The Beautiful Allure of Pedestal Side Tables

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2024.01.31

Pedestal side tables are a versatile and stylish addition to any room. These elegant pieces come in various designs, materials, and colors, making them a perfect choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living space. From natural wood stools adding warmth to a white room, to sleek metal accent tables elevating the charm of a green velvet chair, each pedestal side table tells its own unique story. Join us as we explore the captivating world of pedestal side tables and discover the beauty they bring to our homes.

1 Natural Wood Round Pedestal Side Tables in White Room

The room showcases two elegant pedestal side tables, made of natural wood, resting on a sleek gray floor. Against a pristine white tiled wall, the tables add a touch of warmth and organic charm. Adjacent to the tables, a wooden coat hanger holds a stylish gray scarf, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic.

2 Elegant White Couch with Coordinating Pillows and a Stylish Black Pedestal Side Table


Step into this lovely living room, where a stunning white sofa takes center stage, with an array of plush white pillows adding a touch of elegance. Positioned next to the sofa is a sleek, dark wooden pedestal side table, creating a perfect balance of color and texture against the soft gray carpet beneath.

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3 A Stylish Green Velvet Chair with a Silver Metal Accent Table

photo: nuevoliving

In this charmingly decorated room, a plush green velvet curved chair catches the eye as it gracefully sits on a polished hardwood floor. Adjacent to the chair is a sleek silver metal accent pedestal side table, which adds a touch of modern elegance to the space. On the table, a neat stack of books and a delicate glass vase with fresh flowers create a captivating visual display.

4 Wooden White Pedestal Side Table Blending with White Elegance

Step into a serene white room where two stunning natural wood pedestal side tables stand on a sleek gray floor, creating a harmonious contrast. Against the backdrop of a pristine white tiled wall, a wooden coat hanger displays a stylish gray scarf, perfectly complementing the aesthetic of the space.

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5 A Black Pedestal Side Table Enhancing the Space Next to a Cozy Couch

In a beautifully arranged living room, a sleek black pedestal side table is positioned gracefully beside a comfortable gray couch. The table exudes elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic of the room. Sitting atop the side table is a magnificent stone vase, adorned with stunning maroon leaves that add a touch of natural beauty to the space. The couch and table rest on a plush gray rug, enhancing the warmth and comfort of the room’s hardwood floors. As a backdrop, a stylish staircase adds a captivating element, creating a seamless flow between the different areas of the home.

6 A Rustic Wood-Based Pedestal Side Table With a Marble Top on a Gray Rug

photo: paktameer

The elegant marble top of the rustic wood-based pedestal side table adds a touch of sophistication to this living space. The table sits gracefully on a soft gray rug, complementing the neutral tones of the room. A pink geometrical vase and a glass vase filled with vibrant green plants adorn the table, adding a pop of color and natural beauty to the scene. The combination of the wooden base, marble top, and decorative vases creates a harmonious and stylish look in this cozy living area.

7 A Modern Black and White Pedestal Side Table on a Marble Floor

photo: shopooly

In a stylish living room, a sleek and contemporary pedestal side table stands on a luxurious gray marbled floor. The table boasts a black base and an elegant white round top, creating a striking contrast. Adjacent to the table, there is a comfortable light gray couch where you can relax and unwind. On the table, find a stack of books neatly arranged next to a glass jar showcasing a vibrant green plant, adding a touch of nature to the modern setting.

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8 Three Coordinated Pedestal Side Tables in a Stylish Living Room

photo: dar concept

In the heart of a tastefully decorated living room, three small and perfectly coordinated pedestal side tables take center stage. Each table boasts a distinct size and a unique pastel color that effortlessly complements the room’s interior decor. Positioned atop a comfortable rug, these tables serve both as practical accessories and charming accents to tie the entire room together.

9 Natural Wood Stools Complementing a White Room

photo: mycurahome

In this pristine white room, two pedestal side tables with natural wood tops add warmth and elegance. Resting on a gray floor against a white tiled wall, the tables are accompanied by a wooden coat hanger with a gray scarf draped over it.

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10 Two Wooden Side Tables Adorn a White Rug in a Sunlit Living Room

photo: westelmuk

In this sunlit living room, a stunning wooden accent chair with a comfortable white boucle cushion is accompanied by a pair of elegant mango wood accent pedestal side tables. These tables, placed gracefully on top of a pristine white rug, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. As the natural light streams in from the nearby window, it highlights the fine craftsmanship and intricate details of the wooden tables. Adding a touch of nature, a large potted plant stands proudly in the corner, bringing life and vibrancy to the space.

11 Natural Wood Stools in a White Room

In this inviting room, two pedestal side tables take center stage on a sleek, gray floor, contrasted beautifully against a pristine white tiled wall. Completing the scene is a wooden coat hanger adorned with a stylish gray scarf, adding a touch of warmth and personality beside the side tables.

12 Natural Wood Stools in a White Room

The room showcases two pedestal side tables made of natural wood. They are positioned on a stylish gray floor in front of a pristine white tiled wall. Adjacent to the tables is a wooden coat hanger embellished with a gray scarf.

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13 Stylish Pedestal Side Tables Enhanced with a Potted Plant

photo: dar concept

Enhancing the visual appeal of the space, a beautifully curated potted plant sits gracefully on a white tiled floor. Positioned beside two eye-catching pedestal side tables, the larger one in a pristine white hue, and the smaller counterpart boasting a sleek black design. Adding an artistic touch, the potted plant is housed in a striking rock-like vase featuring a sculptural representation of an elegant black female figure adorned with a golden shawl.