Decorating with Sea Shells: 21 Coastal-Themed Inspirations

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.13

Decorating with sea shells can add a coastal-inspired touch to any living space. In this article, we present a collection of stunning decor ideas using sea shells in a variety of ways. Each photo showcases a unique design that highlights the beauty and simplicity of using sea shells to create an inviting atmosphere. From pink decor and a large mirror in a palm-themed living room to a coastal table decor with seashells and a lighthouse lampshade, these incredible designs will inspire you to incorporate sea shells into your living space. Let’s dive into the world of sea shells and discover how they can transform your home into a serene and refreshing oasis.

1 Elegant Dinner Party Table Decor in Blue and White

photo: rashmis765

Impress your dinner party guests with an elegant, coastal-inspired table setting that captures the essence of a tranquil oceanfront home. The yellow and gray tablecloth is set with an exquisite dining set dressed in dazzling blue and white plates and cups. The set is tastefully decorated with a pair of blue and white china and two lovely glass vases. The highlight of the table setting is a charming yellow and blue beach-themed table runner, that adds a touch of vibrancy and joy to the overall ambiance of the room.

2 Beach-Themed Dinner Party Table Setting in Blue and White with Seashells

decorating with sea shells
photo: diana banya

Create an intimate dining experience with this beach-themed dinner party table setting. The beautiful wooden table is set with lustrous white and blue plates, accompanied by elegant white candles and brass candle holders that hold intimate blue candles. The table is adorned with charming seashells, carefully placed near the plates and artfully handpicked to complement the table’s edge, adding a touch of tranquility to the entire setting.

decorating with sea shells

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3 Beachy Bathroom Decor Featuring Seashell Tiled Counter with Candles and More

Elevate your bathroom to a tranquil oasis with this stunning beachy decor. The bathroom boasts striking tiled floors and a tiled counter, adorned with a fascinating collection of decorative items such as gleaming seashells and delicate seashells in glass jars. The counter is brilliantly crowned with a charming collection of candles, perfectly complementing the seashell theme. The highlight of the decor is a wondrous seashell housed within another seashell, serving as a testament to the remarkable beauty of nature’s design.

4 Gorgeous Blue Vases and Elegant Tablecloth for Dinner Party

Impress your dinner guests with this exquisitely decorated table. The white linen tablecloth serves as the perfect backdrop for the ornate blue vases that sit elegantly atop the table. The beautiful table setting showcases a stunning china cabinet situated in the corner of the room, which exhibits carefully placed napkins, silverware, and place settings, elevating the dining experience to new heights. The intricate ornamental crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the table adds the perfect touch of elegance to this stunning arrangement.

decorating with sea shells

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5 Dreamy Coastal Vibes with a Message in a Bottle on a Wooden Table

photo: 5sutri9

Bring the soothing energy of the ocean to your home with this beautiful coastal-inspired table arrangement. The enchanting message in a bottle, filled with sand and adorned with a delightful starfish and an intricately woven net, is elegantly placed atop a charming wooden coffee table, flanked by delicate seashells. The table sits in front of a comfortable blue and white sofa that invites you to sink right in. The sofa is adorned with stunning blue and pink pillows that perfectly complement the coastal theme of the room. The walls, painted a crisp white, provide the perfect backdrop for this captivating arrangement.

6 Coastal Inspired Living Room with TV Mounted on White Shiplap Wall

Create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your home with this coastal inspired living room. The centerpiece of the room is a large TV mounted on a stunning white shiplap wall that adds texture and depth to the room. A comfortable gray sofa, adorned with charming blue and white striped pillows sits in front of a low white console table. A magnificent round blue ottoman placed on a beige rug is the perfect finishing touch to the seating area. The white coffee table, with carefully selected decorations, serves as a beautiful aesthetic addition to the middle of the room. Take a moment and bask in the tranquility of this seaside-inspired space.

7 Coastal-Inspired Wooden Shelf with Seashells and Wicker Baskets Next to Golden Flower Mirror

Create a serene coastal-inspired atmosphere in your home with this beautiful composition. The stunning wooden shelf, which floats effortlessly against the pristine white wall with a complementing wooden backsplash, serves as the perfect display space for your delightful collection of seashells and other decorative items. The golden flower mirror hung on the wall serves as the centerpiece, exuding elegance and grandeur. The wooden lantern, placed beside a charming wicker basket, is the perfect complement to the relaxed and peaceful vibe of the decor. The meticulously placed framed picture and delicate glass jar filled with seashells further enhance the overall beauty and tranquility of this remarkable setup.

decorating with sea shells

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8 Ocean-Themed Wedding Reception Under a Tent

Celebrate your special day with the soothing sounds of the sea and the gentle ocean breeze. A stunning tent is set up, draped with pristine white linens, and adorned with beautiful tables and chairs. The white chairs complement the blue glassware and elegant place settings, which perfectly match the theme of your dreamy ocean-themed wedding. The tent is open, with breathtaking views that overlook the scenic beachfront outside.

9 Coastal Chic Decor Featuring Double Tiered Wood Panel with Seashells and Succulent

photo: karmen dumic

Infuse your home with the restorative energy of the sea with this coastal chic d├ęcor. The charming double tiered wooden panel is adorned with intricate seashells, some of which are a striking blue hue. Nestled atop the panel sits a gorgeous succulent, housed in a pristine white vase. The panel rests gracefully on a stunning glass table. A comfortable couch is situated behind the panel with vibrant orange and white pillows, striking the perfect color balance. In the corner of the room, a potted plant adds to the natural theme of this gorgeous coastal-inspired arrangement.

decorating with sea shells

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10 Coastal Themed Ornate Mirror on Table with Seashell Frame

Add a touch of refined elegance to your coastal-themed home with this ornate mirror. The gorgeous mirror sits regally upon a table, adjacent to a vase and other decorative items. The room is designed with a perfect interplay of white walls, wooden paneling, and an old-world light fixture above the mantel. The mirror is framed entirely with delicate seashells, stunningly complementing other decorative items such as glass-framed pictures and a beautifully placed seashell.

11 Cosy Home Office with Beach-Themed Shelves

photo: svett sea

This cozy home office boasts a stylish desk with built-in wooden shelves, creatively styled with various beach-related items such as stunning shells and fascinating seaside finds. The book-filled shelves provide an ideal backdrop for the charming decor, adding a subtle touch of sophistication to the room. The wooden nature of both the shelves and the desk bring a warm and inviting aura to the decor. With a sleek white chair positioned perfectly in front of the desk, and a complementing white sconce adding a perfect finishing touch, this space is the perfect blend of style and functionality.

12 Chic Dining Room Displaying Sea Life with Mushroom Art

This chic dining room wallpapered in elegant black showcases a stunning framed painting of mushrooms stylishly placed against the dark background. The painting is uniquely featured through the addition of a shelf adorned with an assortment of breathtaking shells, starfish, and other enchanting sea life decor. The black table below adds an extra touch of depth to the overall aesthetic, serving as a gorgeous complement to the surrounding elements. The beautiful contrast between the artwork and the sea life decor truly makes this space both intriguing and captivating.

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13 Beach Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Starfish in Clear Glass Vase and Table Decor

Elevate the ambiance of your oceanfront wedding with an elegant centerpiece. The centerpiece features a clear glass vase filled with beautiful starfish, shells, and twigs. These stunning decorations are placed upon a crisp white linen tablecloth, accompanied by beige candles in glass cups. Additional decorative items and smaller starfish adorn the table, complete with a meticulously set place setting of utensils.

14 Pink Decor and a Large Mirror in a Palm-Themed Living Room

This cozy living room boasts a stunning pink decor complete with a large mirror positioned against the wall painted with palm tree motifs. The room also features a glass table, chairs, and a wicker ottoman adjacent to the glass door leading out to the patio area. A pair of woven armchairs stands in the foreground adorned with pink cushions, while a charming driftwood-style side table stands beside them. The braided jute rug layered on the floors adds a touch of comfort to the overall inviting atmosphere.

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15 Simple and Elegant Decorating Idea with Sea Shells

photo: melinill

This simple, yet stylish wooden console table serves as a serene and peaceful vignette, enriched with a woven basket and a white vase, gracefully holding beautiful white flowers. The rustic wood console table is adorned with an array of decor in shades of white, gold, and gray, ranging from a perfectly mounted picture frame to a delicate candle and small decorative pieces. The framed art on the table adds an extra touch of sophistication. Additionally, a cozy white and brown pillow is placed on the floor next to the shelf, evoking a warm and welcoming ambiance.

16 Festive Decorating Ideas with Sea Shells

photo: room sg

This beautifully flocked Christmas tree displays an elegant blend of golden ornaments, creating a stunning and festive centerpiece. Placed on a fluffy white carpet against a white floor, the beach-themed ornaments like seashells and a gold and white boat offer a unique and creative touch. The presents wrapped in brown paper, embellished with light pink ribbon, add an extra element of charm to the decor.

17 Whitewashed Dresser Decorated with Seashells and Vases

This stunning whitewashed wood dresser offers a vintage vibe, stylishly adorned with an assortment of decorative pieces in shades of white and light green. The sideboard is embellished with beautiful seashells, complementing the seaside theme of the room. The dresser is also accentuated with two delicate vases holding pretty stems. A lovely white picture frame is positioned next to the sideboard, enhancing its overall charm. Meanwhile, a soft green lamp illuminates this elegant decor, further adding to its ambience.

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18 Whimsical Yellow and White Shell Heart-Shaped Wall Hanging

photo: shellkrafts

This captivating heart-shaped wall hanging is meticulously crafted from adorable yellow and white shells, serving as a captivating centerpiece on the wall. The whimsy of the piece is added to by its playful theme and bright color scheme. This lovely decor is accompanied by other delightful decorative pieces, which all contribute to the fun and inviting atmosphere of the room.

19 Natural-Themed Room with Wall Decor and White Dresser

This inviting room boasts a refreshing natural theme, reflected through the abundance of charming decorative items mounted on the wall. The open shelving unit showcases various intriguing pieces, including lovely seashells, driftwood, and other unique elements. The charming addition of wicker baskets in front of the unit adds a delightful touch to the overall atmosphere. The decor is further enhanced by the stunning white dresser, subtly placed in front of the wall, making for a serene and effortless look.

decorating with sea shells

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20 Coastal Table Decor with Seashells and a Lighthouse Lampshade

photo: loknicaos

This coastal-inspired table decor features a charming assortment of delicate shells and seashells placed gracefully on the tabletop, creating a lovely and serene ambiance. The captivating lighthouse-shaped lampshade adds an extra layer of whimsy to the decor, making it an eye-catching centerpiece. Additionally, the netting curtain in the background beautifully complements the coastal theme, adding an extra layer of charm to the overall decor.

21 Rustic Wicker Tray with Vases and Starfish Accent

This charming rustic wicker tray is elegantly situated on top of a dark green table, adorned with two beautiful vases and a lovely succulent. The starfish accent is added to give a touch of seaside flair to the decor. The tray provides an eye-catching centerpiece, harmoniously bringing the pieces together in a perfect blend of charm and elegance.