21 Half Bathroom Decor Ideas: A Collection of Unique Designs

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.24

When it comes to half bathrooms, small spaces don’t have to equal dull decor. We’ve gathered a handful of creative bathroom decor ideas to inspire you. Each photo showcases a distinct aesthetic ranging from contemporary minimalism to charming vintage styles. Explore these unique half bathroom designs and discover the endless possibilities for your own space.

1 A Chic Blue and White Bathroom with Gorgeous Patterned Wallpaper

This magnificent blue and white bathroom features a standout floral wallpaper that embellishes the room with sophistication. Over the beautiful white vanity with a stunning marble countertop and nickel hardware, a rectangular white mirror hangs on the wall, accentuated by a triple polished nickel wall sconce which delivers warm light. The striking white and gray geometric marble tiled floor provides a fantastic backdrop for the luxurious decor, making it a true centerpiece of the room.

2 A Rustic Shiplap Bathroom with Cozy Black Christmas Accents

This splendid bathroom showcases an elegant mirror with a lovely ornate frame, gently hung on a serene white shiplap wall, complementing the overall rustic feel. A striking black light fixture hangs overhead against the backdrop of the white shiplap. A charming small pine tree is adorably placed on the white toilet next to a delightful white shelf. A playful wreath hangs above the mirror, bringing cozy black Christmas charm to the space.

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3 A Sophisticated Blue and White Bathroom with a Striking Wallpaper

This stunning blue and white themed bathroom is accented with delicate blue print wallpaper that covers the upper walls, while board and batten trim completes the lower half. The brilliant white washstand is finished with a white marble countertop and is accompanied by a rectangular pivot mirror with an elegant brass sconce adding a touch of brilliance to the area.

4 A Striking Dark Green Bathroom with Pops of White Flowers

Flaunting a rich and opulent vibe, a stunning dark green cabinet with gorgeous gold hardware stands proudly against a chic light gray bathroom wall. The space is beautified with a classic white shower curtain alongside a spotless white toilet. A phenomenal black tile floor provides an edgy contrast to the darker green tones. The sink, boasting an elegant shade of gray, is coupled with a stylish black faucet to add extra modernity. A lovely touch of florals is added to the space with charming white flowers, serving as pops of brightness in an otherwise glam and moody bathroom.

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5 A Stylish Bathroom with Chic Gray and White Geometric Wallpaper

This small yet stylish bathroom is adorned with pristine white board and batten walls and a charming white beadboard half wall, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. A rectangular pivot mirror, positioned above a gorgeous white vanity with a sleek white countertop, adds depth to the space. A beautiful chrome faucet flawlessly flows into the sink, completing the modern look of the room’s design.

6 A Classic Bathroom with Gray Tile Flooring and a White Pedestal Sink

photo: carrellgroup

The bathroom showcases a stunning gray and white patterned tile flooring that provides depth and character to the space, while a white pedestal sink with a lovely geometric mirror adds a touch of refinement to the room. A white shaded sconce elegantly illuminates the space above the white framed window, inviting natural light to flow through the room. Gleaming white and gray mosaic tiles cover the floors, offering a harmonious touch to the decor.

7 A Compact Half Bathroom with a Chic Look

photo: decorsteals

This black and white tiled restroom features a toilet and sink combo with a mirror mounted on the adjacent wall. A wooden shelf with decorative items and a charming potted plant is placed alongside the toilet – bringing character to the minimal space.

half bathroom decor ideas

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8 A Rustic Half Bathroom Decor Idea: Shiplap Walls and Subtle Wood Touches

The bathroom boasts a serene white shiplap backdrop which anchors a white vanity. Gray countertops rest atop the vanity, while a black framed mirror lends elegance to the wall. A wicker basket resides under the vanity, adding warmth to the cool-toned bathroom. A black circular shelf, hanging over the toilet, holds a delightful mix of decorative items and is accompanied by a plant and framed artwork above the toilet.

9 A Cozy Half Bathroom Showcasing Wood Paneling and a Crisp White Toilet

Earthy taupe shiplap wainscoting adorns the lower portion of the walls, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. A pristine white sink is positioned atop the white countertop, delivering a striking contrast against the rich wood accents. Two gold-framed paintings highlight the taupe wood paneling wall above the toilet, bringing a touch of charm to the space, while a wicker basket and hung towels add practicality and convenience without sacrificing design.

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10 A Contemporary Half Bathroom with Minimalist Floating Shelves

A chic light gray shiplap lower half wall adorns this space, complemented by simplistic light wood floating shelves that provide smart storage over the toilet. Above the sleek white vanity, a black frame mirror adds an extra edge to the space and contrasts beautifully against the black faucet kit.

11 A Stunning Half Bathroom Decorating Idea: Bathroom with Lush Leaf Wallpaper

A delightful leaf wallpaper pattern dresses up the upper half of the wall, lending a fresh and sophisticated feel to the space, while a classic white board and batten wainscoting adds a hint of traditional charm to the lower half. Gorgeous wood shelves provide ample storage above a crisp white toilet. A circular mirror hangs above a marvelous stained wood washstand with a stunning white countertop, completing the refined look of this ornate bathroom.

12 An Adorable Vintage Half Bathroom with Darling Floating Shelves

This lovely vintage-inspired restroom is adorned with a classic white toilet and cute wooden floating shelves positioned above it, providing an extra touch of charm and an abundance of space for personal care items. The darling shelves also boast delicate potted plants and an elegant vintage mirror. Additionally, a beautiful potted plant rests atop the wooden windowsill, adding a delightful green accent.

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13 A Chic Farmhouse Bathroom with Gray Wallpaper and Rustic Accents

photo: simaspaces

This charming bathroom showcases a stylish gray vanity with a sleek white countertop and steel sink faucet, serving as the perfect centerpiece in the space. A striking gray wallpaper and matching patterned wallpaper backdrops the vanity, lending a touch of modernity to the room’s farmhouse aesthetic. A black towel rack on the wall holds a cozy white towel, while a stunning artwork in a frame is hung above – further enhancing the rustic feel of the decor.

14 A Stunning Bathroom with Wood Floating Shelves on Shiplap Wall

photo: kattdesign

White shiplap walls imbue this stunning restroom with a sense of openness and tranquility, while a beautiful circular mirror and rustic wooden vanity infuse just the right amount of warmth into the space. A black faucet stylishly sits on the white countertop, contrasting beautifully against the wood accents. A striking black and white tile patterned floor adds sophistication underfoot. Additionally, charming empty wooden shelves installed above the toilet provide extra storage space without sacrificing the room’s decor.

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15 A Chic and Simple Guest Bathroom with Wood and Black Shelves

The bathroom features a stunning gray-green vanity with a sleek gray countertop and a sophisticated oil-rubbed steel faucet. A heavenly white ruffled shower curtain offers a touch of delicacy to the space. Charming wood and black shelves perch over the toilet, adorned with a beautiful potted plant and a convenient tissue box.

16 A Luxurious Gray and White Bathroom with Marble Flooring

This magnificent bathroom showcases stunning white and gray decor with an impressive gray upper wall paint and a gorgeous board and batten lower wall design. A beautiful white vanity is a stunning centerpiece beneath an exquisite white arch mirror that is elegantly illuminated by a bright light sconce. To complete the grandeur of the room, the gray marble tiled floor adds a lavish touch.

17 A Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom with Chic Gray Patterned Wallpaper

photo: simaspaces

The bathroom boasts a stylish gray vanity fitted with a sleek white countertop and steel sink faucet, giving it a contemporary farmhouse look. A charming gray wallpaper and matching patterned wallpaper add a touch of rustic elegance to the space. A black towel rack holding a cozy white towel adds practicality, while a stunningly framed artwork, hung above the rack, brings sophistication to the decor.

half bathroom decor ideas

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18 A Sleek and Modern Bathroom with a Black Vanity and White Sink

This chic bathroom features a black-framed rectangular mirror mounted above a stunning white sink, complete with a black faucet kit. The sink is situated next to a pristine white toilet, set on a stunning stained wood floor that adds just the right touch of warmth to the room. The gleaming white sink cleverly rests above a stylish white vanity. An added touch of natural beauty can be found with a potted plant playfully positioned above the toilet, creating a simple yet inviting atmosphere.

19 A Charming Small Bathroom with Lovely Floating Shelves above the Toilet

Simple yet inviting, this bathroom features a pristine white color scheme, with charming wooden floating shelves installed above the toilet. Adorned with delightful potted plants, the shelves add a much-needed character to the space. The elegant round mirror above the sink lends a touch of modernity and allows ample space for daily grooming activities. A cute potted plant in a white pot on the toilet adds cheer and warmth to the atmosphere. The black frames adorning the window cleverly harmonize with the plant theme in the decor, completing the overall look of this adorable restroom.

half bathroom decor ideas

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20 A Classic White Bathroom with Bold Black Floor Tiles

photo: styledabode

The bathroom showcases a timeless white shaker washstand with a stunning white countertop situated atop striking black floor tiles, creating a welcoming and eye-catching vibe. A sophisticated nickel frame mirror hangs above the sink, beautifully complementing the black floor and the simple yet stylish decor. A pristine white toilet is positioned next to a marvelous white framed window, allowing natural light to permeate the room.

21 Chic Black and White Guest Half Bathroom Decor Idea

The black and white tiled bathroom flaunts a dazzling navy blue subway-tiled backsplash and tiled floors, giving the room a contemporary edge. The minimalistic and eye-catching white sink sits against the backdrop of the beautifully designed tiles, creating an elegant accent. A charming framed art print, hung over the toilet, adds a touch of personality to the half bathroom.