathtub. The atmosphere is set by the soft glow from several flickering candles, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

4 Boho Oasis: A Serene Bathroom With Wooden Flooring and an Abundance of Plants

photo: lxhomedecor

Step into this tranquil farmhouse bathroom where a round jute rug adorns the inviting warm wood floor, complemented by a wooden stand gracefully housing an ensemble of lush green potted plants. The natural beauty continues with more botanical treasures adorning the white vanity, complete with a charming wooden countertop.

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5 A Bathroom Oasis: White Bathtub and Abundant Greenery

Step into a tranquil boho bathroom, where a white freestanding bathtub takes center stage next to a stunning brick accent wall. Surrounding the tub, a lush collection of potted plants adds a touch of nature and serenity to the space. Completing the boho aesthetic, a colorful rug graces the warm wooden floor, tying the entire look together.

6 Boho Bathroom Decor Idea: Blue Vanity Accented with a Sunburst Mirror

Step into this boho-inspired bathroom with its striking blue vanity highlighted by a stunning sunburst mirror above it. Completing the charming decor, a wooden ladder shelf stands nearby, adorned with beautiful potted plants showcasing natural beauty.

7 A Boho Bathroom With a Wooden Shelf and Floral Rug

photo: mybohomestyle

This boho-inspired bathroom showcases a wooden vanity with a matching wooden shelf adorned with woven baskets filled with lush potted plants. Sconce lights on each side of the vanity add a touch of elegance. The focal point of the space is the vibrant floral rug in shades of green, white, and orange, which adds a pop of color and a whimsical touch to the warm wooden flooring.

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8 A Bathroom With Stone and Wooden Accents

In this boho bathroom, a white wall showcases a large rectangular mirror with a beautifully crafted wooden frame. Just beneath it, a large stone sink shines atop a sleek wooden floating vanity. Adding to the natural elements, a wooden ladder shelf and sturdy wooden stool bring a rustic touch to the shower area.

9 Boho Bathroom Idea: A Colorful Bathroom with Yellow Walls

Step into this vibrant boho bathroom with floor-to-ceiling yellow window panels that fill the space with warm natural light. The pink floors add a pop of bold color, while a variety of potted plants sprinkle greenery throughout the room, creating a lush and inviting atmosphere. Completing the boho aesthetic, a leaf-shaped floor mat adds a unique touch of whimsy next to the bathtub.

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10 Small Boho Bathroom Idea: White Room With a Cactus Accent

Step into this minimalist white boho bathroom, complete with a sleek white tub and a vibrant green cactus nestled in the corner, adding a touch of natural beauty. A wooden ladder shelf stands nearby, offering storage space and adding to the organic visuals of the room. A wicker basket adds a rustic touch, keeping towels and essentials within reach. On the floor, a colorful rug enlivens the space, tying the whole boho aesthetic together.

11 A Bathroom With a Tree Stump Accent Table and Natural Elements

photo: samson co

This boho-inspired bathroom showcases a unique tree stump accent table, adding a touch of natural charm. A cozy woven rug complements the organic aesthetic, while the focal point is an elegant oval freestanding bathtub placed in front of white shutter windows. A woven basket, positioned next to the table, adds a rustic touch and brings a sense of warmth to the space.

12 Creating a Boho Oasis: A Bathroom with a Large Wooden Mirror and Gray Tile Wall

Transform your bathroom into a boho oasis with this stunning idea. Adorned with a large rectangular wooden mirror, this space exudes rustic charm. The mirror beautifully contrasts against the backdrop of a gray grid tile wall, creating a stylish and modern aesthetic. Positioned next to the mirror, a sleek white clawfoot bathtub beckons you to relax and unwind. Above, a sparkling crystal chandelier adds a touch of elegance. Complete the look with a cozy woven rug, placed artfully on the floor beneath the tub.

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13 Boho Bathroom Inspiration: A Stylish Blend of Wood and Woven Baskets

Step into this boho-inspired bathroom and immerse yourself in the perfect combination of style and natural elements. The focal point is a stunning blue mosaic wall, adorned with a circular mirror that reflects both light and personality. Below, a floating wooden vanity elegantly supports a sleek white vessel sink, creating a harmonious blend of rustic and modern aesthetics. Adding a touch of bohemian charm, woven baskets find their place in this well-appointed space.

14 Boho Bathroom with Light Wood Flooring and Wicker Shower Curtain

Look at this inviting boho bathroom, where light wood flooring sets the stage for a charming rustic wood vanity and a pristine white toilet. Adding a touch of natural elegance, a wicker shower curtain gracefully hangs over the tub, giving the space a cozy and organic feel.

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15 Boho Bathroom with a White Oval Tub and Wooden Chair

photo: nataliemyers

This boho bathroom showcases a modern white oval bathtub, adorned with a luxurious tan rug and accompanied by a stylish wooden chair. Adding a touch of artistic flair, a beautifully framed painting of a serene landscape graces the wall above the tub.

16 Boho Chic Bathroom with Hexagonal Tile Flooring and White Walls

photo: interior boho

This boho chic bathroom idea showcases a stunning white vanity with a sleek wood countertop, adding a touch of rustic elegance. The vanity stands gracefully on beautiful wooden flooring, exuding warmth and charm. The walls, adorned with white bricks and white grout, create a clean and sophisticated backdrop for this bohemian oasis. Enhancing the ambiance is a captivating wicker chandelier that gracefully hangs from above, infusing a natural and earthy element to the space.

17 A Boho Bathroom with Green Tiled Walls and Elegant White and Gold Wallpaper

photo: thejungalow

This stunning boho-style bathroom showcases a vibrant green tiled accent wall, complemented by a luxurious white wallpaper adorned with elegant golden palm trees. Adding a touch of modern sophistication, a sleek black chandelier illuminates the space with a contemporary flair.

boho bathroom ideas

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18 A Boho-Inspired Bathroom With White Tile and Wood Accents

Step into this inviting boho-inspired bathroom where white tile walls create a clean and fresh backdrop. A stunning wooden vanity adds warmth and natural charm to the space, while a wooden shelf adorned with an abundance of lush green plants brings in a touch of nature. Additionally, you’ll find stylish wicker baskets holding even more beautiful plants, seamlessly blending earthy elements and boho aesthetics.

19 Boho Chic Bathroom with Light Wood Cabinets and Wicker Elements

photo: thejungalow

Look at this tranquil boho bathroom retreat, complete with light tile flooring, light wood cabinets and a touch of rustic charm. The centerpiece of this space is a stylish wooden vanity that beautifully complements the white toilet. Over the tub, a wicker shower curtain adds a natural element, bringing a cozy and inviting vibe to the room.

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20 Rustic Wood and White Bricks Tile: A Boho Bathroom Oasis

photo: home intereri

Step into this boho bathroom retreat, where rustic wood flooring serves as the foundation for a white vanity with a sleek wood countertop. The walls feature white bricks with perfectly white grout, creating a stunning contrast. To add a touch of natural elegance, a wicker chandelier gracefully hangs from the ceiling, completing the bohemian aesthetic.

21 Boho Chic: Creating an Outdoor Oasis with a Green Bathtub and Wooden Flooring

photo: airbnb

Embrace the beauty of nature with this enchanting outdoor boho bathroom idea. A vibrant green clawfoot bathtub takes center stage on a charming wooden deck, creating a serene space for relaxation. Above, a mesmerizing wicker chandelier illuminates the area, adding a touch of rustic elegance to this outdoor oasis.