21 Innovative Cinder Block Designs: Stylish and Practical Creations for Any Space

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.04

Cinder blocks are a versatile material that can transform any space. From wine racks to succulent walls to TV stands, these materials can be used to create bold and practical designs perfect for any setting. These unique Cinder Block designs have become an increasingly popular choice for those wanting to add a touch of industrial charm to their living spaces. The following descriptions highlight a variety of stylish and functional Cinder Block creations that are sure to impress.

1 Charming and Functional Outdoor Patio Table

photo: subpod

This lovely outdoor patio table, constructed from sturdy cinder blocks, is adorned with a variety of potted plants and planters arranged attractively on its surface. The table is positioned against a stunning white wall, adding to its visual appeal. A gray front door opens up to a cozy patio area, complete with a stylish wood and concrete bar cart, and invites guests to enjoy the refreshing greenery of the plants and the relaxing ambiance.

2 Cozy Seating Area with Stylish Cinder Block Backdrop

photo: designtraves

This cozy seating area features a woman sitting comfortably on a chair in front of a chic cinder block wall. Accompanied by her furry friend, who is lying by her side, the scene is peaceful and serene. An elegant Eames lounge chair is placed adjacent to her, completing a perfect relaxation corner. The seamless incorporation of a nearby patio opens up the room, creating an open and spacious atmosphere. The thoughtful use of an open floor plan makes this area perfect for engaging conversations or peaceful solitary retreats.

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3 Rustic Seating Area with Functional Cinder Block Bench

photo: nicklarson157

This picturesque seating area features an industrial-style bench crafted entirely from durable cinder blocks. The bench is positioned adjacent to an inviting stone fire pit, further accentuated by the tranquil green grassy field with trees on the left and a house on the right. A stunning tree growing behind the bench adds a natural touch to the overall rustic atmosphere. The cinder block bench is as functional as it is durable, providing ample seating space for friends and family to relax and take in the serene surroundings. The stone fire pit sits empty, waiting to provide additional warmth and ambiance.

4 Vintage Bike Against an Industrial Cinder Block Wall

This captivating scene features a vintage bike parked against an industrial-style brick wall, constructed seamlessly from sturdy cinder blocks. The cinder blocks form intricate patterns, adding charm and sophistication to its rugged construction. Behind the cinder block wall, a classic bike is waiting to transport riders to new places. The front of the wall is adorned with lovely potted plants, creating a welcoming and natural atmosphere. The combination of the old bike, industrial wall, and fresh plants provides a unique visual experience, one that is equal parts vibrant and stylish.

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5 Garden Inspired Patio with a Cozy Couch

This inviting patio area is infused with natural tones, featuring a comfortable couch, and surrounded by blooming foliage. On one side, a charming red fence adds privacy and charm to the scenery, with the front of the house visible through the other side of the space. The area is rich in soil and sand, creating the perfect foundation for the lush foliage that surrounds it. A simple wooden block set in the center of the patio adds to its functional decor, making it easy to move plants and essential elements of hosting tables or an endless list of spring and summer activities.

6 Charming Barber Shop with an Industrial-Style Bench

This charming barber shop is nestled on the corner of a street, accented by a stunning brick building. Outside the storefront, a sturdy wooden bench, crafted from cinder blocks and wood, offers a comfortable spot for clients to wait while admiring the bustling street life. The vintage sign above the entranceway adds to the overall appeal, giving a nod to the traditional barbershop look. The interior welcomes customers with a stylish black console table, expertly placed to showcase products, adornments, and tools of the trade. From the cozy bench to the vintage-style accessories, this barber shop is a perfect blend of comfort and style.

7 Minimalistic Home Office with Durable Desk

photo: bbs woodworks

This eye-catching home office features a sleek desk constructed from cinder blocks and topped with elegant wood. The minimalist style desk naturally blends with various decor themes. A laptop and phone decorate the strong desktop, ensuring the desk’s functionality and productivity. Adding a comfortable touch to the space, a vibrant multicolor rug is placed strategically in front of the desk. A space-efficient gray basket is located right under the desk, further enhancing the area’s practicality and neat appearance. An ideal mix of durability and style, this desk can easily brighten up any home office space.

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8 Unique Wine Storage Using Cinder Blocks against a Blue Wall

This innovative wine rack is constructed from cinder blocks and stands boldly against a stunning blue wall. The rack’s top features a sleek dark wooden slab that’s adorned with decorative accents and a coffee machine, adding to its stylish appeal on the hardwood floor.

9 Serene Outdoor Lounge with Chic White Cushions

photo: cubicproducts

This idyllic outdoor lounge features comfortable white cushions set against a vibrant green grassy hillside, almost like a picture-perfect painting. A large white umbrella provides shade on the right side of the space, while several white pillows add to the cozy aesthetic. The seating area is situated before a stunning white lattice privacy fence, adding an air of elegance. Completing the chic design is the sleek white tile floor which ties the look together.

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10 Inviting Living Room with Chic Décor Elements

This welcoming living room boasts a comfortable couch and a stylish chair, both set atop a cozy carpeted floor. Against the dark gray walls, a stunning bookshelf filled with books, small decor items, and green plants adds an air of sophistication. Bold paintings hang on the wall without frames, infusing the space with a splash of color. Adding to the room’s effortless charm, a unique coffee table made of cinder blocks with a wooden top becomes the focal point of the room.

11 Charming Living Room Accentuated with Smart-Storage Shelves

photo: 736studios

This living room features a fascinating shelving unit crafted from a mix of wood and cinder blocks. A lovely vintage rug, in shades of red and blue, is laid out on the floor in front of it, creating a cozy atmosphere. The shelf itself is adorned with an elegant white pot plant and a vibrant blue and red poster, adding pops of color. Numerous books and unique collectibles are artfully arranged on the shelves, making it a decorative and functional addition to the room.

12 Rustic Craft Room with Functional Seating and Lighting

This rustic craft room exudes charm with its plank ceilings and cinder block cabinets fitted with open shelving. A single navy chair, featuring sleek silver nailhead trim, is strategically positioned facing the wall of cabinets, making it the perfect place to sit and work. Adding visual interest and ample light, a stylish hanging light with a white shade illuminates the space, enhancing the workspace’s sophistication as well.

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13 Chic Succulent Wall with Bold Brick Backdrop

photo: giraffeand.me

This eye-catching succulent wall is set against a striking black brick wall with a raw and industrial edge. Delicate succulents, including aloe vera and cactus, are beautifully arranged in sleek black cinder blocks. The concrete foundation over which the wall stands is aged, boasting a natural and organic look. The combination of the green plants and black and gray surface creates a stylish contrast, making this elegant wall a stunning addition to any space.

14 Modern TV Stand Constructed from Cinder Blocks

This sleek TV stand is constructed entirely from durable cinder blocks. The top shelf holds a flat-screen TV, while speakers are placed stylishly on the bottom shelf. Adding to the charming aesthetic, a plant is placed on the left side of the stand, giving a touch of natural beauty to the whole setup. Open storage design allows for easy access, and the structure is raised thanks to the cinder blocks’ sturdy build. An impressive game console is also integrated, making this TV stand a perfect blend of practicality and style.

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15 Cozy Seating Area on Vibrant Green Lawn

photo: aprilyfresh

This delightful seating area features two comfortable dark blue chairs situated leisurely on fine green grass in front of a classic white building. A stylish cinder block bench, painted in a charming blue hue on its sides, complemented by blue cushions, stretches across the center of the space, offering ample seating space. Two chic light blue coffee tables add convenience and elegance to the area, making it a perfect meeting spot for friends or family. The building details are tastefully complemented with two potted plants, each hanging on the wall near the large open windows, enhancing the serene atmosphere and visual interest.

16 Charming Outdoor Seating Area with Rustic Fire Pit

photo: crazylady559

Enjoy this charming outdoor seating area filled with comfortable patio furniture that features vibrant and colorful cushions and umbrellas, perfect for refreshing and relaxing atmosphere to bask in the sunlight. The space sports a semi-covered gazebo that also offers a cozy and intimate space for friends and family to gather around a stunning fire pit, with the fire pit itself carefully crafted from raw concrete, giving the area a rustic look. Completing the comfy and rustic look is the charming large outdoor rug placed under the fire pit, showcasing vintage charm, while the dark wood plank ceiling creates an elegant ambiance.

17 Inviting Seating Area with Vintage Aesthetics

This cozy outdoor seating area boasts a charming wooden bench, nestled in front of a stunning brick wall with cascading string lights that add to the ambiance of the area. A welcome sign adorned above the bench gives an excellent first impression to guests. Complementing the comfy bench is a blue blanket, perfectly paired with colorful pillows. A nearby shelf stores a variety of essential items. A vintage coffee table constructed out of durable cinder blocks is the center of attraction, adding sophistication and practicality to the space. Whether relaxing with friends or sipping a warm cup of coffee, this outdoor seating area is an ideal spot to relax.

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18 Chic Striped Seating Area with Comfortable Ottomans

This stylish seating area features a black and white striped bench paired with a couple of cozy ottomans. The chic bench is positioned before a textured cement block wall, next to a door leading out to a lovely outdoor patio or porch area. The area is splendidly adorned with colorful cushions artfully placed to provide an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Placed beside the comfortable ottomans are additional vibrant cushions comfortable for anyone. Completed with a small cinder block bench, this seating area offers ample style and comfort, and it’s perfect for relaxation.

19 Chic and Functional Outdoor Patio Set with Cinder Block Furniture

This stunning outdoor patio set exudes elegance and functionality, featuring sleek black and white striped sofas and chairs that create a welcoming lounge area. An outdoor umbrella, black chairs, and a stylish table provide guests with an intimate space to enjoy meals and drinks. The innovative use of cinder blocks makes for sturdy and reliable bench and tables with an industrial edge, complemented by the inviting contrast of the patio’s beautifully crafted concrete flooring. Behind, the magnificent grey house towers, adding architectural magnificence to the outdoor living space. Enjoyable and stylish, this outdoor patio set is perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

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20 Stylish Cinder Block Bench with Vibrant Backdrop

This chic bench, constructed from sturdy cinder blocks, is surrounded by a beautiful gravel area and sits in front of a vibrant yellow wall. Adding to the bench’s inviting atmosphere, there is a comfortable white cushion atop the bench and other items as well. A lovely potted plant is placed beside it, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space. A small silver Buddha statue resting on the ground beside the bench adds a sense of peace and tranquility, while a cool rug in front of the bench completes the scene, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the vibrant ambiance.

21 Stylish Poolside Lounge with Outdoor Furniture

This elegant poolside lounge area features comfortable outdoor furniture, with cushions and pillows adorning the ground to offer a cozy and relaxing space to unwind and soak up the sun. The wooden pallet chairs, placed strategically near the pool edge, make it easy to enjoy the serene waters while lounging comfortably. Two sturdy cinder block benches, dressed up with soft cushions, complete the seating arrangement, making it an ideal gathering spot for friends and family. Despite the pool being unoccupied, the inviting