21 Captivating Corner Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Stunning Wall Panels

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.05

As a contemporary living room designer, I’ve seen many different takes on modern style. In this collection of vibrant and elegant living rooms, each embodies the essence of contemporary design with its own unique spin. In this captivating corner living room, bold geometric patterns accentuate the modernity of the space. The sleek white couch with patterned cushions is inviting and comfortable while commanding attention as the centerpiece of the room. The black-and-white striped rug grounds the space, while the beautiful wall panels with lines and circles extend the room’s vertical dimensions, adding both depth and texture. This corner living room is a perfect example of how contemporary design can be both alluring and functional, creating a space where form truly meets function.

1 Modern Loft Living Room with Spacious Windows and Beautiful Hardwood Floors

This contemporary living room in a modern home boasts stunning wooden flooring and large windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. The open floor plan allows clear views into the adjacent kitchen, while a white chaise sectional sofa, circular coffee table atop a gray rug, and light hardwood floor set the stage for effortless relaxation. The top of the loft is visible, and eye-catching black rods hang horizontally from the ceiling. The room is dressed up with gray curtains to complement the large round rug and glass windows, offering an inviting and elegant space for socializing or just lounging around.

2 Cozy and Contemporary Living Room with a Neutral Palette

Step into this cozy and contemporary living room with white walls and beautiful beige sofas, adorned by plush pillows and throws. The modern wooden floors tie the room together with class and elegance. Large pendant lights hanging from ceiling center-piece the space, offering warm and inviting lighting. Luxurious wall moldings add an elegant touch while eye-catching gold and white abstract art brings an element of playful whimsy. Two identical doors with light wood finishes offer an additional dimension to this gorgeous space, perfect for entertaining or curling up with a book on a lazy afternoon.

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3 A Stunning Modern Living Room with Luxurious Marble Floors

This modern living room boasts an air of luxury, complete with stunning marble flooring, offering timeless beauty and sophistication to this space. A huge window dominates the wall, allowing plenty of natural light and offering sweeping views of the outside surroundings. Stylish couches and chic coffee tables are placed delicately at the center of the room, while a flat-screen TV provides an entertainment center to relax and unwind. Beige, sheer curtains add elegance and provide privacy to the space. In addition, there is another plush sectional sofa, extending the living space towards the far end of the room, offering even more room to kick back and relax. Small, irregularly-shaped mirrors on the wall add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to this already stunning modern living room.

4 Modern Elegance in a Living Room with Black Leather Furniture and a Striking Art Piece

Step into modern elegance in this beautiful living room where stunning black leather sofas take center stage. All eyes are drawn to the dramatic large painting that adorns the wall, acting as a statement piece that makes this living room unforgettable. A chic glass coffee table sits in the center of the space, while a warm fireplace provides additional ambiance and comfort, lit by a gorgeous light fixture above it. The room is cleverly designed with three separate setups: two leather couches face each other with the fireplace centrally located between them, while a single leather couch faces the fireplace directly. Above the fireplace, there is a captivating art piece while the exposed brick wall adds texture and contrast to the surrounding glass walls. Altogether, this living room is a beautiful mix of modern elegance and stunning art.

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5 Modern Chic Living Room with Lush Green Sofas and a Stunning Chandelier

photo: tklight.ng

This living room boasts a modern and chic design with striking green sofas that create an eye-catching focal point. Above the black coffee table, a large circular chandelier hanging from the ceiling offers a dramatic touch of elegance in this contemporary space. The walls are lined with concrete, perfectly accentuating the room’s stark minimalism. A plush rug laid out in the center adds warmth and coziness to the polished surroundings. A large potted plant with a black vase on the left end softens the room’s aesthetic and adds a natural element to the space. Lastly, a small window on the right side provides natural light and a glimpse of the outdoors, completing the seamless blend of modern style and natural beauty.

6 Luxurious Modern Living Room with Elegant Marble Walls and Flooring

photo: burosphere

From the moment you step into this modern living room with marble walls and flooring, you know you are in for a luxurious treat. The pristine white couches are perfectly housed in front of a large glass door that sheds plenty of natural light and offers stunning views of the surroundings. This open floor plan room is designed with stylish continuity, ornately tying together the living, dining, and kitchen spaces seamlessly. The sophisticated white couch, adorned with a light gray throw blanket, is perfectly complemented by a modern black light fixture that hangs from the ceiling above. A chic and functional coffee table sits at the center of the living space, offering a perfect place to relax and entertain. This modern living room is an embodiment of contemporary luxury and style, perfect for entertaining or just relaxing after a long day.

7 Modern and Vibrant Living Room with a Chic Black and White Rug

photo: tapisstudio

Step into this modern and vibrant living room and be wowed by the stunning arched areas in the walls revealing a small white marble statue in one and chic curtains over the other. A unique and eye-catching pink and blue oddly shaped couch sits atop a chic black and white rug that effortlessly ties the room together. The short white coffee table situated amid the seating arrangements is both practical, stylish, and unique, with large red and white balls instead of legs. The lighting in the room is impeccable, beautifully illuminating every corner of the space. The room is finished off with thoughtful and tasteful decor to bring everything together into a seamless whole. This bright and energetic living room is perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing in peaceful solitude.

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8 Chic and Contemporary Living Room with Arched Ceilings and Elegant White Walls

Welcome to this chic and contemporary living room, with pristine white walls perfectly designed to amplify the space’s natural light. In the center of the room, a large round pendant light illuminates a gorgeously crafted coffee table, surrounded by cozy and comfortable beige sofas on one side and brown armchairs on the other. Orange chairs behind the sofa, accompanied by a white ottoman next to the beige couch, offer additional seating and add a pop of excitement. The ornately designed rug adds an additional layer of elegance and style to the modern living room. The back of the coffee table is expertly positioned against the wall, featuring gorgeous arched vaulted ceilings and a stunning chandelier suspended to complete the room’s glamorous and luxurious feel. This living room is the perfect spot to relax, socialize, and entertain guests.

9 A Contemporary Living Room with Stunning Wooden Flooring and Elegant White Sofas

Welcome to this contemporary living room, complete with stunning wooden flooring and breathtaking white sofas that beg to be lounged on. The open floor plan looks out onto a sleek kitchen with modern touches such as wood floors, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances. An abundance of natural light pours in from the large windows, illuminating the room and complementing the wooden flooring, making the space feel warm and inviting. One side of the wall behind the plush white sofas is dressed up with black marble, providing an elegant contrast to the room’s light and airy atmosphere. Whether enjoying a relaxing night alone or entertaining friends and family, this modern living room is the perfect space to create beautiful memories.

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10 Sleek and Striking Living Room with White Furniture and a Chic Black Lamp

photo: maisoncorbeil

Step into this sleek and striking living room, a modern and minimalist design that brings contemporary elegance to the forefront. Pristine white furniture dominates the space, including a lush and comfortable white couch, with two identical but differently sized coffee tables placed perfectly in front of it. A chic black lamp is positioned beautifully in front of the large window, creating a stunning contrast and adding depth to the space. On the right side of the room, a large floor lamp designed to resemble a wine glass instills a playful, whimsical note. A gray throw blanket and a pair of gray velvet pillows add warmth and comfort to the impeccably curated space, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. This modern living room is the epitome of style and sophistication, perfect for both entertaining or simply spending a cozy night in.

11 Chic and Stunning Living Room with a Stylish Black and White Checkered Floor

photo: 1stdibs

This living room boasts a striking black and white checkered tile floor, injecting an element of contemporary coolness into this already chic space. Black leather sofas occupy the center of the room, alongside a modern coffee table and a standout art piece adorning the walls next to a massive window. Above the chic black leather couch is an elegant modern chandelier, casting a warm glow over the space, perfect for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. A black leather armchair, complete with a black ottoman next to it, is an additional spot to relax in comfort. The standout art piece above the couch is an intriguing white painting, with an orange X creating a playful and dynamic contrast to the surrounding decor. A huge potted plant is perfectly placed between the couch and the wall, bringing life and depth to the lovely living room. This space is perfect for entertaining, relaxing, or just curling up with a good book.

12 A Sophisticated Living Room with Beige Furniture, Marble Walls and Large Flat Screen TV

Welcome to this sophisticated living room, where stunning beige furniture dominates the space and complements luxurious marble walls. A stylish white sectional couch with a round coffee table takes center stage, offering a comfortable and elegant seating arrangement for family and friends. The large flat-screen TV mounted over the exquisite marble wall adds a modern touch and is perfect for enjoying movies or your favorite shows. The couch is adorned with cozy beige throw blankets, adding warmth and comfort to the space. One side of the wall is sleek wood, adding an element of texture to the room’s aesthetic. The other side is comprised of elegant glass that showcases breathtaking views of the balcony and surroundings. This modern living room is perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing in style and comfort.

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13 Contemporary Living Room with Striking Wall Art

This contemporary living room boasts a captivating large-scale painting adorning one of its walls. The neutral white couches and black chairs, arranged around a rectangular coffee table adorned with an assortment of decor, exude a modern, minimalist feel. The open fireplace, framed by ample windows and accompanied by a chic mantel, infuses the space with warmth and brightness.

14 Clean and Simple Living Room with a Pop of Color

This modern living room boasts pristine white walls and flooring, offset by a striking blue furniture set. A pair of plush white couches, adorned with eye-catching emerald green pillows, face one another across a large, sleek white and black coffee table, resting on a gray rug. The wall of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, dressed in delicate white curtains, floods the space with brightness and invites the outdoors in. A playful blue accent chair and matching ottoman create a cozy corner conducive to relaxation.

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15 Sleek and Spacious Living Room with Panoramic City Views

This contemporary living room offers ample space for lounging and stunning views of the cityscape. A generously sized sectional sofa, dressed in pristine white upholstery and complemented by plush brown velvet pillows, invites relaxation. A chic black and white coffee table, resting on a soft gray rug, anchors the seating area. The floor-to-ceiling windows, framing the breathtaking urban vistas, infuse the space with light and imbue the atmosphere with a sense of freedom. The walls, adorned with a luxurious combination of marble and warm-toned geometric patterns, add depth and personality to the room.

16 Minimalistic and Chic Living Room with Artistic Flair

photo: andtwostudio

This modern living room emanates an understated elegance, with neutral beige furniture contrasting with the vibrant pop of an eye-catching orange abstract painting on the wall. The carefully curated assortment of sofas, chairs, and tables, arranged in a seemingly effortless way, creates a space that is both versatile and refined. A verdant potted plant adds a touch of freshness and liveliness to the room. Against the clean white walls and light-toned wood paneling, every element exudes a sense of modernity and timelessness.

17 Elegant and Refined Living Room with Luminous Accents

This modern living room exemplifies contemporary refinement and luminous style. The floor-to-ceiling windows, graced with vertical stripes, allow uninterrupted views and charge the room with natural light. The inviting brown velvet sofa, paired with a sleek reclaimed wood coffee table, creates a warm and harmonious seating area. A modern gray chair, accentuated by a plush gray and tan rug, adds a layer of versatility and comfort. The striking modern chandelier and floor lamp infuse the space with a touch of glamour, while the shiny, pristine marble flooring gleams with sophistication.

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18 Contemporary and Luxe Living Room with Bold Lighting Fixtures

This modern living room boasts an elegant and luxurious vibe, evident in the lavish wing-shaped chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, creating a striking centerpiece. The comfortable couch, paired with two stylish glass coffee tables adorned with gold accents, provides a cozy and chic setting for guests. The shiny marble floors exude a sense of timelessness and sophistication, while the minimalist decor emulates a contemporary flair. The lighting fixtures provide a striking contrast to the sleek space, making it both calm and captivating.

19 Chic and Sophisticated Living Room with an Artistic Twist

photo: s fashion kw

This elegant living room showcases the perfect synthesis of sophistication and artistic flair, with a striking chandelier suspended from the ceiling, and a sleek white grand piano adding an element of classic elegance. The pristine marble floors, graced with a gray area rug, anchor the comfortable seating area, complemented by two plush chairs, a cozy couch, and a large coffee table adorned with an eye-catching zebra print. The ottomans scattered around the room add a touch of informal comfort. The floor-to-ceiling glass window invites natural light and magnificent views into the room, while the sparkling light pendants resembling birds, give an intriguing focal point to the living room’s luxurious centerpiece.

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20 Contemporary and Serene Living Room with Subtle Accents

photo: hubner.studio

This modern living room exudes a calm and tranquil ambiance, enhanced by the pristine white couch and cozy coffee table, resting on a soft rug. The well-placed wall-mounted lamps provide ample lighting and add to the room’s minimalist aesthetic. A potted plant atop the coffee table and the art piece on the wall provide subtle visual interest and depth to the space. The black-framed floor mirror, discreetly positioned behind the couch, serves both functional and decorative purposes, reflecting the natural light and adding a sense of depth to the room.

21 Modern Living Room with a Chic and Inviting Seating Arrangement

Feast your eyes on this beautiful modern living room, filled with an inviting and stylish seating arrangement perfect for relaxation and socializing. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows let in an abundance of natural light, casting an ethereal glow throughout the space. The chic living room boasts a pair of white wingback chairs, elegantly lined with bright yellow pillows, facing a round white coffee table, and a pair of gray accent chairs atop a multicolored rug. A pair of gray accent chairs adorned with gray pillows stand in front of the other chairs, creating an effortlessly stylish and comfortable setting. The brown cowhide rug adds a touch