Celebrating the Holidays in Style: A Collection of 19 Christmas Decorated Dining Rooms

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.07.31

With the holiday season upon us, there’s nothing quite like a beautifully decorated dining room to bring the festive mood to your home. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or a modern twist on holiday decor, we’ve gathered some exquisite dining rooms that are sure to provide inspiration for the perfect setting to create lasting memories with loved ones. From classic wreaths and garlands to unique color schemes and centerpieces, these dining rooms are a feast for the eyes and the perfect backdrop for a joyous holiday celebration.

1 A Classic Dining Room Decked with Flowers and Christmas Accents

This elegantly decorated dining room exudes cozy comfort with its vintage hutch and table set, creating a lovely traditional atmosphere. A large vintage painting adorns the wall above the fireplace, complemented by a set of candles on the side. The wooden dining table is beautifully set, featuring vintage plates and cutlery surrounded by stunning flower arrangements that bring a refreshing natural beauty to the room. Overlooking the table stands a lovely pink-adorned Christmas tree that accents the warmth of the traditional decorations wonderfully, making this space the perfect setting for a memorable holiday feast.

2 A Festive Touch: Red and Green Centerpieces for a White Dining Room Table

photo: blindsgalore

This chic white dining room table is incredibly charming, featuring striking red and green Christmas wreaths and decorations on every chair. Against the white backdrop of the table, walls, and windows, the vibrant colors of the wreaths and greenery add an extra touch of festivity. The polished hardwood floors highlight these lively accents beautifully. The centerpiece is a delightful vase of greenery that complements the modern aesthetic perfectly. Some of the vases are white, while others are glass red, creating a playful yet sophisticated contrast that makes this dining room table a perfect spot for Christmas celebrations.

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3 Cozy Christmas Dining Room with a Bench and Fireplace

This warm and welcoming dining room is beautifully decorated for Christmas, perfect for gathering with family and friends. The table and chairs are arranged in front of the crackling fireplace, which is strikingly decorated with a green-painted wall and fully stocked with logs of wood. Festive decorations include a charming Christmas tree that stands brightly next to the bookcase. The hanging chandelier above the dining table adds a touch of elegance to the space, while the bench on one side of the table replaces the usual couple of chairs, adorned with wrapped gifts that lend an exciting holiday vibe. This dining room is perfect for a cozy and intimate Christmas celebration.

4 Blue Christmas: Serene Centerpieces for a Rectangular Dining Table

Set the mood for a serene and peaceful evening with this elegant Christmas-themed dining room table. The blue and white napkins, candles and place settings create a soothing atmosphere, imbuing the space with a tranquil ambiance. Two small Christmas trees, adorned with wreaths and ornaments, are placed on each side of the fireplace, which beautifully complements the overall aesthetic. The dining table features comfortable pillows around it, inviting guests to enjoy the low-set seating arrangement, making this space the ultimate cozy-nook for a festive gathering. Bask in the peaceful aura of this charming setup as you indulge in a memorable Christmas feast.

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5 Simple Elegance: Minimal Christmas Centerpieces in a White Dining Room

This exquisite dining room exudes a peaceful elegance, courtesy of its white chairs, gold accents and beautiful chandelier in the background. The white fireplace mantle serves as a focal point, tastefully decorated with minimal decor that creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Flanked by built-in cabinets with miscellaneous items on them, the pure white table sets the foundation for a simple, yet refined Christmas centerpiece. The green and red elements of the Christmas-themed centerpieces inject just the right burst of festivity into the room, making it perfect for enjoying the holiday spirit with close ones.

6 A Rustic Christmas Gathering: Farmhouse Style Dining Room with Festive Accents

photo: bentleyblonde

Gather around a gorgeous farmhouse-style table set for the festivity of the holiday season. The wreaths, ornaments, and rustic chandelier blending perfectly with the white and bronze and gold color scheme, reminiscent of highly prized decorations of the past. To add an extra dose of holiday flair, a large Christmas tree decorated with pristine white and red ornaments stands tall nearby. The table is elegantly complemented by a white runner, setting the foundation for a rustic Christmas-themed centerpiece. With stunning decorations and cozy ambiance, this dining room is the perfect place to gather and enjoy a memorable holiday dinner.

7 A Cozy Christmas Dinner: Red and Green Plaid Tablecloth with Festive Decorations

photo: namasliving

Revel in the holiday spirit with this marvelous dining room table set with a red and green plaid tablecloth. The delightful setup features a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with candles, ornaments and other decorations, providing the perfect festive touch. The rustic brown and teal chairs, paired with two pink candlesticks and wine glasses, lend a cozy aesthetic to the dining room, making it an intimate and inviting setting for Christmas dinner. The generously sized fireplace next to the tree serves as an ideal spot for guests to sit and warm up by the fire. With more decorations and a framed Christmas painting above it, this small dining room radiates a warm and charming ambiance, making it the ultimate spot for a joyful holiday celebration.

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8 Christmas Decor in a Striking Dining Room with Wreaths and Ornaments

This meticulously decorated dining room glows with the merriment of the holiday season, revealing wreaths and ornaments adorning the table, chairs and a magnificent chandelier hanging over the middle of the room. A striking large mirror adds extra depth and light to the decoration. The room boasts a captivating white and gray striped accent wall, making an iconic backdrop for the white and gray chevron wallpaper. The light wood dining room table with charming chairs accentuated with red candles is perfectly illuminated by the stunning beaded chandelier with red decorations. This festive vibe creates an endearing ambiance for enjoying meals and creating memories during the holidays.

9 Chic Red and White Christmas Decorations in a Dining Room

Experience the beauty and sophistication of this dining room, featuring two white Christmas trees adorned with red ornaments that add an instant sense of festivity. The red cutlery and centerpieces complement the trees flawlessly, making this room a perfect holiday setting. A breathtaking large crystal chandelier hangs above the dining table, casting a warm light and highlighting the polished hardwood floors, while the rug adds extra warmth and texture to the space. Behind the table, large

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10 Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room with Christmas Decorations

photo: pollies place

The wooden dining table in this charming dining room is beautifully adorned with festive decorations. Among the fresh greenery centerpieces, orange and green ornaments hang from the tree branches next to the elegant china cabinet. The cozy and inviting ambiance is completed with a patterned rug beneath the table, while a stunning Christmas tree stands proudly in the corner.

11 Festive Christmas Dinner Table with Deer Head Decorations

Step into this beautifully adorned dining room, featuring eclectic deer head and antler wall decorations that add a touch of whimsy to the traditional festive decor. The stunning wreaths above the table complement the centerpiece, featuring a striking red and green table runner stretching across a rustic wood sideboard. Finish with a cozy fireplace by the seating area, making this the perfect backdrop for a Christmas dinner.

12 Sparkling Christmas Dining Room with Elegant Chandelier

Welcome to this sparkling Christmas dining room, brimming with chic elegance and sophistication. Featuring bright white walls, a stylish white chair rail, and a softly accented beige rug, this room is perfectly complemented by a stunning black chandelier with thin arms hung from the center of the ceiling. Natural details, like a beautiful tree branch hung on the wall, evoke a cozy, charming vibe perfect for holiday feasting. The vintage glass-topped table anchors the space, with stylish cabinets and vases adding just the right dose of character.

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13 Rustic Christmas Dining Room with Festive Ceiling Lights

Embrace rustic charm with this beautiful Christmas dining room, where a stunning wood dining table with black chairs takes center stage. A striking black and glass chandelier hangs from the rugged wood ceiling with festive garlands above the table, creating the perfect ambiance for a cozy holiday dinner. The rustic sideboard, pushed against the light beige wall, echoes the natural color scheme with chic style. The Christmas decor adds a playful touch, making this dining room the perfect backdrop for a season of festive fun.

14 White Christmas: Elegant Decorations for the Dining and Living Room

Decked with gorgeous wreaths on the ceiling and a magnificent chandelier hanging prominently in the center of the room, this exquisitely decorated dining room serves all the hallmark elements of the holiday season. The barren Christmas trees dotted around the room add extra charm. Through the open concept design, one enters the equally stunning living room with a soothing white, beige, and grey color scheme, adorned with natural green Christmas decorations that complement the sophisticated setting perfectly. The rustic wood fireplace in the center of the room brings a cozy ambiance, coupled with a touch of warmth, making it the perfect spot for spending quality moments with loved ones during the holiday season.

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15 Pretty in Pink: A Stylish Christmas Dining Room

This chic dining room features a lovely pink color scheme that perfectly captures the holiday spirit. The centerpiece of the room is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, adorned with delicate ornaments that hang from the wall above the table. The matching pink curtains and chairs add further depth and flair to the space, while the playful white rug with black polka dots creates a playful and stylish foundation. The unique chandelier that resembles a tree stem ties the entire decoration together, making it a perfect setting for a festive feast.

16 Christmas Feast: A Beautifully Set Table for Festive Dining

Get ready to indulge in a delightful Christmas feast with this elegantly set table that features oranges and pinecones to ring in the holiday spirit. The statement white and blue vase centerpieces bring an understated yet refined touch to the table, while the gold and white candlesticks enhance the festive ambiance alongside the beautiful pine tree decorated plates. The dining table is further complemented by a stunning dresser, with more gold and white candlesticks and a large mirror that bring added height and depth to the scene. Whether it’s an intimate family gathering or a grand dinner party, this stunning dining room is perfect for hosting a holiday feast filled with warmth and joy.

17 A Majestic Christmas Dinner: White and Green Plates with Pinecone Centerpieces

This beautifully set table screams elegance, featuring a stunning centerpiece composed of pinecones, white and green plates, and a lovely sprig of eucalyptus leaves and twigs. The charming glass pendant lights hanging over the centerpiece bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the room. Moreover, the sparkling white snowflakes gracefully hanging from the ceiling complement the table setting wonderfully. The refined aesthetic of this dining room, from the polished white table to the striking decorative elements, is sure to create a memorable Christmas feast for family and friends.

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18 A Wintry Wonderland: Blue and Gold Christmas Table Setting with Snowflakes

Embrace the winter season with this mesmerizing blue, gold and white christmas table setting that will leave you enthralled. A gorgeous gold table runner sets the stage for the enchanting snowflake decorations in blue and white that deck the table. Snowflakes also elegantly hang from the ceiling, adding an extraordinary depth and dimension to the room. The distant Christmas tree adds an extra touch of festivity to this holiday ambiance, truly making this dining room a special place to enjoy a delicious meal and holiday festivities.

19 Festive Dining Room Decorated for Christmas with Tree and Garland

photo: frontgate

This dining room truly captures the holiday spirit with its stunning decorations, including a beautifully adorned Christmas tree and garland draped across the walls. Two wreaths add even more festive cheer, one adorning the wall while the other is placed on the mirror behind the table. The room is superbly illuminated, illuminating all the charming details and putting everyone in a jolly mood.