Create an Elegant and Cozy Living Room with Fireplace Built-Ins (21 Design Ideas)

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.07

Are you looking for a way to add a touch of warmth and elegance to your living room? Look no further than fireplace built-ins. In this article, we explore various stylish and modern designs that will make your living room the cozy haven you’ve always dreamed of. From sleek electric white brick fireplaces to elegant stone mantels, and expertly styled bookshelves, you’ll find inspiration for your own cozy retreat. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up in your favorite chair, and get ready to transform your living room with the magic of fireplace built-ins.

1 Open Living Room with Gray Tile Fireplace and Flat Screen TV

fireplace built-ins
photo: beazerhomes

In this alluring open concept living room, simplicity meets charm. The space features beautiful white walls with windows draped in sheer white drapes that allow for ample natural light. The mosaic tile fireplace with a subtle gray and white surround serves as the room’s focal point, complete with a flat screen TV mounted above it. The fireplace is flanked by elegant white built-in cabinets with open shelving perfect for storage or decorative display. The seating area boasts two matching sofas that face a charming stained wood and iron coffee table placed upon a patterned area rug. Relax, unwind, and enjoy a tranquil evening in this charming living space.

2 Elegant Living Room with White Furniture and Beautiful Fireplace

photo: decorrest

Enter this chic and elegant living room and be greeted by a cozy, inviting atmosphere. The room features a stunning gray velvet accent chair next to a lovely round gray velvet ottoman. Facing the plush seating area is a built-in electric fireplace, exquisitely enhanced by a white mantel and a modern round mirror. The tranquil ambiance of this living space will make you want to settle in with a good book or enjoy the company of loved ones. Relax, unwind, and enjoy the understated elegance of this gorgeous space.

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3 Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace, TV, and Stylish Bookshelves

This contemporary living room is a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The room features a stunning white stone fireplace with a warm wooden mantel, adorned by a flat screen TV mounted above. Two white built-in shelves flank the fireplace and are exquisitely styled with a burst of orange flowers, a vibrant pumpkin, and a captivating assortment of books. Behind the plush, dark grey sofa with charming white and orange cushions, tasteful photographs captured on the wall add to the room’s modern vibe. Look up to find an exquisite modern ceiling fan elegantly hovering over the sleek grey carpet. This inviting space is the perfect area for relaxation and entertainment, embodying a serene and understated sense of style.

4 Festive Living Room with Christmas Decor and Mounted TV Above Fireplace

Get into the holiday spirit with this festive living room! Above the elegant white cabinets with ample storage, stained wood floating shelves are mounted, framing the flat panel TV that’s perfectly situated above a rich stained wood mantel. The mantel is adorned with charming Christmas stockings, adding to the festive atmosphere of the room. A cozy gray rug ties the space together, highlighting the built-in electric fireplace that rests beneath the mantel. Enjoy the warmth and cozy ambiance of this winter wonderland with your loved ones this holiday season.

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5 Stylish Living Room with Dual Sofas, Fireplace and Statement Wall Art

Give your living space a touch of sophistication with this chic living room. The room features a sleek black built-in electric fireplace, highlighted by a captivating blue abstract painting displayed above. Alongside, a plush gray sofa is adorned with glamorous purple velvet pillows, ideal for a stylish and comfortable seating area. A silver Moroccan pouf adds an exotic touch while the modern white built-in cabinets provide ample storage space. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or entertaining guests, this elegant space has everything you need.

6 Contemporary Living Room with White Furniture and Sleek Fireplace

This modern living room is a visual delight. The refined white armchairs and comfortable white couch are perfectly complemented by a splendid gray stone fireplace with a white mantel. The built-in electric fireplace adds to the convenient ambiance, effortlessly creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The room is centered around a lovely wooden drum coffee table, which elegantly displays a charming vase of tulips. A warm ambiance is achieved with the addition of a cozy beige floor lamp positioned in the corner, next to a window that lets the natural light shine through. Enjoy the simple elegance of this space, perfect for both relaxation and entertaining guests.

7 Modern Living Room with Built-In Bookshelves and Electric White Brick Fireplace

photo: woodology

This modern living room features a charming white brick built-in electric fireplace complete with a chic dark stained wood mantel for an added touch of sophistication. The fireplace is flanked by gorgeous gray built-in living room cabinets that are fitted with bold black hardware, the perfect complement to the d├ęcor. A large flat screen TV hangs above the mantle, while the spacious shelving units boast stacks of intriguing books. The center of the room is anchored by a stunning round brass coffee table with a glass top, adding to the sleek, modern design of this lovely living space.

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8 Spacious Living Room with Dual Sofas and Fireplace with TV Above

Step into this airy living space, complete with white walls, built-in shelving, and a stunning stone fireplace. A warm, dark wood mantel sits atop the fireplace, while a sleek modern ceiling fan gently circulates the air. Two comfortable armchairs with blue and white patterns surround a wooden coffee table, adorned with a delicate white vase. The focal point of the room is the flat screen TV mounted above the fireplace, flanked by elegant built-in cabinets filled with captivating books and intriguing objects. Settle in for a cozy evening with family and friends in this welcoming and spacious living room.

9 Cozy Modern Living Room with Fireplace and Bookshelves

photo: chimeneaspio

Step inside this inviting living space complete with a sleek fireplace and stylish built-in bookshelves, situated perfectly next to a wall-mounted TV. The wood furniture adds a touch of elegance, while two comfortable grey ottomans invite you to relax. A cream rug lays perfectly on the floor, completing the modern and welcoming atmosphere of this living space.

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10 Serene White Living Room with Electric Fireplace Built-In and Bookshelves

This tranquil living room boasts a sleek, built-in electric fireplace with a white mantel and framed art piece as its centerpiece. The adjacent built-in shelves showcase delicate wicker baskets, potted plants, and tasteful decorative pieces, adding a natural touch to this elegant space. Enjoy the undeniable sense of calm this white haven provides, with everything you need at your fingertips.

11 Chic White Living Room with Stylish Fireplace and Built-In Shelves

photo: tilebar

This stylish living room features a white built-in electric fireplace with an elegant black arch mirror as its focal point. The built-in shelves are expertly styled with intriguing books and decorative items, complementing the gray marble hexagon tiles beneath them. Adding to the sophisticated atmosphere are two cozy white boucle chairs, a wooden drum coffee table, and a timeless black chandelier, all set on a luxurious vintage rug. Enjoy the perfect balance of elegance and comfort in this perfectly curated space.

12 Stylish Modern Living Room with Fireplace and Mounted TV

This modern living room boasts a built-in electric fireplace and a sleek flat screen TV above it, nestled into a brilliant white shiplap wall. The inviting armchair in front of the fireplace is perfectly complemented by a chic round glass top coffee table, all placed on a tastefully patterned taupe geometric rug. The room is accentuated with a bold and beautiful red velvet chair, while the modern black marble fireplace mantel adds an element of luxury and elegance to the space. This contemporary living room is the perfect place for relaxation and entertainment, combining the warmth of a fireplace with all the modern conveniences of a flat screen TV.

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13 Elegant Living Room with White Furniture and Stylish Ceiling Fan

photo: mccoymillwork

This elegant living room is the perfect blend of style and comfort. The gorgeous gray sofa with chaise lounge is complemented beautifully by a set of matching gray French chairs, all arranged around a lovely gray ottoman coffee table, resting on a chic gray rug. The focal point of the room is a modern flat screen TV mounted above a sleek built-in electric fireplace, flanked by stunning built-in cabinets. The space is enhanced by a stylish ceiling fan, adding to the overall elegance of the room. Gaze around this serene space and feel the calming effects of this refined living room.

14 Elegant Black Built-in Fireplace with Striking Black and Gold Accents

Step into this elegant living room and be astounded by the striking black and gold decor elements that punctuate the classic white fireplace with a beautiful white mantel. The paneled wall exudes style and sophistication, luxuriously adorned with a wooden-framed mirror that rests between two sleek white built-in shelves. A beautiful black chandelier hangs over the black and white rug, adding to the glamorous ambiance of the room. Under the exquisite white mantel, a built-in electric fireplace provides warmth and comfort, perfectly complemented by a stylish brass basket on the floor. Enjoy the beautiful contrast and timeless aesthetics of this living space, perfect for any occasion.

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15 Stylish Living Room with Large Painting Above White Brick Fireplace

In this stylish living room, a stunning white brick fireplace with a rich dark wood mantel takes center stage. A magnificent large painting is expertly hung above the mantel, creating a unique focal point in the space. A comfortable brown leather recliner with an ottoman sits adjacent to the fireplace on the right side. The warm wood floors are beautifully contrasted by a soft beige area rug, completing the cozy and elegant ambiance of the room. Enjoy the serene and inviting atmosphere created by this modern yet classic design.

16 Traditional Living Room with Elegant Fireplace and Flatscreen TV

photo: sellnerdesign

Step into this beautiful traditional living room and be enchanted by the charming fireplace, complete with a classic hearth and surround. Positioned just above the fireplace, a modern flatscreen TV is perfectly complemented by elegant built-in cabinets with timeless glass doors on either side. The dark stained oak wood floors provide the perfect foundation for a cozy round stone top coffee table nestled in front of the fireplace. Relax in the comfort of the space, as you bask in the warm glow of the fireplace or enjoy a movie night in front of the flatscreen TV.

17 Rustic Living Room with Stone Fireplace and Stylish Built-In Bookshelves

This inviting living room features a rustic stone fireplace with a charming wood mantel adorned with lovely framed paintings. Positioned perfectly on either side of the fireplace, you’ll find elegant white built-in shelves and cupboards, complete with tasteful decorative items for a touch of sophistication. A cozy armchair with a stylish throw blanket and matching pillow sit in front of the fireplace, making this the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

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18 Elegant White Living Room with Arched Bookshelves and Fireplace

Indulge in the classic elegance of this white living room featuring a stunning white fireplace mantel with perfectly arched built-in wooden shelves on either side, finished with exquisite decorative items. The mantel is adorned with a captivating painting, serving as the perfect focal point of the space. Enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of the room as you relax on a sumptuous white sofa and a plush gray chair placed on a beautiful white and blue rug in front of the warm and inviting fireplace. Revel in the classic beauty of this space, perfect for both entertaining guests or simply unwinding with your favorite book.

19 Inviting Living Room with Electric Fireplace and Shiplap Wall

Take a seat on the plush beige sectional couch and enjoy the warm ambiance of this charming living space. At the heart of the room, a large built-in electric fireplace warmly welcomes you, framed by an elegant dark wood mantel and an alluring white shiplap wall. Adding interest to the room are the open shelving units on either side of the mantel, offering ample space to showcase your favorite decorative pieces. Two inviting brass light chandeliers gracefully hang on either side of the sofa, completing the sophisticated atmosphere of the room. Relax and unwind in this cozy, inviting living room.

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20 Bright and Airy Living Room with Fireplace, Couches and TV

This bright and airy living room features a modern built-in electric fireplace framed by elegant built-in cabinets set against a clean, white shiplap wall and built-in wood countertop. The wall-mounted flat screen TV provides the perfect opportunity for cozy nights in binge-watching your favorite shows. A comfortable and chic white sofa faces a round wooden coffee table, along with a potted plant adding a touch of natural beauty to the space. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply spending time with loved ones, this immaculate living space serves as the ideal spot to relax, unwind and recharge.

21 Cozy Living Room with Fireplace and Stylish Bookshelves

This inviting living room boasts a built-in electric fireplace with white bookshelves on either side. Placed in front of the elegant open bookcase are two comfortable white chaise chairs, perfect to curl up with a good book. Above the sleek fireplace hangs a tasteful framed painting on a beautiful white wall, adding to the charm of the room. The space is anchored by a geometrically shaped black decor piece resting elegantly on a coffee table in front of the fireplace. Enjoy this warm and inviting space and be surrounded by the comfort of your favorite books and art.