20 Funny Pumpkin Carvings: A Halloween Treat for All Ages

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.25

Halloween is known for its spooky decor, but funny pumpkin carvings add a touch of levity to the season. This collection of photos highlights the creativity and humor of pumpkin carving enthusiasts. From silly faces to clever pop culture references, each carved pumpkin is a work of art that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Get ready to chuckle and appreciate the lighthearted side of Halloween with these funny pumpkin carvings.

1 Playful Pumpkin Cartoons Decorated with Hay

photo: carowinds

Set upon a bed of hay, a collection of expertly carved pumpkins boasts whimsical designs of beloved cartoon characters, such as Snoopy the dog. The room is dimly lit, allowing the playful glow of the jack-o-lanterns to shine forth. This display is sure to bring joy and nostalgia to those young and old, making it a perfect addition to any Halloween celebration.

2 Spooky Halloween Tablescape with Multi-Layered Decor

This eerie tablescape features a black table with spider-web designs, flanked by two white chairs. On the table, a witch figurine, bloody candle on a stick, and tiny skull add to the creepy atmosphere. The multi-layered decor on the table includes a pumpkin and other haunting Halloween trinkets. Whether used as a festive centerpiece or a fun place setting, this table is sure to enchant any Halloween lover.

3 Funny Pumpkin Carvings: Wall Decor with Skeleton Accent

A colorful Halloween display brightens up any space with a playful vibe. A wooden shelf boasts a variety of jack-o-lanterns, each expertly crafted and flaunting its own unique color. Adding to the whimsy of the scene is an orange skeleton perched nearby. Together, these elements create a fun and festive atmosphere perfect for the Halloween season.

4 Rustic Halloween Decor Featuring Jack-O-Lanterns, Broom, and Fence

Set against a charming white picket fence, this rustic Halloween display features two expertly carved jack-o-lanterns perched upon a wooden barrel. A classic broomstick enhances the scene, adding to the Halloween vibe. Whether viewed from up close or afar, this sweet and simple display exudes the spirit of Halloween.

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5 Festive Halloween Pumpkins Adorn Doorstep

photo: litzjordan

Two cheery orange pumpkins sit at the foot of the front door, glowing with warm light from within. Though not particularly spooky, the expertly carved designs lend a touch of playful charm to the display, perfect for the Halloween season.

6 Spooky Halloween Display on Aged Front Porch

This eerie scene features jack-o-lanterns perched upon the steps of a dilapidated, weathered old house. Above the pumpkins, the front door is adorned with skeletal figures and other haunting Halloween decorations. The peeling paint and overall unkempt appearance of the house only add to the unsettling mood set by the display.

7 Towering Halloween Pumpkins Against the Night Sky

photo: sicklesmarket

Towering up towards the dark night sky, a group of expertly carved jack-o-lanterns are stacked atop one another. The bright, glowing faces seem to light up the starry background, creating an alluring Halloween display. Whether viewed from near or far, this impressive arrangement showcases both the skill and the spooky spirit of the Halloween season.

8 Festive Halloween Living Room Decor with Pumpkins and Ghosts

This festive living room display features an array of Halloween decorations, from intricately carved jack-o-lanterns to wreaths and garlands hanging from the fireplace mantel. Adding to the spooky atmosphere are glowing ornaments on the walls depicting ghosts, creating an eerie ambiance that is sure to delight any Halloween enthusiast. Even the small television screen is not spared from the Halloween magic, with its glow-in-the-dark paint giving a playful nod to the season.

9 A Bright and Festive Halloween Entranceway with Pumpkins and Flowers

The front steps of this home are adorned with an array of small and large pumpkins, as well as large black planters bursting with colorful flowers. A vibrant wreath featuring shades of dark orange and green adds an eye-catching pop of color against the door’s black backdrop. The steps leading up to this festive entrance are made of sturdy concrete, inviting visitors to come and soak up the Halloween spirit.

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10 Charming Halloween Porch Decor with Pumpkins and Ghosts

This charming front porch features a cozy wooden floor and a vivid green door, surrounded by black pumpkins and lanterns lining the sides. Playful ghost decorations suspend from the ceiling, exuding a whimsical Halloween flair. Adding to the eerie ambiance, black bats flutter from the white trim above the door. With all of the unique and festive decorations, this porch is bound to mesmerize both trick-or-treaters and passersby alike.

11 Chic Black Halloween Porch With Pumpkins and Flowers

photo: frengpartyof6

This stylishly decorated porch features black stone steps adorned with charmingly small pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, as well as pots of vibrant flowers adding pops of color. The black front door with sidelights and a transom is further accentuated by white and orange pumpkins, expertly placed for maximum visual impact. Perfect for those seeking a spooky yet sophisticated Halloween aesthetic.

12 Spooky Halloween Porch Decorations Set the Scene

photo: halloweendays

From pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns and everything in between, this front porch is fully decked out for Halloween. Leaves and bats add to the eerie atmosphere, while a cheery smiley face painted on the door provides a playful contrast to the overall spooky theme. This festive display is sure to delight trick-or-treaters and bring joy to all who happen to pass by.

13 Festive Staircase Decorated for Halloween

photo: adoredhouse

The warm wood staircase is adorned with charming Halloween decorations, including a selection of expertly carved pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Vertical white shiplap walls provide a stylish backdrop for the seasonal display. A golden mirror adds to the ambiance, reflecting the happy smiles of all who pass by. To complete the merriment, a little girl dressed as a witch scurries up the stairs, eagerly anticipating the fun and magic of the season.

14 Playful Pumpkin Decor Adorns Front Porch

photo: triphacksdc

These decorated front steps showcase a playful display of jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins. A bright red door adds a pop of color to the scene, complemented by carved pumpkins perched upon both the steps and the windowsill. From silly faces to intricate designs, the carvings exemplify the Halloween spirit and enhance the charming setting.

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15 Halloween-themed Shelf Display with Pumpkins and Cats

This charming shelf display features a variety of Halloween decorations, including ceramic pumpkins, a small jack-o-lantern, and a spooky poster of a haunted house. Among the Halloween-themed items are several adorable miniature cats, adding a playful touch to the overall spooky vibe. This festive display is sure to delight any Halloween enthusiast and put them in the mood for the season.

16 Trio of Spooky Pumpkins and Potted Plant

photo: anisfur

Positioned upon a pristine white table, three expertly carved pumpkins create a haunting display next to a vibrant potted plant. Each one is adorned with spider webs and featuring unique and unsettling facial expressions. One intriguing addition to the mix is a white pumpkin standing out among the traditional orange-colored ones. The intricate carvings and eye-catching details of these pumpkins make them an excellent addition to any Halloween decor.

17 Halloween Pumpkins Adorning Front Steps

photo: ninjakowski

Three intricately carved pumpkins are arranged on the steps leading up to a house, each emitting a spooky glow from within. Each pumpkin boasts a unique and chilling design, perfect for the Halloween season.

18 Lively Lineup of Jack-O-Lanterns on Concrete Steps

photo: anniefrenzel

A row of intricately carved jack-o-lanterns line the concrete steps of a house, each sporting its own unique design. From faces to landscapes, the selection of carvings is diverse and playful. With the warm glow emanating from within each pumpkin, this eye-catching display is sure to delight passersby and welcome visitors into the Halloween spirit.

19 Festive Pumpkin Grouping Enhances Building Front

photo: wmalumni

Positioned upon a wooden bench in front of a charming brick building, a group of pumpkins provides a festive touch to the scene. Each jack-o-lantern boasts its own unique design, radiantly illuminated from within. Notably, one of the pumpkins bears the carved number 1695, adding an interesting element of mystery to the eclectic display.

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20 Halloween Pumpkins Adorn Amusement Park and House

Set amidst a colorful amusement park backdrop and a ramshackle house, a pair of carved pumpkins add a festive touch to the scene. Fallen orange leaves create a cozy atmosphere around the pumpkins, which boast expertly carved and glowing faces. Whether riding the coaster or simply passing by, these jack-o-lanterns are sure to bring joy and Halloween cheer.