21 Beautifully Bold Hexagon Tile Bathroom Inspirations

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.08.22

The hexagon tile bathroom trend has taken the design world by storm, and for good reason – it offers a unique and eye-catching look that can transform any bathroom into a true showstopper. From elegant white and pink to minimalist black and white, these stunning hexagon tile bathrooms are guaranteed to inspire your next home renovation project.

1 Chic White and Pink Bathroom with Gold Accents

hexagon tile bathroom
photo: tilebar

This elegant bathroom boasts a drop-in tub surrounded by white hexagonal tiles adorned with delicate pink hexagonal tiles. The patterned white and pink tiled floor adds a unique touch to this space. A pristine white sink and gold-accented faucets complete the luxurious look.

2 Minimalist Black and White Bathroom with Hexagon Floor Tiles

This stunning transitional bathroom showcases a flawless glass shower enclosure with contrasting black hexagon floor tiles. The freestanding bathtub adds a luxurious touch to this contemporary space, while the white and black hexagonal tiles on the floor seamlessly tie it all together.

hexagon tile bathroom

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3 Tranquil Blue and White Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub

This calming bathroom features a white freestanding bathtub with elegant gold accents, nestled on white hexagon floor tiles alongside two round white and wood stools. The striking blue mosaic tile accent wall adds interest to the space and complements the serene atmosphere. A tray with essential bathroom items rests atop the tub, adding a touch of luxury to this oasis of tranquility.

4 Modern Black and White Bathroom with Hexagon Wall Tiles

photo: lazermarble

This geometric masterpiece features black and white hexagon patterned tiles adorning the walls, creating a contemporary vibe. The central focus of the room is the large mirror and light fixture that accentuate the spaciousness of the area. The sleek vanity area boasts a sink and two drawers.

hexagon tile bathroom

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5 Sleek and Stylish Bathroom with Black, White, and Grey Hexagon Wall Tiles

photo: imperialtile

This contemporary bathroom features a chic mix of black, white, and grey hexagon patterned tiles on the walls, creating a modern and stylish aesthetic. The pristine white tub is complemented by a white marble countertop on a large wooden vanity with two sinks at the end of the room. Two mirrors above the sinks complete the sleek and functional design of this stunning bathroom.

6 Rustic Wood Double Vanity with Black Hexagon Tile

photo: oliveandlinen

This bathroom features a striking white shiplap accent wall, adorned with two gold-framed mirrors with black hardware to create a rustic vibe. A red rug adds a pop of color to the black hexagon tile flooring near the elegant white tub, while the black chandelier hanging above adds a touch of sophistication to the space. The wood double vanity completes the warm and inviting atmosphere.

7 Striking Hexagon Tile Shower with Sleek Black Shower Head

This bathroom features a stunning white subway tile shower with bold black grout that creates a striking contrast. A wooden shelving unit hangs on the wall above the sleek white cabinets, offering stylish storage space. Completing the look is the charming white hexagonal tiled floor, adding a touch of elegance to this modern bathroom design.

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8 Elegant Clawfoot Tub with Brass Faucet on Mosaic Tile Floor

photo: thetilemob

This elegant bathroom showcases a stylish black clawfoot tub perched atop a floor of sophisticated white and black mosaic bathroom tiles. A rustic wooden stool adds a charming touch to the space, while the inviting white shiplap wall provides a tranquil atmosphere. The brass bathtub faucet perfectly complements the luxurious and chic design elements of this stunning bathroom.

9 Serene Bathroom With White Hexagon Patterned Floor and Gray Herringbone Wall

This tranquil bathroom features a beautiful white hexagon patterned floor, complemented by a wooden vanity and a pristine white toilet. The serene open floor layout creates a bright atmosphere, while the gorgeous gray herringbone tile bathroom wall behind the elegant white tub provides an eye-catching accent.

hexagon tile bathroom

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10 Serene White Bathroom with Toilet, Sink, and Shower

photo: melcertile

This serene white bathroom boasts a timeless design, featuring a pristine white window frame, a classic white toilet seat, and a sleek white sink. The harmonious atmosphere is completed by the gorgeous white floor, a simple white shelf, and elegant white shower tiles, creating a cohesive and calming space.

11 Contemporary Bathroom with Green Tile Accents and White Tub on Black Hexagon Tile

This contemporary bathroom showcases a stylish brown and white washstand atop eye-catching black hexagon floor tiles. The walk-in shower features striking green tiles on the walls, adding a pop of color to the sleek design. The elegant white tub is positioned in front of a stunning green tile accent wall, completing the harmonious and modern atmosphere of this space.

12 Chic Bathroom with Purple Tiled Walls and a Bold Green Sink

This bold and trendy bathroom features purple and black tiled walls, adding a unique and stylish touch to the space. The gorgeous hexagonal purple tiled floor adds depth and interest, while the arched doorway leads to a spacious shower area. The room also boasts a statement green sink on the left side, beautifully contrasted by a built-in wooden shelf with green candles, completing the chic and sophisticated atmosphere.

hexagon tile bathroom

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13 Contemporary Walk-In Shower with Black and White Chevron Walls and Hexagon Floor

This contemporary bathroom boasts a striking black and white hexagonal tile floor, complemented by a sleek glass shower door and two walk-in shower heads. The standout feature is the black chevron tile shower niche elegantly fitted into the glass enclosure. The striking black and white chevron patterned tile on the walls creates a bold statement, adding an edgy element to this modern bathroom design.

14 Vibrant Black and White Bathroom with Green Geometric Wall Tiles

This eclectic bathroom boasts a stunning oval freestanding tub with a modern matte black tub filler, set atop a chic black and white hexagonal tiled floor. The elegant black and white art piece stands out against the minimalist matte black towel holder, next to the refined frameless glass shower. The bold green geometric wall tiles behind the tub provide an unexpected pop of color, making this bathroom a true statement piece.

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15 Luxurious Dual Sink Bathroom with Tub and Hexagon Tiled Floor

This stunning bathroom boasts a luxurious dual sink vanity with sleek modern mirror designs. On either side of the spacious bathroom rests an elegant tub, creating a spa-like ambiance. The pink vanity with matching cabinets offers a touch of charming color to the room, while the pristine white hexagonal tiled floor and white open door and framed window complete the cohesive aesthetic.

16 Spacious Bathroom with Bathtub and Walk-In Shower

This spacious and elegant bathroom boasts a luxurious bathtub, stylish sink, and convenient walk-in shower. A large mirror adds a touch of glamour to the dark wood cabinetry and granite countertops. The black hex tile flooring provides a chic contrast to the warm wood tones. The elegant freestanding clawfoot tub sits under the shower, offering practicality and sophistication. Completing the functionality of this bathroom design is another identical vanity and sink on the other side of the door, offering ample space for two.

17 Contemporary Bathroom with Black and White Hexagon Tile Flooring

This contemporary bathroom features a sleek gray tiled wall, accentuating the elegance of the black and white bathtub with an exquisite black gooseneck faucet. The black vanity with a white top sits beautifully under a round mirror, completing the refined aesthetic. The floors have a stunning black, white, and grey hexagonal tile pattern, creating a bold statement that perfectly matches the contemporary feel of the space.

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18 Modern Bathroom with Black and White Hexagon Tile Floors

This modern bathroom features stunning black and white hexagon tile flooring with black grout and a walk-in shower showcasing black hexagon tile floors and pristine white tile walls. A gorgeous wooden vanity with two white sinks and a white countertop sits under a sleek rectangular mirror, while a pristine white toilet completes the functional space.

19 Sleek Black and White Hexagon Tiled Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

This stylish bathroom features striking black hexagon tiles with white grout adorning the floor, while the clean white tiles on the walls create a contemporary contrast. The sleek wooden vanity boasts a white countertop and double sinks, complemented by a rectangular mirror above. Completing the modern look is the pristine white walk-in shower, offering ultimate relaxation in this chic and functional space.

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20 Cottage-Style Bathroom with Glass Walk-In Shower and Black and White Hex Tiles Floors

photo: annabode

This charming cottage-style bathroom showcases a vintage pendant light hanging over a floating double vanity with a sleek white marble countertop. The black and white hexagon floor tiles contribute to the timeless look, while the glass walk-in shower with elegant white subway tiles and a clear partition creates a modern touch.

21 Serene Bathroom with White Bathtub, Pink Towels, and Green Accents

photo: vintagetub

This charming bathroom showcases an ornate white bathtub with plush pink towels, surrounded by a pristine white hex tiled floor. A stylish wooden stool nestled under the window sill adds to the tranquil atmosphere, while a small potted plant and a green rug add pops of nature-inspired color. The room is topped off by a plush pink rug, creating a comfortable and welcoming space.