20 Gorgeous Fireplace Hearth Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.24

A fireplace is often the focal point of a room, and these stunning hearth decor ideas are sure to take your space to the next level. From sleek and modern white brick fireplaces with entertainment units to cozy and rustic black brick hearths adorned with charming fall and Christmas decorations, these photos showcase a range of styles and timeless accents. Each detail is expertly curated, from elegant lanterns to glittering stars and vibrant orange pumpkins. Let these fireplace decor ideas inspire your next design project.

1 Stylish Fireplace Hearth Decor Ideas

This navy blue family room boasts a stunning gray marble hearth fireplace as the centerpiece. To add elegance to the mantle, a glittering star and a charming lantern are positioned with a white candle.

2 Modern Fireplace Design with Entertainment Unit Above

photo: sarahguiler

This white brick fireplace features a sleek dark wood mantel and black firebox, with a flat screen TV mounted on the shiplap wall above. The cozy hearth is complemented by a tasteful array of white pillar candles, a lantern, and chic throw cushions on the hardwood floor.

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3 Warm and Inviting Fireplace Decor Ideas

photo: faithjbox

This cozy living room showcases a classic white fireplace with elegant dark brown and white trim. A rustic wooden sign proclaiming “Home” pairs beautifully with charming white lanterns, all resting atop the pristine white mantel against a matching wall backdrop.

4 Cozy Fall Living Room with Stone Hearth and Festive Pumpkins

A stunning dry stacked stone fireplace commands attention in this inviting living room. Adorning the dark wood mantel are charming fall leaves and pumpkins, while a vibrant orange pumpkin garland and striking black pumpkin are positioned on the hearth. A tasteful display of white pumpkins and garland line the mantle, with a white and an orange pumpkin also gracing the hearth.

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5 Stylish White Brick Fireplace with Sleek Entertainment Unit

This chic white brick fireplace showcases a sophisticated black mantel accented by sleek black candlesticks and a petite pine tree. Nestled neatly into a pristine white subway tile fireplace wall alongside another classic black hearth, the standout feature of this space is undoubtedly the modern flat screen TV mounted elegantly on the wall above the mantel.

6 Rustic Fireplace Decor with Timeless Accents

In this charming living room, a striking black brick fireplace is the center of attention. A grand clock hangs proudly on the wall above it, surrounded by delightful rustic decor, including garlands, beautiful candles, and charming red and white mushrooms. Elegant garland also adorns the mantel, while a lovely candle display adds the perfect finishing touch.

7 Classic Christmas Fireplace Decor with Cozy Accents

This beautiful white fireplace sets the stage for a stunning Christmas display. Delightful white stockings adorn the mantel, while a festive green garland elegantly drapes over the black firebox. The charming white frame mirror on the light gray wall and the elegant green garland on the mantel complete the overall festive ambiance. Flanked by two beautiful doors with glass fronts and framed in white, this cozy living room is the epitome of classic holiday cheer.

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8 Festive Black Fireplace with Eclectic Christmas Decor

photo: anthropologie

In this striking living room, a black fireplace stands out with its vibrant white and blue tiled hearth. The mantel is adorned with whimsical and colorful Christmas garlands and charming white, gold, and green decorations. The statement mirror on the black wall adds to the overall ambiance of the space.

9 Spooky Halloween Fireplace Decor with Fun Flair

photo: ally.warren

In this playful living room, a charming white brick fireplace is adorned with a festive orange and white garland and delightful string lights, while a modern TV perches elegantly above the mantel. Adding a touch of spook-tacular fun, a playful trail of small bats leads up the wall. The perfect finishing touch? Adorable small pumpkins resting comfortably on the hearth below.

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10 Lovely Fall Fireplace Decor with Autumnal Touches

This captivating arched white brick fireplace invites a cozy Autumn atmosphere into the room, adorned with delightful autumnal garlands. The charming array of white, beige, orange, and brown pumpkins on the floor below set a welcoming tone. Above the mantle, a stylish mirror adds to the warm ambiance. As an adorable final touch, a precious brown dog cuddles cozily on the floor.

11 Inviting Living Room with Rustic Fireplace and Wicker Seating

photo: acottagegirl

This inviting living room showcases a striking wood fireplace as the centerpiece. Elegant mirrors adorn the mantel – both small and large – with charming white wicker chairs accented by vibrant green cushions on each side of the hearth adding a comfortable, cozy touch.

12 Charming Fireplace Decor with Rustic Accents

This gorgeous white brick fireplace takes center stage in a beautiful cozy nook. A tastefully curated light wood mantel is adorned with stylish wreath and charming small wooden pumpkin. The space is further brightened up by the lovely small potted plant and complementing wicker baskets artfully placed next to the irreproachable hearth.

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13 Rustic Christmas Mantel Decor with Warm Accents

In this heartwarming scene, a wooden mantel takes center stage, adorned with a festive Christmas tree, charming candles, and delightful wreaths. Next to a rustic white rocking horse sits a beautifully-lit holiday tree in a brown bag, encapsulating this cozy Christmas ambiance. A warm basket of lit candles adorns the hearth, completing this charming festive display.

14 Elegant Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decor with Festive Accents

In this beautiful living room, an exquisite white stone fireplace is adorned with a tasteful collection of white candles and vibrant orange faux pumpkins, complemented perfectly by a garland draped elegantly across the mantel. Adding a lovely personal touch, a cherished painted picture is hung above the fireplace. The mantle itself boasts charming white stockings and a wooden stool, while the hearth is illuminated with an abundance of white candles, creating a warm and inviting glow.

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15 Elegant Stone Fireplace Decor with Personal Touches

This gorgeous natural stone fireplace is adorned with stunning white crockery and delicate white flowers on the mantel. Lush evergreen garlands and elegant white candles add to the awe-inspiring beauty. But the finishing touch is the charming monogrammed number on the mantel, adding a personal flair to this stunning space.

16 Chic Black and White Fireplace Decor with Plants and Candles

In this elegant living room, a charming brick fireplace stands out with its sleek black mantel. Stylish glass vases filled with breathtaking white flowers provide a stunning visual contrast against the dark backdrop. Lush white garland artfully drapes over the mantel, perfectly complimenting the chic black and white patterned wallpaper behind. A delightful touch of whimsy is added by the adorable golden statues of dogs positioned on either side of the hearth. The final touch? Delicate candlesticks and vibrant green plants positioned in front of the fireplace, creating a truly inviting atmosphere.

17 Rustic Fireplace with Patriotic Touches

In this inviting living room, a cozy stone fireplace flaunts two beautiful American flags atop its rustic mantle. The charming decor, which includes tasteful greenery and elegant white flowers, pairs perfectly with the handsome brown wooden chairs below. A delightful space to celebrate and pay tribute to the USA.

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18 Lodge-style Stone Fireplace with Rustic Decor

photo: evashockey

This charming gray stone fireplace sets the tone for a cozy lodge-style living room, complete with a rustic mantel featuring a majestic white moose skull with impressive antlers mounted above it. A cozy woven basket and beautiful brass candlesticks decorate the mantel shelf, which also showcases lovely potted plants and framed pictures. The perfect spot to warm up on chilly evenings!

19 Cozy Rustic Stone Fireplace with Classic Christmas Touches

This captivating rustic stone fireplace brings timeless appeal to this charming living room, adorned with classic white stockings, delightful garland, and a festive wooden Christmas sign. Above the mantel, a stunning garland of white beads and pinecones adds the perfect touch of seasonal spirit. A charming wooden Christmas tree completes the cozy ambiance, all nestled on the warm wood floor.

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20 Elegant White Fireplace with Striking Chandelier

This inviting living room showcases a stylish white brick fireplace with a stunning round mirror above the elegant mantel. Beautiful yellow flowers and tasteful wooden statues adorn the mantel, while white bust statues elegantly flank the fireplace, all set against a textured brick wall. The ornate chandelier adds a touch of glamour to the space, completing the overall refined ambiance.

21 Charming Brick Bedroom Fireplace with Relaxing Accents

This cozy bedroom features a beautiful brick fireplace as its centerpiece, perfectly complemented by a comfortable bed on one side and a lovely beige armchair on the other. A striking mirror hangs elegantly above the mantle, accompanied by tasteful vases and jars to accent the space. A relaxing oasis, this bedroom is the ideal space to unwind after a long day.