21 Green Accent Wall Ideas: A Trending Design Choice

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.20

When it comes to creating a stunning interior space, accent walls have become a popular and effective way to add character and style to any room. Green accent walls have become a trending design choice, adding natural beauty and a touch of refreshing ambiance to a space. Take a look at these diverse and inspiring photos of green accent walls in different settings, each bringing its own unique charm to the room. From calming bedrooms to playful kids’ spaces, and elegant living rooms, green accent walls are a versatile design tool to elevate any room’s decor.

1 Austin James’ Nursery with a Green Accent Wall

green accent walls
photo: newtonliving

Take a peek inside this charming nursery featuring a stunning green accent wall with a trendy wooden plank accent. The wooden crib takes center stage, crowned by a large lettered sign spelling out the little one’s name, Austin James. A cozy white armchair sits nearby, ready for storytime, and a refreshing touch of nature comes from the potted plant drawing attention in the corner of the room.

2 A Refreshing Green Bedroom with a White Bed

Step into a relaxing oasis with this green bedroom design featuring a stunning white bed as a focal point. The peaceful green walls create a refreshing ambiance, complemented by the beautiful area rug positioned next to a stylish wooden dresser in front of a large window. A classic nightstand stands against the wall, perfect for storing essentials. The white bed is adorned with a cozy white coverlet and completed with a pop of green pillows, adding a touch of nature to the space. A lovely light grey rug is laid out on the warm wood floor, completing the look of this blissful room.

green accent walls

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3 A Playful Child’s Room with a Green Wall and Smart Storage

photo: ecospaints

Bring a touch of fun into your child’s space with this playful green room featuring classic wooden shelves and a comfy ottoman positioned perfectly in front of the bookshelf. The bookshelf is filled with toys and cleverly organized with storage bins and wicker baskets handy for easy access. Several framed pictures hanging on the wall featured behind the bookshelf add a personal touch, while an adventurous dinosaur picture beside the ottoman brings the little one’s imagination to life.

4 Cozy Green Bedroom with a Dark Green Accent Wall

Create a charming winter wonderland decor with this stunning green bedroom featuring a classic black iron bed and beautiful twinkling Christmas lights strung on the wall above the headboard. The bed is adorned by a delicate grey and white floral print duvet cover, making for a cozy and comfortable sleep space. A well-positioned wooden chair with a lovely potted plant besides the bed adds an elegant touch to the room’s natural feel. The shimmering lights and refreshing green walls create the perfect atmosphere for peaceful relaxation or unwinding at the end of a long day.

green accent walls

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5 Bohemian Green Bedroom with a Wicker Bench

Infuse a charming boho chic vibe into your bedroom with this stunning green room design featuring refreshing yellow bedding and a stylish wicker bench at the foot of the bed for a touch of practicality. A chic nightstand positioned beside the bed displays a statement lampshade creating a lovely and stylish lighting scenario. The soothing green walls blend beautifully with the natural wicker bench for a perfect relaxing ambiance. This is a must-try idea for those who want to create a unique, vibrant, and cozy space.

6 Vibrant Living Room with Green Walls and Bold Furniture

Embrace boldness with this vibrant living room design featuring dynamic kelly green grasscloth wallpaper that adds a pop of color to the area. The elegant white fireplace contrasts beautifully within the design, while the black pedestal table paired with unique white and red Moroccan chairs makes an excellent statement. Brass vintage bookshelves add an original touch to the vivid background, beautifully complementing the focal point of the room – rich purple velvet tables. Hanging paintings on the green wall behind the bookshelves and fireplace completes the perfect atmosphere of this eclectic space. It’s a must-see if you’re looking to add color and character to your living room décor.

7 Contemporary Living Room with Green Accent Wall and Cozy Touches

Elevate the ambiance of your living room with this chic and cozy contemporary design featuring a striking green leaf accent wall as a highlight. A beautiful black and white photograph hung on the wall adds drama and pulls together the overall look. A comfortable tan accent chair is a perfect spot for reading while next to a small wooden dresser decorated with books, adding a smart touch to the setup. A contrasting and plush couch placed near the wall completes the look and adds an inviting touch to this relaxing space. This unforgettable design is a must-try for those who want to add a unique touch of personality to their living room decor.

green accent walls

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8 Striking Green Accent Wall Bedroom with Modern Décor

photo: trimandbrush

Make a statement with this elegant emerald green accent wall, featuring unique geometric detailing that makes it the centerpiece of this room. A cozy white upholstered bed with silver and gray accent pillows sits confidently beside a black nightstand and black lantern, creating a playful and stylish setting. A modern black ceiling fan is the finishing touch to this decor, providing a cool breeze over a light wood floor. This mesmerizing design is perfect for those who want to create a fresh and interesting space in the bedroom.

9 Modern Bedroom Featuring a Striking Green Wall and Chevron Headboard

Create an atmosphere of contemporary sophistication with this modern bedroom design featuring a bold green accent wall adorned with a chic chevron pattern design. The bed, accessorized with a black quilt, embraces the color scheme, creatively decorated with black and white patterned bedding with a lovely play of pattern and texture. Two stylish nightstands placed on each side offer convenience and functionality, paired with lamps that add brightness and style to the room. Hanging elegantly from the ceiling is a timeless chandelier, providing ample illumination and a touch of class. This vision is a must-try if you’re aiming for a stylish yet comfortable vibe in your bedroom.

green accent walls

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10 Sleek and Modern Bedroom with Decorative Wall and Warm Accents

Step into the perfect blend of style and comfort with this stunning bedroom design, featuring a striking decorative green wall that serves as the focal point of the area. A sleek black metal bed frame beautifully contrasts the textured wall, while the warm and inviting wooden nightstands, adorned with black metal lamps on each side, create a cozy atmosphere. A plush white and grey rug is positioned on a warm-toned wooden floor, adding a comforting touch to the ambiance. A classic black blanket, laid carefully on top of the white coverlet of the bed, provides a warm linen touch that completes the look. This vision is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure a comfortable and stylish bedroom ambiance that’s both modern and inviting.

11 Refreshing and Cozy Living Room with Green Walls and Earthy Accents

photo: wallplanks

Come home to a warm and cozy living room, featuring refreshing green walls that create a natural ambiance. A comfortable couch is placed in front of a textured wood-paneled wall, inviting relaxation and coziness. A lovely plant beautifully sits in a wicker basket next to the couch, bringing a touch of nature into the space. A stylish chair and ottoman placed alongside the couch add both style and functionality, providing a comfortable seating spot or footrest. A well-organized stack of books is placed on a beautiful beige rug, where the best reading nooks take place. This warm and comfy living room is perfect for anyone who wants to create a relaxing environment for themselves or their guests to unwind in.

12 Refreshing Green Bedroom with Artful Touches

photo: filion

Create a calming atmosphere with this stunning green bedroom design featuring a large green wall as the focal point of the area with warm-toned wooden flooring throughout the space. A delightful plant is positioned near the side of the room in a charming wicker basket, adding a touch of nature to the ambiance. A bold and delightful art piece painted in vivid red, blue, orange, yellow, and green hangs on the wall, bringing life to the impressive green background. A stylish white bed featuring a comfortable orange pillow is perfectly positioned in front of a chic dresser with a cozy chair in the corner of the room, creating a cozy and balanced atmosphere. It’s the perfect vision of calm for anyone seeking to create an artistic, refreshing ambiance in their bedroom.

green accent walls

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13 Elegant Green Bedroom with a Touch of Pink

Enter a serene and stylish space with this beautiful bedroom design featuring calming green walls that embrace the ambiance of the room. A stunning black canopy bed takes the center stage, complemented by a playful checkered pink rug positioned perfectly in front of it, adding a touch of colorful elegance to the decor. A refreshing potted plant stands alongside a beautiful lampshade on top of the nightstand next to the bed, creating a lovely and breathable atmosphere. An ottoman at the foot of the bed featuring a lush and cozy pillow adds a practical touch to the area. This design is perfect for those who crave a comfortable yet stylish ambiance in their bedroom setup.

14 Stylish Green Home Office with Antique Touches

Create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere while working from home with this stunning green home office, featuring a charming antique desk chair placed at an industrial wood desk, that’s artfully lit by an exquisite gold chandelier hanging beautifully from the ceiling. The dazzling emerald green wall acts as a perfect backdrop for the desk and provides an attractive setting for the numerous wooden shelves that display vases and other decorative objects. An elegant traditional chair, adorned with a lovely green pillow, offers comfortable seating by the window, adding a warm touch of contrast to the overall beige and green color scheme. A plush and comfortable rug on the floor rounds out the look, creating a professional and stylish working area that’s both visually appealing and practical for day-to-day tasks.

green accent walls

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15 Tranquil Turquoise Bedroom with White Headboard and Floral Chandelier

Create a calm and serene atmosphere in your bedroom with this tranquil turquoise oasis featuring a chic white headboard and stunning white flower chandelier light hanging from the ceiling, adding a touch of class to the room. A fresh and playful turquoise wall is gorgeously complemented by teal and pink bedding, making the room an inviting space to rest and unwind. Two cozy pillows of matching colors offer comfort and add a splash of interest to the room. This fantastic design is perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful oasis in the comfort of their own home.

16 Serene Bedroom with a Green Wall and Delicate Touches

Enjoy a calming escape with this beautiful bedroom design, featuring soothing green walls and lovely blue pillows that add a pop of cool color to the bed. A wooden nightstand paired with a subtly styled lamp provides convenience and creates a cozy atmosphere. The neutral tones of the wood and fabric bed are paired with a stylish tan headboard that stands out against the green accent wall. Adding a delicate touch to the area is a stunning white and tan rug that creates a warm, inviting feel underfoot. This ambiance is perfect for anyone who wants to create an elegant, natural feel in their bedroom décor.

17 Chic Green Accent Wall in a Cozy Bedroom

Adorned with a striking green accent wall, this bedroom is styled with a sleek black metal bed frame. A plush white and grey rug complements the cozy hardwood floor while a black blanket rests over the white coverlet of the bed. With a wooden nightstand gracing either side of the bed, each adorned with a stylish black metal lamp, this room exudes a sophisticated and modern charm.

green accent walls

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18 Inviting Living Room with Dark Green Walls and Stylish Decor

photo: valsparcanada

Immerse yourself in this charming living room design with striking dark green walls and soothing natural elements highlighted by the stunning white fireplace. The room is cleverly decorated with numerous potted plants placed exquisitely around the mantelpiece, with beautiful vases adding an extra touch of elegance to the décor. Hanging above the mantle, an oval mirror reflects the chic surroundings, making the room even more impressive. The ambience of this space is perfected with relaxing sofas and comfortable chairs embraced by beige and green pillow accents, providing coziness and warmth for a perfect escape at any time of day. This is the way to go if you’re aiming for the perfect balance between nature and style in your living room.

19 Playful Child’s Bedroom with Green Walls and Wooden Floors

photo: studio esar

Create a vibrant and playful atmosphere in your child’s bedroom with this charming design featuring stunning green walls and lovely wood paneling. The inviting bed, dressed with cheerful checkered white and olive green bedding, features a cute toy dog restin on top. Next to the bed, a fun orange bean couch is the perfect spot for playtime. A thin yellow nightstand on a white and black rug combines playfulness and functionality, while a brown cupboard provides ample storage space for all your little one’s toys. Three fabulous paintings of superheroes add a personal touch and serve as a fantastic inspiration for imaginative games. This child’s bedroom is a must-try for anyone seeking to add personality and charm to their child’s sleeping space.

green accent walls

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20 Stylish Bedroom with Forest Green Accent Wall

photo: anitayokota

Make a style statement with this gorgeous green bedroom design featuring a lovely vertical shiplap accent wall and delicate gold and glass sconces that effortlessly blend in with the overall style. A sleek metal bed frame with white, tan, and grey bedding creates a soft and inviting sleeping space, complemented by wooden side tables for practicality and aesthetics. The chic wooden chair and a refreshing potted plant at the foot of the bed offer an inviting and homely touch to the decor. A guitar and another beautiful potted plant complete the look of this unique space. It’s a must-try if you aim for both comfort and chic elegance in your bedroom design.

21 Dark Green Bedroom with Shiplap Accent Wall and Chic Lighting

photo: bedtonic

Add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom with this stunning design featuring a bold dark green wall adorned with vertical shiplap detailing, creating a perfect accent that brings the natural vibe and freshness of nature indoors. The elegant metal bedframe is complemented by a warm beige table lamp, enhancing the ambiance with stylish and soft lighting. Gray linen bedding on the wood and fabric headboard adds an inviting touch of coziness, complimented by the timeless simplicity of the black nightstand adorned by a chic gray lamp. With a small window bringing in natural light, this bedroom ensures comfort and style without any compromise – a haven to retreat and recharge.