21 Stylish Drum Coffee Tables Ideas: The Centerpiece for Any Chic Living Room

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.10

If you’re looking to add some flair to your living room, then consider a stylish and functional drum coffee table. These unique pieces come in a variety of designs, from sleek modern concrete to warm and inviting wood tones. Each drum coffee table adds a touch of elegance to your space and serves as a functional focal point. Get inspired by these beautiful living rooms, each featuring a stunning drum coffee table ready to impress.

1 Modern Living Room with Round Concrete Coffee Table and Dual Sofas

Welcome to this modern living room, featuring not one, but two comfortable couches! Between them sits a sleek coffee table adorned with a beautiful vase as a decorative centerpiece. But the real standout feature is the round concrete coffee table, positioned perfectly on a stylish gray rug and situated in front of a luxurious dark gray velvet sectional sofa. This space also boasts a large and elegant floor to ceiling window, providing plenty of natural light to showcase the thoughtfully designed pendant lights.

2 Luxurious Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Chic Furnishings

This stunning living room will take your breath away, with its vaulted wood-paneled ceilings and walls, setting a sophisticated and elegant tone. A modern pendant light hangs gracefully from the beamed ceiling, providing both light and beauty. Anchoring the room are not one, but two round iron-based coffee tables. The first sits in front of a pair of gorgeous contemporary gray sofas, complemented by linen-colored pillows. The second is placed opposite the stunning stone fireplace, which is accompanied by a plush brown leather couch. Together, these decorative elements create a luxurious and refined living space.

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3 Serene Scandinavian Living Room with Chic Decor

This beautiful living room boasts a sleek and serene Scandinavian style. A sophisticated gray sofa with a cozy chaise lounge is perfectly accented with complementary grey pillows. A stylish grey jute rug neatly anchors the seating area, drawing attention to the focal point of the room: two gorgeous round wooden coffee tables with a simple, yet elegant design. Bringing the outdoors inside, potted plants are strategically placed, adding a touch of natural beauty to the space. Completing the look, two lovely paintings adorn the clean white wall, creating a perfectly refined and chic living space.

4 Stylish Round Wooden Coffee Table Centerpiece in Chic Living Room

photo: thewassonway

Prepare to be captivated by this lovely living room, featuring a sleek round wooden coffee table surrounded by a plush dark grey sectional couch. A soft grey and white throw blanket is tastefully styled over the couch arm, while a chic array of grey and white pillows add an extra layer of plush comfort. The stunning and spacious drum coffee table placed front and center is beautifully adorned with a classic black vase filled with crisp white flowers, a stack of books lending a literary touch, and a lovely potted plant to bring a natural touch indoors. Together, it all creates a perfectly refined and elegantly styled living space.

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5 Elegant White Living Room with Chic Coffee Table and Ottoman

photo: debwaaalks

This beautiful living room boasts a lovely and elegant white design, featuring a stunning white sofa, complemented by plenty of plush pillows for comfortable lounging. A light grey rug brings an extra layer of texture and color to the space, complementing the bright white walls and light wood floor. Completing the look, a large and sophisticated round iron-based coffee table sits perfectly in front of the sofa, providing ample space for drinks, snacks, and any other essentials. An oversized wicker lamp hangs gracefully above the room, adding a touch of natural warmth to the atmosphere. The chic white and black ottoman brings a modern and classy touch to the space. And, not to be missed – a lush large potted plant sits prominently in front of the window, adding a lovely touch of nature to the beautiful and inviting room.

6 Spacious Living Room with Stunning Large Round Wood Drum Coffee Table

This spacious living room features an eye-catching large round wood drum coffee table as the centerpiece, perfectly complemented by a stylish grey sectional sofa and a chic light grey area rug. The kitchen is just behind the couch, with stunning white cabinets, black pendant lights, and a sleek stainless steel fridge. On top of the beautiful wooden coffee table, we find a stack of elegant books adding an intellectual touch to the decor. Meanwhile, a black tray completes the look, adding a chic and functional element to the space. Whether entertaining guests or curling up with a good book, this spacious living room is the perfect place to unwind in style.

7 Vibrant Living Room featuring Yellow Couch and Metal Drum Coffee Table

photo: topmodernsite

Experience the vibrancy of this stylish living room featuring a bold and inviting yellow couch complemented by chic black and white pillows and a cozy throw blanket. Anchoring the space perfectly, a sleek glass-topped drum coffee table is strategically placed atop a beautiful Beni Ourain rug, adding a touch of modern elegance to the area. To complete the look, a beautifully striped yellow and white rug is placed nearby, bringing a modern and inviting touch to the room. Adding an extra layer of comfort and style, a lovely potted plant in a yellow planter is arranged alongside a tasteful tower of books, resting on a convenient table topped with a stylish lamp. Together, these elements create a chic and inviting living space that’s perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

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8 Timeless Living Room with Sleek Gold Drum Coffee Table

Enjoy the cozy comfort of this stunning living room, featuring a plush gray sofa with a fashionable chaise lounge thoughtfully accented with a chic pink throw blanket and trendy pink and gray accent pillow. A stunning and sleek round gold coffee table takes center stage in the room, perfectly complementing the understated elegance of the space. This eye-catching coffee table is set on a lovely gray rug, adding an extra layer of style and charm to the decor. With its warm and inviting atmosphere and timeless design elements, this living room is perfect for cozying up with a cup of tea, enjoying a good book, or entertaining guests.

9 Contemporary Chic Living Room with Black Drum Coffee Table

Step into this contemporary chic living room, featuring two sleek and sophisticated white sofas. The stunning black coffee table rests perfectly on a beautifully crafted white rug and is elegantly adorned with a lovely hand-selected glass vase filled with fresh and vibrant plants and a stack of elegant books as well. The white sofa is the perfect centerpiece of the room, complemented by stylish black and white pillows, adding just the right touch of almost artistic flair in the space. A stunning large painting hangs proudly over the sofa, accentuating the beauty of the room. A crisp, modern black table graces the center of the two white couches, beautifully highlighted by a tasteful white lamp, adding just the right touch of light to the decor. This living room is a true celebration of contemporary design, exemplifying both style and elegance.

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10 Chic Round Wood Coffee Table for Grey Sectional

photo: ohanaliving

Step into this stylish living room, featuring a chic gray sectional sofa beautifully accented with an array of colorful cushions. Anchoring the seating area effortlessly, a stunning round wood coffee table is elegantly placed atop a lovely gray rug. Bringing an extra layer of stylish charm to the decor, a graceful and modern gray accent chair is thoughtfully placed near a white end table, which is beautifully illuminated by an ambient rattan lantern. To add a pop of pink, a lovely vase sits perfectly on the coffee table, adding a touch of elegance to the space. With the sleek and chic decor and tasteful decorative elements, this living room is an instant classic.

11 Sleek Living Room with Chic Black Coffee Table and White Vases

Welcome to this stylish and modern living room, featuring two elegant beige accent chairs perfectly situated to provide both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Anchoring the space at the center is an exquisitely designed round black coffee table positioned atop a beautifully crafted gray rug. Tastefully placed on top are several striking white vases, adding a bright and stylish touch to the decor. A handsome wooden table with a round mirror adorns the wall, providing both function and minimalist style. Completing the look, a lovely potted plant in a sleek white planter sits elegantly behind the coffee table, bringing a touch of nature into this stunning living space.

12 Bright and Chic Living Room with Trendy Black Metal Basket Coffee Table

Welcome to this bright and chic living room, featuring a large white sectional couch adorned with stylish orange and white pillows and a chic light brown throw blanket. Complementing it all, a trendy and modern round wood and black metal basket coffee table sits on a lovely light-colored rug, serving as the perfect centerpiece. To make it all extra chic, a stunning black tripod floor lamp with a white shade is placed strategically next to the couch. A beautiful painting hangs effortlessly on the wall above the comfortable sectional, adding a touch of elegance to the space. All of this stylish decor sits nicely on a beautiful wooden flooring, creating a perfectly curated and comfy living space.

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13 Chic Living Room with Twin Round Coffee Tables on a Gray Rug

Welcome to this chic living room, where not one but two stylish round coffee tables sit beautifully atop a stunning gray rug. The white and gray furniture lends an elegant and timeless feel to the space, perfectly complemented by a lovely vase accenting one of the coffee tables. Adding an extra touch of convenience, a small table is thoughtfully placed next to the comfortable couch in the center of the room. Together, these elements create a beautifully styled living space that is both functional and elegant.

14 Chic Living Room Featuring Two Large Rattan Coffee Tables

You’ll love the chic design of this stunning living room, where two large and beautifully crafted rattan coffee tables serve as stylish centerpieces on a traditional dark rug. A sleek and elegant white sofa sits gracefully against a neutral wall with soft curtains, adorned with tasteful neutral pillows and a complementary throw. The space is also enhanced with a trendy grey sofa, carefully decorated with colorful pillows for maximum style and comfort. Decorating the brown wooden table between the two sofas is a lovely white lamp and a beautifully framed wooden picture. And no living room is complete without reading materials and decorative bowls, tastefully arranged atop the two woven coffee tables. Overall, this living space offers a serene and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying quiet company.

drum coffee table

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15 Chic Modern Living Room with Stylish Grey Coffee Table

This modern living room boasts elegant and understated style, featuring crisp white walls and beautiful wooden floors. A stunning round gray coffee table sits on a chic white and black rug, perfectly placed in front of a pristine white sectional sofa adorned with stylish gray and white pillows. A row of windows, free of curtains, provides an abundance of natural light and stunning views of the outdoors. The room’s sophisticated style is further highlighted with framed pictures and an exquisite modern golden chandelier, truly bringing the space to life. Completing the look, a lovely beige ottoman is strategically positioned near the coffee table, topped with two beautiful vases and a book for a touch of extra elegance.

16 Inviting Living Room Accented with Chic Furnishings and Wall Art

photo: cooper.home

Welcome to this inviting living room, which features not one but two comfortable couches, a stylish black coffee table, and tasteful wall art. Between the two plush couches sits a stunning round black coffee table, complete with a sleek white book on top. The tastefully arranged pictures, hanging neatly above the couch in front of the window, add a touch of elegance to the space. A black floor lamp adds a sophisticated touch to the decor and provides ample lighting. Completing the look, a beautiful window with black blinds invites the optimal amount of natural light to flood the room.

17 Elegant White Sectional with Chic Round Coffee Table

This beautiful living room exudes elegance and sophistication, featuring plush white slipcovered sofas tastefully accented with a combination of blue and gray pillows for a chic and comfortable look. Two round end tables, each topped with a stylish gray table lamp, sit comfortably alongside the sofas. Near the foot of the couch sits a woven basket, adding a touch of natural charm to the space. To bring in some natural light, the floor to ceiling windows are beautifully dressed in floor-length white drapes. A beautiful braided sisal rug adds a lovely layer of texture to the floor, completing the refined atmosphere of the room. And last but not least, a stunning white pierced coffee table sits perfectly in front of the couch on a coordinating jute rug, serving as the centerpiece of this elegantly designed living space.

drum coffee table

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18 Modern Living Room with Chic Wooden Coffee Table

Welcome to this modern living room, featuring a comfortable sofa, chic coffee table, and round wooden coffee table elegantly placed atop a beautiful hardwood floor in front of a clean white wall. Completing the look, a stylish assortment of green books tastefully accent the coffee table. The sofa is adorned with an inviting white cushion and chic grey cushions, adding an extra layer of elegant comfort to this stylish living space. From the warm hardwood floors to the beautiful and tasteful decorative elements, this living room offers a chic and inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

19 Contemporary Living Room with Striking Black and White Decor

photo: leclairdecor

This stunning and contemporary living room is perfectly adorned with a striking black-and-white color scheme, featuring beautiful black furniture and bright white walls. Positioned in a spacious open floor setting, a large and eye-catching painting hanging on the wall commands attention and sets the tone for the room. Complementing it all, a beautiful white sofa is elegantly adorned with chic white and grey pillows, sitting on top of a clean and crisp white rug. The sleek round wooden coffee table is embellished with stylish accents, including a beautiful vase, candlesticks, and a pile of elegant books. Together, these elements create a perfectly styled living space with a modern and sophisticated feel.

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20 Stylish Living Room with Eye-Catching Metal Coffee Table Centerpieces

Prepare to be wowed by this stylish living room, featuring a chic green leather skirted sofa accented with shimmering silver nailhead trim. Anchoring the space perfectly, two modern metal coffee tables are elegantly placed atop a beautiful tan rug, adding a sophisticated and stylish touch to the room. The unique and eye-catching coffee tables boast a sleek and stunning design with a round brown top, providing ample space for a cup and a glass or a potted plant, depending on your preference. Together, these decorative elements create a perfectly styled living space with a modern flair.

21 Cozy Living Room with Wood Drum Coffee Table and Fireplace

This warm and inviting living room features a comfortable brown leather couch positioned next to a beautifully adorned fireplace. Complete with a mantle and crackling fire, the ambiance is perfect for relaxing with loved ones. In front of the fireplace, we see a lovely, small drum coffee table, adorned with a white vase filled with fresh flowers, along with a few stylish coasters and some elegant beads. The hardwood floors provide the perfect finishing touch to this cozy space.