20 Modern Industrial Interior Design Inspirations

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.09.08

From the rugged charm of exposed brick walls to the sleek lines of metal accents, industrial interior design has become a popular trend in recent years. This unique style combines elements of raw and polished, creating a modern yet rustic aesthetic that breathes new life into old spaces. With its focus on functionality, simplicity, and reclaimed materials, industrial interior design offers a balance between form and function. Join us as we take a closer look at the beauty and versatility of this design trend through a collection of captivating photos.

1 Industrial Chic Living Space with Natural Elements

This cozy rustic living room showcases exposed brick walls and a wooden sofa. The inviting space is accentuated by a metallic coffee table set atop a white, plush rug. Despite the chipped layers of paint on the brick walls, it adds a touch of character and charm to the overall aesthetic.

2 Industrial Chic Coffee Shop with Cozy Seating

photo: rumahkastil

Savor your coffee in style in this industrial chic coffee shop with exposed brick walls and comfy seating options. The red benches circling the small black table provide a pop of color to the neutral space, with wooden benches adding additional seating. The floating white shelves offer a convenient display of coffee supplies and accessories, adding a practical yet pleasing touch of decoration to the space.

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3 Contemporary Living Room with Cozy Seating and Brick Wall Accents

photo: planner5d

Embrace the beauty of contemporary design in this welcoming living room with stunning rustic brick wall accents and polished concrete flooring. The room is anchored by two dark grey couches on either side of two round coffee tables, adorned with a brown glass jar filled with a lively plant. The presence of a white rug adds warmth and complements the soft, neutral tones throughout the space, creating an inviting and versatile atmosphere for all.

4 Industrial Steampunk Interior Design Living Room with Striking Fireplace and Cozy Seating

Enjoy the perfect blend of industrial style and cozy comfort in this chic living room. The room boasts of a large floor-to-ceiling window on either side of the wall, paired with inviting seating arrangements of sofas and couches alongside a sleek coffee table. The show-stopper of the room is the unforgettable large industrial fireplace with dramatic metal pipes spanning the entire front wall, which offers warmth and an edgy vibe. Additionally, the floor to ceiling bookshelves complements the industrial aesthetic while also functioning as practical storage space for beloved reads and unique decor pieces.

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5 Sophisticated Industrial Interior Design Living Space with Wooden Accents and Statement Artwork

photo: qratededition

Step into this elegant living room featuring stunning wood paneling complemented by beautiful arched doorways. The sleek hardwood floors are adorned with a plush gray velvet bench in front of a vibrant, unique artwork. The absence of doors in this space opens up the room, showcasing floating shelves on one side and a charcoal grey sofa on the other.

6 Rustic Chic Bedroom with a Creative Bed Frame

Sleep soundly in this charming bedroom featuring a unique bed frame crafted from wooden pallets. The loft bed is thoughtfully designed with a sturdy railing for safety and white bedding with pops of color from blue pillows. The bed is complemented by a wooden nightstand situated alongside. The black brick wall and white subway tiles create an urban vibe with rustic touches from the natural wooden beams gracing the ceiling. The white wall additionally features a black railing shelf with wooden shelves adding a creative touch to practical storage.

7 Serene Bedroom with Monochromatic Art and Raw Brick Walls

Slumber in style in this peaceful bedroom featuring raw white brick walls and a wood herringbone floor. The highlight of the room is the striking black and white abstract painting that adorns the wall behind the cozy bed, providing a modern artistic focal point to the space. The bed is flanked by two sleek black nightstands, each adorned with a minimalist black lamp that further emphasizes the monochromatic theme of the room. Relax in this serene atmosphere, a minimalist ambiance that offers a gentle retreat from the outside world.

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8 Stylish Modern Kitchen with Spacious Island and Chic Accents

photo: abiinteriors

Cook in style in this sleek modern kitchen featuring a spacious brown veneer island with a classic brass gooseneck faucet atop the sink and black stools for comfortable seating. The brick accent wall offers a touch of rustic elegance, adding charm and character to the minimalist design of the space. Cook up a storm surrounded by chic details that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

9 Sophisticated Industrial Living Room with Striking Brick Accents

Expose your design taste in this sophisticated industrial living room featuring concrete and exposed brick walls. Relax on the sublime brown leather couch that contrasts beautifully with a bold red velvet accent chair on the cool concrete floors. The room comes alive with captivating white and black paintings scattered brilliantly on the walls. Take in serene natural light that bathes the space flooding from the large sliding glass doors, emphasizing the incredible aesthetic of this space. An inviting atmosphere that blends stylish design with industrial chic accents.

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10 Contemporary Industrial Kitchen with a Spacious Island and Elegant Bar Seating

This modern industrial kitchen showcases stunning exposed brick walls and sleek concrete flooring, perfect for a luxurious yet edgy dining experience. The metal beams highlight the room’s industrial depth, with a spacious concrete kitchen island that acts as a functional centerpiece. Complemented by elegant brown bar stools, the island serves as a convenient serving and dining space. Additionally, the green pop of color offered by the brown paper bag and its contents provides a beautiful contrasting accent to the minimalistic, neutral tones throughout the space.

11 Cozy Industrial Living Room with Fireplace and Rustic Brick Walls

photo: archidesiign

Discover the perfect harmony between a cozy and industrial ambiance in this charming living room. The rustic brick walls, combined with a wood herringbone floor and concrete ceilings, give this space a relaxed but edgy character. The room’s focal point is the open fireplace, offering warmth and comfort, placed strategically in front of a wall-mounted television. Two cheerful yellow sofas pair perfectly with a sleek black floor lamp, setting the tone for an inviting and lively atmosphere. Embrace the perfect blend of modern and rustic aesthetics.

12 Chic Industrial Open Plan Living and Kitchen Area in a Loft Apartment

Step into this modern industrial living room, featuring an open floor plan that seamlessly flows into the adjacent kitchen area. The beauty of the exposed brick walls and black railings on the wooden staircase adds character and charm to the soaring high ceilings. The space is set with a tasteful black couch and a vintage rug with a stylish silver pendant light hanging overhead. The comfortable living area with stylish touches complements the stylishly modern kitchen, providing a cozy home experience.

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13 Industrial Chic Living Room with Cozy Seating and Balcony View

Admire the beautiful blend of industrial and chic decor within this living room space featuring an exposed brick wall, complemented by industrial sconces, an inviting leather sofa, and an eye-catching industrial floor lamp. The concrete wall is home to the TV and natural light streaming in through sliding glass doors, offering stunning balcony views. The balcony features two cozy wooden chairs positioned alongside a small table, creating the perfect urban oasis.

14 Stylish Industrial Bathroom in Old Brick-Walled Building

Step into this stylish bathroom featuring exposed brick walls and a beautiful mosaic wall setting off against them. Adding an industrial touch is the brass shower handle completing the overall aesthetic. The black and brass sink compliments the raw backdrop, elegantly designed with a potted plant on the floor. The vanity is completed with stainless-steel faucets alongside a chic and elegant black long faucet.

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15 Cozy Living Space with Rustic Brick Walls and Plush Leather Seating

photo: skhome.sofa

Get cozy in this urban chic living room featuring stunning exposed brick walls paired with accented walls of sconces for a dramatic effect. The centerpice of the room is a luxurious brown leather sectional sofa alongside a black chest-like coffee table atop a warm brown cowhide rug, adding texture and depth to the space. The addition of a black metal staircase with black metal railings creates a functional yet industrial look.

16 Industrial Chic Dining Room with Striking Exposed Brick Walls

Dine in style in this stunning industrial chic dining room which features striking exposed brick walls. The space is complemented by a mirror which beautifully adorns part of the brick wall, creating an air of artful sophistication. The tiled floor adds an additional layer of textural interest and the large dining room table creates a central focal point with sleek black pendant lighting above. The white chairs around the table provide the perfect contrast against the raw brick walls, completing the chic and modern vibe.

17 Modern Industrial Living Room with a Bold Green Couch and Rustic Touches

photo: mattoni.iraq

This contemporary living room blends modern and industrial styles with striking green leather couch as the centerpiece. Flanked by a pair of windows and set against a backdrop of concrete walls and a rustic plank ceiling, the room boasts a charming brick wall along one side. The large wood coffee table serves as a focal point, complemented by a plush gray striped rug. Perfectly placed accent pillows in shades of gray and green add pops of color to the otherwise neutral space, which overall creates an inviting and cozy ambiance.

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18 Charming Industrial Restaurant with Rustic Accents and Intriguing Artwork

photo: witsarud

Savor the atmosphere of this gorgeous industrial style restaurant featuring exposed concrete walls adorned with rustic touches of chipped paint. Complementing the space are wooden chairs and tables with sleek black metal legs and glass tops, making for an inviting environment to relax and dine. The highlight of this charming eatery is the stunning, black tree artwork without leaves on a large picture hanging at the far end of the restaurant, adding an intriguing touch of nature to the industrial ambiance.

19 Industrial Industrial Rustic Interior Design Living Room with Antique Touches and Unique Chandelier

Enter this charming living room with rustic brick walls and a stunning antique trumpet chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The cozy seating area is complemented by bookshelves on one side of the room and an open fireplace on the other. An inviting couch, coffee table, and bookcase highlight the appeal of the charming space, complete with large windows that invite natural light into the room. In the corner, you can catch a glimpse of the kitchen highlighting many wooden cabinets with glass fronts, adding additional storage with a touch of elegance to your living space.

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20 Edgy Living Room with Industrial Accents and a Motorcycle

photo: archiarchpage

Make a bold statement in this edgy industrial living room with a motorcycle parked on the floor, paired with a comfortable couch and two chairs positioned in front of a large window showcasing an open and airy space. The living room is completed with concrete walls, black railings from the balcony of the second floor, and a wall-mounted TV. The industrial accents and unique combination of furniture create a striking and unforgettable ambiance.