23 Boho Living Room Ideas: A Gallery of Cozy and Inviting Spaces

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.07.31

Welcome to our review featuring a stunning collection of modern boho living rooms. From serene white fireplaces to lush plant-filled spaces, each idea exudes its own unique charm and style. Whether you’re looking for a cozy and lively atmosphere or a chic and sophisticated feel, these design inspirations have it all. So, step into these boho-chic spaces and get inspired to transform your own home into a haven of comfort and style.

1 Boho Charm: A Plant-Filled Living Room with an Entertainment Center

Step into this boho-inspired living room and be greeted by a serene white fireplace with a wooden armchair and a plush white rug on the golden wooden floors. A gold and glass coffee table occupies the center with ample space for both comfort and style, in front of the fireplace. Ambience is added with potted plants dotted throughout the room – large ones accentuating the corners of the room. The white couch, complete with white cushions, invites for a cozy chat session during an entertainment-filled evening watching the flat screen TV.

2 A Delicate and Serene Living Room with Beige, Pink, and White Furniture

photo: dahab.bazaar

Step into this delicate and serene living room, where pastels and earthly hues merge gracefully. A beautiful beige sectional couch takes center stage, inviting for intimate conversations or mindless relaxation. A wooden coffee table, placed perfectly in front of the couch, gels well with the brass accents of the rattan end table placed on the black and white rug. The dresser behind the couch, adorned with a large round mirror, creates an essence of luxury – perfect to flaunt one’s best ensemble. The pink pouf, accompanied with other pink cushions scattered around the room, adds a dash of femininity to the ambiance of the room, bringing balance to the earthly tones. A potted plant placed behind the couch adds a natural touch, making one feel one with nature. This living room is the perfect arrangement of cozy and beautiful furniture, designed to cater to all your needs and desires.

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3 A Boho Extravaganza – An Aerial View of a Colorful Living Room

Get ready to be amazed by the splendor of this boho-inspired living room. A warm wood floor subdues the room making it more inviting, softening the aura of the space. A white sofa and a large white coffee table take center stage, surrounded by various beige, orange, and brown-colored couches and chairs. The color scheme adds to the vibrancy of the room, making it cheerful and lively. The centerpiece of the living area is a large red rug, perfectly placed on the warm wood floor, exuding life. In the corner of the room, a tall and beautiful cactus plant brings in the natural ambiance. The room is dimly lit by lamps, casting a relaxing and peaceful mood, while a huge bookshelf accommodates a collection of books placed messily and other decorative items – perfectly chaotic, adding to the boho charm of the space. The bird’s-eye view of this living room is a surreal experience, bringing the colors of the universe together in harmony and making it a visual delight.

4 Boho Chic Living Room with White Walls and a Cozy Tent

photo: utoo.bohocafe

This inviting living room features a beautiful rattan pendant light that hangs gracefully above a mix of tables in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Some tables are shorter and require floor seating, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. A range of colorful pillows and rugs, boasting diverse patterns, provide a stunning contrast against the white floors and walls. The small tent creates an intimate space that’s perfect for reading or relaxing in comfort.

boho living room

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5 Comfort and Functionality in a Boho Living Room with Couches, a Coffee Table, a TV, and a Desk

photo: bohowoodland

This boho living room is a charming blend of comfort and functionality. The front door features a stunning glass panel that adorns the small yet cozy living space, which boasts a comfortable sectional couch and a practical home office. Behind the desk, a delicate tree branch without leaves adds a whimsical touch. The couch is facing a sleek TV, mounted securely on the wall, ensuring maximum viewing pleasure during those movie nights.

6 Cozy and Natural Boho Living Room with Woven Chair, Rug, Basket, and Decorations

photo: baseroots

This intimate boho living room radiates comfort and natural charm with its carefully curated decor. A delightful woven round rug graces the floor, creating a cozy setting for a woven chair adorned with a charming pillow and a warm blanket for chilly nights. A stunning woven basket filled with an additional blanket and some greenery adds a natural touch to the room. Potted plants in the corner of the room add a refreshing pop of greenery. The room also features a white wooden dresser with a TV on top and a floating shelf resting above the TV, creating a perfect entertainment center.

7 A Cozy and Lively Living Room with Earthy Touches

photo: interior boho

A rattan pendant light becomes the focal point of this cozy living room, which boasts a warm beige sectional couch. The couch invites one to sink in and enjoy a game or a chat session. In front of the couch, on a plush brown rug and gleaming wooden floor, sits a white round coffee table – perfect for drinks or books. Throw in an earthy touch with the plant in the wicker basket on the black metal cabinet. The walls and shelves are decorated with Bohemian-inspired pieces – adding flair to the room. The large, wide window on the side brings ample natural light and warmth – taking the comfort to the next level.

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8 Vibrant and Cozy Living Room with Orange Couch and Lush Potted Plant

This bright and inviting living room is a perfect blend of color and texture, featuring a striking black and white rug with a luxurious leather sofa resting atop. An eye-catching orange ottoman, complete with a cozy blanket and a stylish hat, perfectly complements the sofa and brings a pop of color to the room. The wall behind the couch is painted black, providing the perfect backdrop for the stunning potted plant that sits majestically in front of the wall-length windows, adding a fresh natural element to the room. Finally, black decorations beautifully hung from wall to wall complete the picture-perfect boho living space.

9 Boho Chic: A Cozy Living Room with a Family Gallery Wall

photo: home boho

What’s better than cozying up on a white sofa, nestled in front of a large gallery wall adorned with family photos? This boho chic living room with a grey accent wall is as heartwarming as it gets. The sofa is beautified with a white throw blanket draped over the arm, accompanied by a bunch of white, beige, and grey pillows – irresistible for a good read or a nap. The centerpiece of the room is a rectangular wooden coffee table, embellished with a teacup, candles and other decorations – waiting for a friendly gathering. Soft, decorative floor cushions beautify the room, inviting one to relax on the floor.

boho living room

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10 Natural and Serene Living Room with Beige Furniture and an Abundance of Plants

photo: mycozydecors

This serene living room is a true oasis of natural beauty, boasting a large brown couch positioned against a white living room wall. A plethora of lush green plants, including a stunning one sitting in a charming wicker basket, enriches the space and adds a comforting natural element. A beautiful brown round rug laid on the warm wood floor provides the perfect backdrop for the beige furniture, adding to the natural ambiance of the room. Framed pictures on the wall behind the couch perfectly complement the overall aesthetic, while a white shelf with a glass front next to the couch ties everything together. This boho living room is the epitome of natural beauty and comfort.

11 Urban Jungle meets Art: An Abundant Living Room with Picture Wall and Lush Plants

photo: bohodecor

Step into a spacious apartment with an abundant living room, where lush green plants on the floor create an urban jungle ambience and the large windows invite natural light. A comfortable couch is positioned in front of the window, perfect for soaking up the sun, with the windowsill next to it decorated with potted plants for added flair. The wall behind the TV is beautified with a picture wall of photographic prints – adding to the artistic vibe of the space. The floor rug stands out with its green, white, and pink colors, embellished with a beautiful floral pattern – adding to the floral touch of the plants in the room.

12 A Festive Boho Living Room Adorned with Decorative Wreaths

This festive boho living room is an enchanting space decorated with an array of stunning decorative wreaths in various sizes and colors, adorning a white wall behind a cozy gray couch. A beautiful round stained wood coffee table, elegantly resting on a beige and gray rug, perfectly complements the blissful ambiance of the room. The coffee table features a charming glass vase of plants that adds a refreshing natural element. The large rattan light fixture hanging above the couch casts a warm and welcoming glow throughout the entire space. Finally, a smaller rug, placed atop a larger rug that matches the color scheme, adds an additional layer of texture to this inviting and expressive living room.

boho living room

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13 Welcoming and Earthy Living Room with Two Comfy Couches and Rustic Touches

Relaxation at its finest can be found in this welcoming living room, complete with not one but two beige couches with beautiful wooden bases. The boho-inspired orange cushions and blankets on the couches add warmth and comfort, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Potted plants placed on the floor, adds to the natural vibe of the space. A patterned rug brings an extra layer of texture to the room and an irresistible flutter to the eyes with a brown cushion resting atop. To top it off, the room boasts a large window that overlooks a balcony or terrace, making the room airy and full of light – serene in all its earthy beauty.

14 Playful and Colorful Living Room with Yellow Sofas and Bright Cushions

photo: attirail.in

This playful and vibrant living room is a stunning display of color and texture, featuring two stunning sofas – one yellow and the other pink – adorned with an abundance of colorful cushions. The cozy scene is completed perfectly with a beautiful potted plant, adorned with yellow roses, placed between the sofas. A large, colorful, and patterned rug ties everything together, adding warmth and texture to the room. A round wooden coffee table, resting peacefully on the rug, provides a practical and stylish centerpiece. This boho living room is a perfect expression of joy and personality.

boho living room

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15 A Vibrant and Eclectic Living Room with Plants Galore

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this boho chic living room, where plants of all shapes and sizes adorn the windowsill. In the midst of it all sits a coffee table, ideal for snacking or sipping on a warm cup of coffee. Adding to the charm of this space is a large orange couch and a chair – inviting one to sink into comfort and stay awhile. Potted plants elegantly hung from the ceiling, completes the natural sensation of the space, creating an immersive escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The warm, natural light from the window amps up the beauty of the room – making it a visual delight.

16 Bohemian Sophistication: A Chic Living Room with Fireplace and Comfortable Seating

photo: rugs usa

The epitome of Bohemian sophistication, this white living room soothes the soul and calms the mind. The white sofa rests against a dreamy light-grey wall, welcoming one to sit and relax. The centerpiece of the room is a round brown ottoman, perfect for putting your feet up at the end of a long day. Adding to the charm is a white armchair placed elegantly in front of the white fireplace, complete with a white mantel – perfect for cozy and joyous winter evenings. A brown armchair with a wooden base affords a luxurious feel and a spot next to a large mirror – fit for a mini photoshoot. A window with thin, see-through white curtains illuminates the room with a soft glow while allowing for privacy. This boho-chic living room is the perfect place to rejuvenate and relax.

17 Comfort Meets Art: A Cozy Living Room with Contrasting Brown Couches and Elegant Accents

This boho style living room is an ethereal dream, with contrasting brown couches that add a touch of rustic beauty to the room. A large, wood coffee table, perfectly placed between the two couches, invites for fruit and coffee servings. A white sofa, complementing the natural ambience of the room, placed opposite to the brown sofa. A large, round white vase of flowers and a lovely stack of books are placed on the coffee table – a relaxing sight for solo reading or intellectual discussions. A log of wood next to the white sofa, serves as a mini stand for a stack of books and a tiny vase, inspiring one to cozy up with a good book on the sofa. Two exquisite paintings with contrasting black abstract art hang on the wall, adding some elegance to the serene white walls. Lastly, a beautiful classic dresser adds some utility to the corners, splendidly completing the room’s aesthetic vibe.

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18 Desert Meets Chic: A Cozy Living Room with a Cactus Plant

Step into a desert-chic living room, complete with a white sectional sofa featuring a chaise lounge – ready to cuddle up and get comfortable. A round coffee table occupies the center, beautifully placed on a beige area rug, and just the right height for drinks or snacks. The sofa is decoratively adorned with brown and orange pillows and blankets, adding a splash of warmth to the room. A large, stunning cactus plant stands prominent behind the white sofa, giving a desert vibe to the room. This living space is perfect for those who want to seamlessly merge nature with modern comforts.

19 Relaxing and Earthy Outdoor Living Room – A Boho-Inspired Oasis

Step into a serene boho-inspired oasis, where comfort and style merge into one. Burrow in the soothing ambiance of outdoor living with the spacious hammock hanging from the ceiling – beckoning for a lazy weekend afternoon nap. The zebra print rug beneath the hammock adds flair and texture to the room, while lots of pillows of various colors and designs beckon one to sit and stay awhile. The centerpiece of the seating area, a round table beautifully covered in white cushions, plants, and other decorative items, creates an ambiance of relaxation, making it feel like an actual tent. The large chandelier casts warmth to the area, adding to the ethereal vibe – a piece of sky brought down to earth. The bright seating area features a large yellow and white hanging sofa with a chaise lounge, a spot perfect for rest and rejuvenation. Large potted plants accentuate the corners, while smaller ones are elegantly hung on the wall, completing the look of this outdoor bohemian paradise.

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20 Cozy and Rustic Living Room with Unique Elements and a Staircase

photo: casaamarosa

In this cozy living room, a large and rustic wicker pendant light exudes a calming atmosphere, brightening up the room. Get comfortable on the beige couch with beige and white pillows – enjoying tranquility at its best. A round, rustic coffee table with a glass top sits at the center, with a wood tray elegantly placed in the middle, ready for snacks or drinks. Adding some unique architectural touch is a white staircase running the length of the room, painted in a striking white. The white balusters and the white banister on the side gives the staircase an elegant look. This cozy living room emanates warmth, perfect for bonding with loved ones or relaxing alone.

21 Chic and Contemporary Living Room with Artful Accents and Comfy Seating

This chic and contemporary living room is an art lover’s paradise, with a collection of eclectic art adorning the walls. A brown leather sofa with a beautiful chaise lounge invites one to unwind, with a collection of pillows and a brown Moroccan leather pouf atop a cream rug – pleasing the senses. A large feather-shaped straw decor, in a striking brown hue, hangs elegantly above the sofa, adding to the ‘wow’ factor of this exquisite room. The artistic approach of the space is perfectly matched by the comforts of the seating arrangement, making it ideal for both relaxation and intellectual discussions with friends.

22 Charming Boho Living Room with a Colorful Oriental Rug and Wicker Chairs

photo: amikovry

This charming boho living room boasts a stunning blue, orange, and pink oriental rug that fills the center of the space. The room features cozy wicker chairs with comfortable pillows on the floor, providing the perfect place to relax and unwind. The eclectic wall decoration, showcasing various types of decorative items, perfectly complements the overall aesthetic of the room. A stylish round woven side table placed in front of the chairs serves as a practical yet sophisticated centerpiece. One of the cushions features an enchanting dream catcher painted on it, adding a whimsical touch to the space. The combination of colors, textures, and decorations transform this living room into a place of true boho beauty and comfort.

boho living room

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23 Elegant and Artsy Living Room with White Furniture and a Striking Art Piece

photo: phantomhands

This elegant and artsy living room is an enchanting space, featuring a luxurious white sofa adorned with a chic purple and gray ikat pillow and a cozy purple and gray pillow. The sofa’s stylish chaise lounge provides the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day. Two black coffee tables cleverly placed on top of a beautiful Beni Ourain rug add a touch of sophistication. Two exquisite French bergere chairs upholstered in gray linen fabric stand in front of an elegant room divider, adding a touch of regal charm to the room. The centerpiece of this sensational living room is a large abstract art piece displaying striking shapes on a beige background, perfectly positioned and serving as a focal point of the room. This stylish boho living room is the perfect blend of elegance, artistry, and comfort.