21 Embracing Coastal Grandma Style Inspirations for Your Home

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.02

Coastal grandma style is a charming and cozy design aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular in many homes. Combining classic coastal elements with comfortable and inviting touches, this style creates a warm and welcoming ambiance throughout any space. In this article, we showcase several different rooms that showcase this unique style, from chic living rooms with striped furniture to serene bedrooms with luxurious bedding and elegant chandeliers. Explore the photo descriptions and find inspiration to create your own coastal grandma oasis in your home.

1 Cozy Coastal Attic Bedroom with White Bed and Blue Accents

Nestled away in the attic, this charming coastal-inspired bedroom exudes a cozy and welcoming feel, featuring a whitewashed bed beautifully adorned with blue and white bedding. A cream bench sits at the foot of the bed, providing an elegant accent to the decor. A whitewashed sofa is also positioned between the bed and the window, with a blue pillow adding additional pops of color. Above the sofa, a framed old picture hangs gracefully, adding character to the room’s decor. A part of the ceiling fan is visible, offering a touch of modern convenience to the cozy cottage feel of this delightful room. With its inviting ambiance and subtle coastal influences, this bedroom provides the perfect setting for rest and relaxation.

2 Coastal-Style Blue Kitchen Island with Wicker Pendant Lamps

Bring the calming coastal vibe into your home with this stunning blue kitchen island, topped with a beautiful white quartz countertop and seating low back rattan stools. The island is illuminated by two large basket chandeliers, adding a touch of rustic charm to the space. Above the island, a white French hood is mounted to blue mosaic backsplash tiles, perfectly complementing the blue cabinetry and drawers. The stove is flanked by stunning blue shaker drawers adorned with elegant brass pulls, adding a touch of sophistication to the room’s aesthetic. The fridge also matches the blue shade of the island and cabinets, creating a cohesive and stylish look. A blue vase filled with flowers completes the beautiful decor, making this kitchen the perfect place to cook and entertain in style.

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3 Coastal-Inspired Bathroom with Striped Wallpaper

This charming small bathroom boasts a refreshing coastal vibe with blue and white wallpaper adorned with thin stripes. The sink and golden-framed mirror are positioned in front of a window on the right-hand side of the bathroom. A delicate bathroom curtain hangs from half of the window, allowing natural light to fill the space while maintaining privacy.

4 Cozy Coastal Kids’ Bedroom with Bunk Beds and Desk

This charming coastal kids’ bedroom is the perfect place to drift off to sleep or get creative with homework. Two bunk beds, elegantly dressed in blue and white checkered bedding, occupy the space while providing ample sleeping accommodations for siblings or guests. A white desk and nightstand sit next to the beds, offering a perfect workspace and storage solution. Additional storage

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5 Coastal-Inspired Dresser and Mirror with Floral Wallpaper

This lovely room exudes a classic coastal style with its white and light green dresser and matching mirror. The walls are adorned with a charming floral wallpaper, and a beautiful vase of blue and white flowers sits atop the dresser. The dresser also features stacks of books and two elegant candlesticks, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. Overlooking the white front door, this room creates a welcoming ambiance from the moment you enter.

6 Serene Coastal Bedroom with Blue and White Shiplap

This cozy cottage-style bedroom features a beautifully vaulted plank blue and white shiplap ceiling, complemented by a stunning whitewashed French candle chandelier. The centerpiece of the room is a whitewashed French bed, accentuated with crisp white and serene blue bedding, overlooking a picturesque window. Adding to the charm of this coastal grandma style are a charming woven chair, adorned with a stylish blue and white cushion, along with a small wooden chest, providing a touch of rustic elegance to the room.

7 Chic Coastal Living Room with Striped Furniture

Step into this stunning coastal living room, featuring bright white walls and striking black and white striped furniture. Framed pictures hang on the walls above the inviting gray sofa with chaise lounge, complete with soft throw pillows in shades of gray and white. Driftwood end tables perfectly complement the room’s herringbone wood floors, adding a natural touch to the space. Between the chairs, potted plants including a cactus bring a vibrant touch of greenery to the room, pulling this elegant coastal theme together beautifully.

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8 Coastal-Inspired Laundry Room with Blue Cabinetry and Bright Accents

photo: reneecusano

Embrace the stylish simplicity of this charming coastal laundry room, featuring soothing blue cabinets and a pristine white quartz countertop. The space is accented with a delightful white and blue striped rug, adding a pop of character to the room. The washing machine is fitted with a white and gray gingham roman shade, complemented by a cheerful yellow and gray lantern, bringing a touch of vibrancy to the space. A fragrant bouquet of pink flowers serves as a beautiful finishing touch placed gracefully above the counter. The light blue door and cabinetry complete this coastal grandma style, adding a touch of serenity to your laundry routine.

9 Coastal-Inspired Reading Nook with Blue Accent Chair

Create your perfect reading nook with this cozy blue accent chair, adorned with a soft white and beige pillow. The chair sits in a welcoming living room with hardwood floors, featuring a striking blue rug to tie in the coastal theme. White built-in shelves with blue grasscloth wallpaper serve as a stunning backdrop, displaying stacks of books, framed pictures, and sentimental trinkets. Whether you’re diving into your favorite novel or simply relaxing with a cup of tea, this charming reading nook is the perfect place to unwind.

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10 Serene Coastal Nursery with Wicker Accents and Elegant Blue and White Wallpaper

photo: charmlane

Welcome your bundle of joy into this luxurious coastal-inspired nursery. The stunning blue and white wallpapered closet, shelves and open shelving unit serve as the perfect backdrop for the room’s eye-catching decor. The unit boasts chic wicker baskets, beautifully organized for your convenience, while the baby’s clothes are neatly hung in the adjacent shelf. The closet even features a small built-in dresser, ensuring that there is enough space for all your little one’s essentials. The comfortable white couch, adorned with a plush white cushion and a fluffy white teddy bear provides an ideal spot for some cuddle time. This refreshing coastal grandma style is sure to create a serene and calming atmosphere for your little one.

11 Chic Coastal Bedroom with Chandelier and French Bench

Indulge in serenity with this effortlessly chic coastal bedroom, complete with a large bed adorned with luxurious white and blue bedding. A striking chandelier hangs above the bed, adding elegance to the space. The room’s flooring is fully covered with a coordinating rug that seamlessly blends with the rest of the decor. Adding touches of nature to the room, one side of the bed is accompanied by a nightstand made of wood, while the other side features a long, potted plant. A French bench sits at the foot of the bed, adding a touch of glamour and serving as a practical place to sit or store items. With its clean aesthetic and coastal-inspired details, this bedroom exudes both tranquility and sophistication.

12 Coastal-Inspired Dining Room with Chandelier

This beautiful coastal-inspired dining room is a serene oasis, perfect for hosting dinner parties or for enjoying a relaxing meal. The dining table features a crisp white tablecloth, adorned with a stunning white and blue vase filled with fresh blue flowers as its centerpiece. A window with white, flowing curtains provides a soft, natural light while adding a touch of romance to the room. On the other side of the room, a large, potted plant adds a natural element to the space. Above the centerpiece, a stunning chandelier with beads casts a warm glow, creating a peaceful ambiance for dining. The room opens up into a white kitchen, allowing for seamless entertaining and making this space the perfect spot to gather with friends and loved ones.

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13 Classic Coastal Living Room with White Furniture and Blue Accents

This classic coastal-style living room is the epitome of serenity, featuring an all-white furniture set accented with calming shades of blue. The center of the room boasts a chic coffee table, surrounded by cozy couches on either side. Above the center table, a stunning chandelier adds a touch of glamour and elegance to the space. Each side of the sofa features a white end table, beautifully lit by white lamps, creating a warm ambiance that complements the room’s tranquil color scheme. With its refreshing coastal vibe and welcoming atmosphere, this living room is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

14 Cozy Coastal Room with Nautical Accents

This inviting coastal-themed room features white walls and wooden flooring, complete with charming nautical accents. A blue rug anchors the space, while two decorative oars hang on the wall next to a “beach” sign. A wood and fabric chair sits in the corner beside a white rope stool, creating a cozy nook to relax in. A white shiplap wall provides the perfect backdrop for the row of decorative oars, adding to the room’s coastal charm.

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15 Coastal-Inspired White Wooden Dining Room Set

Bring a fresh and tranquil feel to your dining room with this beautiful coastal-inspired white wooden dining table paired with white and gray ladder back chairs, each adorned with comfortable white cushions. A gray and blue rug beautifully grounds the dining set, adding texture to the space. An elegant mirror adorned with a decorative wreath is placed strategically behind the dining table, not only enhancing the room’s aesthetic but also creating an illusion of additional space. Whether you’re hosting dinner parties or enjoying family meals, this charming dining room set is the perfect addition to your coastal-inspired home.

16 Serene Living Room with Blue Walls and Wood Flooring

Welcome to your new serene living room, complete with calming blue walls and beautiful wood flooring. A cozy couch sits in front of a bookshelf tucked into the corner of the room, with a large window next to it providing natural light and stunning outdoor views. The wood paneled ceiling adds to the room’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, its natural texture perfectly balancing the room’s color scheme. The bookshelf not only serves as a stylish storage unit, but one part of it also serves as the door to the room, adding an element of surprise to the space. Whether you’re curling up with your favorite book or entertaining guests, this tranquil living room is the perfect oasis to relax and unwind in.

17 Coastal-Inspired Bedroom with Blue Walls and Brown Dresser

Create a soothing coastal retreat in your bedroom with this charmingly designed space. A beautiful brown dresser sits in front of a light blue wall with elegant gold trimming accents, perfectly contrasting the coastal-inspired hues in the space. Above the dresser, a stunning mirror and matching lampshades add a touch of glamour, along with a vase of blue flowers, creating a refined and elegant look. The hardwood flooring adds to the room’s natural beauty, providing an organic element to the serene environment. Complementing the blue walls are delicate white curtains, providing the perfect finishing touch to this cozy retreat.

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18 Coastal-Inspired White Canopy Bed with Wicker Accents

Sleep in style and comfort with this charming coastal-inspired white canopy bed, dressed in soft white and gray striped bedding. The bedroom is finished with a set of wicker hat hooks and complemented by a gray jute rug, bringing a natural feel to the space. Adding to the room’s coziness, a wicker accent chair with a white cushion sits atop a jute rug, creating a comfortable seating area to unwind and relax. A window with white curtains provides a soft natural light, while a beige lampshade positioned next to it adds an extra touch of elegance to the space.

19 Coastal-Inspired Entryway with Floral Wallpaper and Wicker Baskets

Welcome guests in style with this elegant coastal-inspired entryway, featuring a striking blue and white floral wallpaper. Wicker baskets sit beautifully under a console table, adding both functionality and texture to the space. A stunning mirror with a decorative frame hangs on the wall, reflecting the room’s refreshing ambiance. Two classic lampshades sit atop an old-fashioned dresser, decorated with framed family pictures. This entryway’s charming coastal accents make it the perfect introduction to your inviting coastal home.

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20 Coastal-Inspired Bedroom with Plaid Upholstered Headboard

photo: toledogeller

Create a peaceful and inviting coastal retreat with this charming bedroom, featuring a stunning blue and white plaid upholstered headboard. A bedside table and nightstand on one side of the bed offer convenient storage, with a small glass vase of thin plants adding a pop of color to the space. The room features beige walls and carpeting, with the bed perfectly placed on a beautiful blue jute rug against a stunning tan wallpapered wall. This room creates a serene environment, bringing in coastal influences with its clean lines, natural textures, and muted color palette, adding a touch of coastal sophistication to any home.

21 Elegant Coastal Bedroom with Striped Walls and a Stunning Blue Chandelier

Delight in the refreshing ambiance of this serene coastal-themed bedroom, featuring eye-catching striped walls and a magnificent blue ribbon chandelier illuminating the space from above. The room is complete with a cozy wood and fabric bed, adorned with chic white and blue bedding and an exquisite blue and gray floral bedskirt. Flanking the bed is a stately navy bedside table, topped with a vibrant orange double gourd lamp, adding a splash of color to the room. A stylish yellow and gray floral chair, upholstered in David Hicks’ La Fiorentina fabric, stands next to the bed, providing an ideal spot for cozying up with a good book. The window is fitted with beautiful blue and gray shades, allowing a gentle coastal breeze to waft through the room. An elegant wooden nightstand adorns the other side of the bed, complete with a pristine white vase filled with lovely blue flowers and a white lampshade, while two exquisite oval mirrors with golden frames are gracefully suspended above both nightstands, tying together this ideal coastal grandma style.