21 Beautiful Entryway Storage Bench Ideas to Organize Your Space

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.14

The entryway to your home is the first thing your guests see, and keeping it organized and stylish is key. If you’re looking for inspiration for a beautiful and functional mudroom, look no further. These entryway storage bench ideas showcase stunning designs with ample storage space to keep your belongings neat and tidy. From built-in benches to stylish shoe racks and coat hooks, these ideas will help elevate the functionality and décor of your entryway. Discover the perfect entryway storage bench for your home today.

1 Welcoming Hallway with Storing Bench and Adorable Autumn Decorations

This lovely hallway welcomes you with charming autumn decorations, featuring pumpkins sitting on a delightful dark wood floor next to a stunning bench. The bench boasts built-in storage and a chic beige wooden board sits gracefully behind it. Alongside the bench, a lovely vase adds a touch of elegance to the space. Looking towards the large windows, you can enjoy the beautiful view outside while taking a seat on the comfortable bench. This warm and welcoming hallway invites you to sit, admire, and relax.

2 Elegant Entryway with Classic Accents and Cozy Seating

Admire the grandeur of this entryway with its large, stately dark wood front door and stunning blue patterned wallpaper featuring a circular mirror. As you make your way inside, you’ll be delighted to see a beautiful white bench nestled in the corner, offering a cozy nook to rest in. A circular mirror above the bench adds a touch of elegance to the lovely space. Take in the intricate dark wood herringbone-patterned floor leading towards the breathtaking black and gold globe chandelier suspended from the high ceiling. The bench is adorned with plush white pillows and a charming throw blanket, lending a cozy touch to the elegant design. This gorgeous entryway with its classic accents is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

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3 Chic Grey Mudroom with Sleek Entryway Shoe Storage Bench and Convenient Hooks

photo: kdiondesign

Admire the stylish design of this stunning grey mudroom featuring a plush gray rug that adds depth and warmth to the space. Stand in awe of the magnificent floor-to-ceiling light gray cabinets, complete with elegant brass pulls, providing ample storage for your everyday essentials. The built-in bench is a remarkable feature with a beautiful gray cushion and situated neatly beneath white overhead cabinets that are mounted with elegant coat hooks, ready to store your winter coats, jackets, and other clothing items. The hooks themselves boast a stunning dark brown jacket, a chic leather brown purse, and a delightful wicker basket with a lively plant. Adding to the coziness of the bench is a soft brown cushion complemented by a white throw blanket and a beautiful pair of brown leather boots, beautifully resting next to the bench. This mudroom is perfectly designed to balance style and functionality in an effortless manner.

4 Inviting Green Mudroom with Charming Benches and Beautiful Wall Decorations

Step inside this charming mudroom with its beautiful jute rug atop slate floor tiles, offering a warm welcome to guests. The green mudroom bench, built beneath the elegant white and green floral wallpaper framing the window, makes for a comfortable seating option to rest and enjoy the view. You will also find stylish green built-in cabinets adorned with classy brass pulls, providing ample storage solutions in the room. As you look towards the stunning wall display, you will see two benches with convenient coat hooks above and wicker baskets below and another bench with a delightful window above it. Spotting a pair of shoes resting next to it and a charming potted plant and pair of pillows adorning the bench, you know that this mudroom has everything to make it both stylish and comfortable.

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5 Charming Window Seat Storage Bench with Built-In Cabinets and Convenient Coat Rack

The slate tiles lead you to an exquisite white built-in window seat, perfect for relaxing and taking in the view. The bench is adorned with a lovely grey cushion and magnificent blue and grey pillows that add a pop of color to the space. The bench is flanked by white built-in cabinets giving you ample storage and display options to add a touch of personal style to your mudroom. Adding a touch of practicality, a convenient coat rack can also be found complete with beach hats, scarves, bags, and other essentials. At the end of the mudroom, an open room seamlessly connects to the rest of the house, creating an inviting open space that will make you feel right at home.

6 Contemporary Mudroom Featuring Sleek Black and Wood Bench and Convenient Storage Drawers

Discover the beauty of this fantastic mudroom, highlighted by a striking built-in bench with convenient storage capabilities. Sleek black and wood combine to create a contemporary design that provides a storage bench that is both functional and stylish. Atop the bench, a delightful small potted plant adds a touch of nature to the space. The light beige walls elevated with a touch of light gray wall coloring further enhance the design. Adorning the bench, a pair of chic boots awaits outdoor adventures in the shoe storage area. Embracing both style and function, this sleek bench will make your life easier while looking its best.

7 Modern Mudroom with Entryway Storage Bench and Elegant Wall Sconces

Admire the contemporary design of this stunning mudroom, featuring a striking stained wooden bench with contemporary black drawers complemented by eye-catching brass cup pulls. Illuminating the remarkable backdrop is an elegant black window fitted with stylish brass swing arm sconces. The smooth hardwood flooring perfectly finishes the space, showing off the bench’s design and functionality. This modern mudroom is a perfectly soothing space, offering both storage capacity and beauty that everyone can enjoy.

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8 Festive Entryway Featuring White Bench with Charming Christmas Wreath

Welcome to this heartwarming entryway adorned with a charming green wreath, embellished with festive red ribbons, adding a pop of color to the serene white shiplap wall. A stunning green lantern graces one side of the elegant white bench, while an adorable little plant sits atop a pristine white table on the rich, dark wood floor on the other side. This bench, complete with spacious drawers and a lovely beige cushion, not only adds practicality to the space, but also provides a stylish feature, complimenting the overall design. With the beautiful Christmas wreath above the bench, this entryway is perfectly transformed into a warm and inviting space, resulting in a festive and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

9 Inviting Entryway with Warm Wooden Floors and Elegant Beadboard Backed Bench

photo: homesbykata

Enter into this charming mudroom and be greeted by a beautiful long built-in bench, complete with an elegant white beadboard back that adds a stunning touch of character. The bench is built into a sleek and narrow white shelf with a series of handy hooks mounted above it, providing convenient storage to hang your coats and accessories. To add even more storage options, small black wire baskets are tastefully placed on the shelves, adding function to the chic design. The space is adorned with soft gray walls that bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to the room. Running throughout the space, the wood floor creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Take a look at the helpful hook above the bench, finding a lovely wicker hat and delightful beach bag perfectly hung with care. This remarkable entryway is both practical and stylish, providing a beautiful welcome to your guests every time.

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10 Stylish and Neat Small Apartment with Wooden Cabinets and Functional Central Bench

photo: wood.republic

Step into this beautiful small apartment and immediately notice the warm and inviting wooden walls that emanate a cozy ambiance, complementing the sleek black door. The room’s centerpiece is a functional bench placed perfectly in the middle, providing additional seating space for your guests. The wooden cabinets blend seamlessly with the walls and extend beyond to include another convenient built-in bench, adorned with a pleasant pink cushion cover, along with a stack of books and a lovely potted plant decorating the space. These cabinets not only offer ample storage but also provide a versatile and practical solution for any small apartment. This space truly epitomizes simplicity, elegance and smart utilization of the available area.

11 Stylish Green Storage Bench That Adds Elegance to Any Space

Indulge in the elegance of this beautiful green storage bench, combining functionality with modern chic. A delightful sage green throw pillow and a pristine white pillow rest atop the bench, providing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to relax. A large white board and batten wall serves as a stunning backdrop, adding depth and character to the space. A charming bowl of eucalyptus leaves next to the bench provides a refreshing touch to the room, while a pair of boots rest perfectly on the floor, adding practicality to the space. This remarkable green bench is sure to elevate the aesthetics of any room, adding an element of sophistication in a practical way.

12 Chic Living Room with Impressive White Built-In Shelves and Unique Accessories

photo: elpdesignsto

Welcome to this chic living room, showcasing a stunning, rustic brick wall that provides character and warmth to the space. Your eyes may be drawn to the remarkable black daybed, complete with a black storage bench featuring sleek black metal handles. Adding to the living room’s charming design, a robust wood block coffee table is placed on top of a delightful blue border rug in front of the daybed. Looking towards the shelf, you’ll see several unique items and books, artfully displayed on the remarkable white built-in shelves, with a classic TV taking center stage, mounted securely on the wall. The space is further enhanced with a convenient coat rack, featuring wicker hats and bags that perfectly complement the room’s décor. Through the expansive glass door, you can glimpse a picturesque view through the elegant black frames. Relax and enjoy the beauty of this splendid living room with its sophisticated but comfortable ambiance.

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13 Stylish and Modern Mudroom with Striking Hexagon Tile Wall and Elegant Built-In Bench

photo: northerlyhome

Step into this stunning small mudroom, featuring a striking black hexagon wallpaper that adds depth and style to the room, perfectly complementing the light wood flooring. Looking towards the built-in storage unit, you’ll notice an inviting light wood bench with convenient cubbies providing ample storage space. The bench is adorned with a plush white cushion and elegant beige pillows, inviting you to sit and relax. On the outside of the unit, you’ll be delighted to see a delightful potted plant in a charming white vase, adding a lively touch to the space. The wooden frames provide a perfect balance to the stunning hexagon tile wall, adding warmth and character to the room. This remarkable mudroom is a perfect blend of modern style and functionality.

14 Welcoming Hallway: Entryway Bench with Storage, Art Piece and Chic Accessories

photo: honeycando

Walk into this inviting hallway and take in the contemporary charm of the black bench with open storage that elegantly takes center stage. Resting on the bench is a stylish blue and white pillow that adds a pop of color to the space. Above it, a stunning abstract art piece is beautifully mounted onto the pristine white wall, adding depth and character to the surrounding. Complementing the contemporary design, a delightful blue rug beautifully adorns the light wood flooring. A charming potted plant in a chic wicker basket next to the bench provides a lively touch to the space. Looking inside the open storage underneath the bench, you’ll find a lovely vase, a pair of shoes, and a cozy blue and white blanket. This remarkable hallway is truly the embodiment of style, comfort, and practicality in a space.

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15 White Mud Room Featuring a Stylish Storage Bench and Wall Hooks

This elegant entryway boasts gleaming hardwood floors and bespoke white cabinetry. Perfectly nestled within is a charming built-in storage bench with convenient storage drawers and coat hooks. Complementing the sleek design, a striped seat cushion and soft gray and beige pillows bring a touch of sophistication to the room. A cozy beige and gray wool rug adds an extra layer of comfort to the beautiful floors. Spotting some purses hanging on the wall hooks, you can also glimpse a wooden door with a lovely glass front, inviting the natural light in from outside.

16 Chic Entryway With Striking Black French Doors and Inviting Bench

photo: blesserhouse

Immediately catching your attention is a charming beige and blue rug, which leads you to a cozy beige bench adorned with a gray pillow. Adjacent to the bench, a beautiful wood frame gallery wall adds a touch of character. Against the crisp white board, the bench it perfectly positioned to welcome guests into the space. The black door, with its elegant glass front, not only exudes sophistication but allows for a glimpse into the entryway’s exquisite style.

17 Cozy Corner Mudroom with Built-In Storage Bench and Plush Pillows

This stunning mudroom boasts a fabulous built-in storage bench, complete with overhead cabinets and handy hooks. Relax on the plush gray seat cushion while admiring the delightful blue and white pillows. A paneled wall above the bench features a stylish beadboard backsplash with nickel coat hooks, providing ample storage space for your coats and essentials. With light tiled floors completing the look, this corner mudroom is perfectly nestled next to the pristine white closed door, ready to welcome you and your guests.

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18 Stylish Shoe Bench and Coat Rack Perfect for Any Entryway

photo: bosforihome

Set against a pristine white wall is a chic shoe rack that doubles as a bench, adorned with two pairs of shoes and a delightful potted plant, adding a touch of green to the room. Alongside it, a convenient coat rack elegantly hangs on the wall, providing more storage for your belongings. The shoe bench itself is a stylish feature, divided obliquely with a delightful harp-end design. Half of the rack boasts a trendy gray wood cover, with the other half designed to show off your shoes in style. This entryway is truly a stylish and functional space that embodies both form and function.

19 Serene Entryway Featuring White Decor and Eye-catching Wall Decorations

Immerse yourself in this serene living room, which features a gorgeous white couch complimented with a cozy beige throw blanket. Under the couch, you’ll find a series of stylish wicker baskets perfectly placed in front of a pristine white board and batten wall. Adorning the couch is another charming wicker basket, adding a charming touch of rustic elegance. As you look towards the stunning wall display, you’ll see an array of delicately framed pictures, sure to catch your eye. Follow the hallway, and you’ll find yourself in the kitchen, featuring a refreshing window with a lovely faucet and sink, providing a calming atmosphere to each corner of this beautiful space.

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20 Inviting Grey Hallway with Eye-catching Window Bench and Stylish Accents

Step into this striking yellow and gray mudroom featuring a dazzling built-in window seat bench, complete with convenient drawers adorned with elegant gold pulls. Picture yourself resting on the cozy black seat cushion or propping yourself up against the delightful yellow pillows. Behind the bench, a beautiful window is dressed with stunning gray and white geometric roman shades, adding a touch of style to the room. A chic brown bag can also be found next to the bench, offering a convenient spot to store your belongings. Adjacent to the bench, a stylish cabinet separates two identical benches, providing ample seating space for guests. In the far end of the hallway, a large glass vase of vibrant orange flowers adds a pop of color and a welcoming touch that truly makes this grey hallway stand out.

21 Elegant Mudroom Highlighting White Storage Bench with Eye-catching Accessories

photo: haotianus

Indulge in the beauty of this stunning mudroom, featuring a breathtaking built-in bench with convenient storage drawers, topped with a plush gray velvet bench cushion. Resting perfectly on the cushion is a striking green purse, providing a burst of color to the room, while wooden white heels elegantly stand at the base of the bench. Highlighting the wall, a chic ladder with a charming white box and wicker basket adds a touch of variety and storage solutions. This white storage bench is truly the centerpiece of the space, providing ample storage and a beautiful feature to be admired.