19 Decorative Mirror Above Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy and Elegant Home

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.06.06

Add glamor, sophistication, and warmth to your home decor with a decorative mirror above a fireplace. These elegant design elements can enhance the beauty and coziness of any room. From subtle black-framed mirrors to ornate motifs, there are various styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Whether you prefer a rustic chic or a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, a mirror can elevate your space and bring a touch of personal flair. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most beautiful and inspiring decorative mirror above fireplace ideas.

1 Elegant Gold Candlesticks and a White Fireplace Create a Stunning Focal Point

This tranquil blue and white living room is a sight to behold, with a white fireplace that features an intricate gold filigree mirror above it. The centerpiece of the room, the fireplace is flanked by two striking gold candlesticks. Beautifully arranged houseplants add a natural touch to the space, while a blue velvet tufted sofa and coordinating ottoman create a cozy seating area atop a plush red ornament rug.

2 Striped Sofas and Elegant Mirrored Fireplaces for a Chic Living Room

Get ready to be wowed by this gorgeous living room with sunny yellow walls. A pair of luxe gray and white striped sofas topped with plush throw pillows flank a wooden side table with a modern glass lamp. Stunning mirrored fireplaces with sleek mantels make the focal point of the room, while a large framed landscape painting adds a dramatic touch to the space.

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3 Elegant Decorative Mirror Above White Fireplace Mantel

photo: 3boysandahome

Step into this inviting living room, where a warm wood floor complements a striking dark blue accent wall. Above the white fireplace mantel, an ornate circular mirror adds a touch of elegance to the space. Two candles and a pristine white vase brimming with rustic dried orange leaves adorn the mantel, completing the charming look.

4 Chic and Contemporary: Decorating with Mirrors Above a White Fireplace

This stylishly decorated living room is an oasis of comfort and elegance, with a large circular mirror hanging gracefully on a white wall above a sleek white fireplace mantel. Twin tall grey cabinets built in on each side of the fireplace finish off the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the space. Bathed in natural light, this room is an ode to understated sophistication.

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5 Rustic Meets Refined: Gray Marble Fireplace Mantel with a Stunning Framed Window Above

This living room is the epitome of rustic elegance, featuring a striking gray marble fireplace mantel as the centerpiece. Anchored by a gorgeous art deco mirror, the mantel exudes sophistication, while a stunning framed window above completes the space’s rustic vibe. With a design scheme that plays with contrasts and textures, the result is nothing short of stunning.

6 Elevate Your Space with an Oval Mirrored Fireplace Mantel

photo: emptynestreno

This picturesque white fireplace mantel is sure to turn heads with its exquisite oval silver and black mirror mounted above it. The mantel itself is adorned with black frame artwork that contrasts elegantly with the white vase of greenery. Together, these pieces create a sophisticated and polished look that proves less can be so much more.

7 Make a Statement with a Gold Frame Oval Mirror Above Your Fireplace

Add glamour and sophistication to your home office with a beautifully designed fireplace featuring an opulent gold frame oval mirror above it. Set against the sleek black backdrop, the mirror commands attention and enhances the beauty of the space. Two sleek black bookshelves built into the walls above the fireplace complete the look, creating a warm and inviting environment that is perfect for work or relaxation.

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8 Create a Family-Friendly Oasis with a Frameless Fireplace Mirror

This cozy living room is every family’s dream, featuring a gray fireplace mantle with a chic oval mirror on a bright white wall. The frameless design of the mirror adds a modern touch to the space and gives the illusion of a larger room. Perfect for family gatherings or quiet nights in, this living room creates a warm and inviting environment that is both stylish and functional.

9 Brick Fireplace with Beautiful Black-Framed Mirrors and a Stunning White Mantel

Feast your eyes on this stunning brick fireplace, complete with an elegant black-framed mirror mounted above it. The beige mantel is tastefully decorated with a decorative marble vase and complements the natural elegance of the brickwork. The room’s white beadboard ceiling, wooden beams, and white walls add a sense of brightness and warmth. A charming white chandelier hangs from the ceiling, casting a soft light that illuminates the space perfectly. Upgrade your living room with this timeless and inviting ambiance.

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10 Add Style to Your Space with a Round Mirror on a Stone Wall and Black Fireplace

photo: hellokellyjo

This homey living room boasts a metal fireplace framed by a striking stone wall and floating shelf. Above the shelf, a charming round mirror serves as the perfect accent piece, complemented beautifully by a decorative vase and candle. The unique pairing of materials creates a warm and rustic ambiance perfect for a cozy night in. Make this space your own with the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance.

11 Cozy Up Your Space with a Dark Blue Living Room and Festive Christmas Garland

This inviting living room is the epitome of warmth and style – with a dramatic dark blue wall and a welcoming wood floor. A decorative mirror adds elegance to the space, tastefully mounted on the blue wall above a charming white fireplace. A gorgeous green garland draped over the mantel adds the perfect festive touch. The charming combination of blues and greens offers a unique and cozy ambiance that is perfect for relaxing on a chilly winter evening.

12 Elevate Your Space with a White Fireplace and Quatrefoil Tiling

Bring charm and character to your space with a stunning white fireplace that is accented by a magnificent quatrefoil tile surround with chic gray grouting that catches your eye. The stylish mantel of the fireplace is adorned elegantly with a gorgeous gold and black frame mirror, charming jars, and matching photo frames, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that is perfect for cozy nights in. Upgrade your decor and make this the focal point of your beautiful home.

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13 Elevate Your Living Room with a Gray Marble Fireplace Mantel and Stunning Vintage Mirror

Looking for a show-stopping addition to your living room? Look no further than this fantastic space with gray walls and dark gray floors that is anchored by a stunning gray marble fireplace mantel. A sleek and elegant rectangular vintage mirror mounted above the fireplace is the perfect complement to the understated beauty of the space. Stylish jars and coordinating photo frames on the mantel complete the look, creating a warm and welcoming environment that will draw you in again and again.

14 Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home with a Beautiful Mirror Above a White Shiplap Fireplace

photo: savevssplurge

This stunning living room boasts white shiplap walls and a cozy white fireplace with a gorgeous mirror mounted above it. The space invites relaxation with its comfortable wood chairs, a brown leather couch, and a plush light gray rug that adds dimension to the room. A black rattan pendant lamp provides ample overhead lighting, while a brown leather ottoman serves as a stylish and functional centerpiece. Whether your preference is modern, chic, or rustic, this impeccable living space ticks all the boxes.

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15 Make a Statement with a Pink Fireplace and a Striking Black-Framed Mirror

photo: the.new.32

Add a uniquely sophisticated touch to your home with a charming pink French fireplace mantel. Top it off with a chic black vase to create a striking contrast. Above the mantel, a striking black framed mirror catches the light and adds the perfect touch of elegance to the space. This stylish and playful combination is sure to get you noticed, and elevate the character of the room in a fun and daring way.

16 Elevate Your Living Room with a Gold Chandelier and Framed Mirror Above a Marble Fireplace

This sophisticated living room boasts a breathtaking black marble fireplace, perfectly accented by a gold leaf arch mirror above it. Warm and inviting, a gray velvet sofa with brass base coffee table offers the perfect space for relaxation, while a glamorous gold chandelier illuminates the room with style. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or hosting guests, the perfect ambiance of this living room is sure to impress.

17 Create a Chic and Timeless Look with a Mirrored Fireplace and White Mantel

Elevate your living room decor with this stunning fireplace featuring a beautiful mirrored surround and crisp white mantel. The striking contrast between the gray walls and white mantel draws the eye to the exquisite vintage mirrored piece with its elegant silver frame. Two elegant silver candle holders perfectly complement the styling and add to the timeless feel of the space. Create a warm and inviting ambiance perfect for relaxation or entertaining with this beautifully designed fireplace.

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18 Elevate Your Living Room with a White Tile Fireplace and Chic Gray Tiles

Set the stage for sophisticated relaxation with a stunning white tile fireplace complete with a wood mantel. Above the mantel, a gorgeous baroque mirror in pristine white enhances the room’s transitional vibe while adding a touch of glamour. The stylish gray tile accents of the fireplace surround and wall provide striking contrast to the white tiles, making for an impressive focal point in the space. Create the ultimate retreat where style meets relaxation.

19 Create a Timeless Focal Point with an Arched Mirror Over Fireplace

Take your living room to the next level with a magnificent arched mirror above a striking marble fireplace. This sophisticated centerpiece commands attention and adds a touch of glamour to any space. Flanked by functional built-in shelving, the area around the fireplace transforms into a perfect spot to showcase your favorite decorative pieces. Whether you’re entertaining guests or relaxing with family, the elegance of this classic design inspires a sense of beauty and serenity.