22 Stunning Powder Room Vanity Designs: Enhancing Elegance and Luxury

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.09.17

In the world of interior design, modern powder room vanity is an essential element that can transform a simple bathroom into a luxurious oasis. With unique designs and exquisite details, these vanities serve as the focal point of any powder room. From ornate sinks to elegant mirrors, each photo in this article showcases different powder room vanity designs, highlighting the beauty and charm that these fixtures bring to any space. With attention to detail and a touch of creativity, these vanities elevate the overall aesthetic and create a truly stunning bathroom experience.

1 Elegant Bathroom Design with Floral Wallpaper and Ornate Sink

powder room vanity
photo: anthropologie

This stunning bathroom features a beautiful black vanity with a sleek white countertop. The centerpiece of the room is an exquisite rectangular wicker mirror, perfectly positioned above the vanity. The mirror is tastefully mounted on a white beadboard half wall, adorned with a charming floral wallpaper. Adding a touch of luxury, a gold faucet kit complements the vanity, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

2 Elegant Powder Room with Blue Floral Wallpaper and Gold Fixtures

Step into a chic powder room adorned with walls covered in beautiful blue floral wallpaper. The walls are complemented by a stunning gold arch mirror, bathed in the warm glow of brass sconces. Below, a whitewashed French washstand takes center stage, boasting delicately turned legs. Crowned with a stylish stone vessel sink and adorned with a vintage brass faucet, this vanity exudes timeless elegance.

powder room vanity

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3 A powder room with Blue and White Striped Wallpaper and Elegant Décor

photo: elegant.entry

Step into this charming powder room adorned with white and blue striped wallpaper, complemented by pristine white wainscoting and a classic white hexagon tile floor. The eye-catching feature wall displays a collection of beautiful pictures, adding a touch of elegance to the space. Positioned gracefully above a sleek white sink vanity, the brass faucet shines bright, perfectly balancing the overall aesthetic. Enhancing the ambiance, delicate pictures of flowers grace the surrounding walls, creating a serene atmosphere.

4 A Stylish Pink and White Powder Room with a Vanity, Mirror, and Potted Plant

photo: thibaut 1886

This modern pink and orange powder room showcases a sleek white shaker washstand adorned with elegant gold knobs and a pristine white quartz countertop. The washstand is complete with a stylish sink featuring a brass gooseneck faucet. Above the washstand hangs a round brass mirror, illuminated by charming white and red sconces. The walls are beautifully accented with pink fretwork wallpaper, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. A potted plant adds a refreshing pop of greenery to the room.

powder room vanity

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5 A Bathroom with a Stylish Arched Ceiling and Classic Vanity

Step into this elegant bathroom featuring a stunning arched ceiling. In the center, you’ll find a sleek black french footed washstand with exquisite greek key trim. Its white marble countertop and backsplash add a touch of sophistication. Above the vanity, a beautiful silver leaf beaded mirror reflects the space, enhanced by the warm glow of a pair of sconces.

6 A Charming Blue Powder Room with a White Sink

photo: plumbershaven

Step into this delightful cottage-inspired powder room with its calming blue board and batten walls. Adorned with a brown Restoration Hardware Maison single extra-wide vanity featuring brass ring pulls, this vanity is topped with honed white marble and fitted with a sleek white porcelain sink complemented by a vintage brass faucet. A captivating blue art piece hangs gracefully above the vanity, drawing your eye and illuminated by the warm glow of brass sconces.

7 A Modern Powder Room Vanity with Elegant Touches: Sink, Mirror, and Wood

This elegant powder room boasts a stunning brown washstand with a beautiful thick marble top, serving as the perfect base for a sleek sink and a vintage-inspired brass faucet. The washstand is complemented by brown glazed backsplash tiles, adding a touch of sophistication. Above the vanity, a gracefully curved brass mirror reflects the surroundings, elegantly illuminated by bronze sconces.

powder room vanity

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8 Elegant Powder Room with Striped Wallpaper and a White Vanity

This elegant powder room showcases a combination of white and blue striped wallpaper, complemented by pristine white wainscoting and a charming white hexagon tile floor. A collection of botanical illustrations add a touch of nature-inspired artistry to the walls. The focal point of the room is a sleek white vanity complete with a stylish brass faucet.

9 A Powder Room With a Floral Wallpaper and an Ornate Sink

Step into this elegant powder room adorned with a stunning black vanity topped with a sleek white countertop. The vanity is accentuated by a rectangular wicker mirror, adding a touch of natural sophistication. A gold faucet kit is elegantly fitted into a white beadboard half wall. The pièce de résistance is the captivating floral wallpaper that envelops the space, creating a whimsical and charming atmosphere.

powder room vanity

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10 A Contemporary Black and White Bathroom with Stylish Accents

This sleek black and white bathroom features a stylish circular mirror mounted above a black vanity with a pristine white countertop. A charming brown vase adorns the countertop, holding a beautiful dried floral arrangement. The white toilet sits gracefully next to the countertop on a black and white patterned tile floor, adding a touch of chic elegance to the space.

11 A Vintage-Inspired Bathroom With a White Vanity and Marble Countertop

Step into this charming powder room with its vintage-inspired design. The white vanity with a wooden dresser-like appearance is paired with a stunning marble countertop, adding a touch of elegance to the space. A round nickel mirror hangs above the vanity, reflecting the beauty of the room. The gray floor tiles create a chic contrast, while a black and white sketch on the wall adds a pop of artistry. A white porcelain toilet stands gracefully beside the vanity, completing the picture-perfect scene.

12 A Charming Blue and White Floral Wallpaper with Floating Powder Room Vanity

Step into a charming powder room adorned with striking blue and white floral wallpaper. The walls come alive with the vibrant pattern, creating a sense of elegance and style. A stunning malachite mirror, with its captivating green hues, hangs gracefully above a chic brown bamboo washstand. Topped with a sleek white marble countertop and a polished nickel faucet kit, the washstand exudes sophistication.

powder room vanity

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13 A Elegant Bathroom With a Maroon Vanity and White Toilet

This exquisite powder room showcases a stunning maroon washstand with black and white marbled countertop, complemented by a sleek black oblong mirror and illuminated by elegant brass sconces.

14 A Bathroom With Elegant Blue and White Patterned Wallpaper

photo: bardidesigns

Step into this stunning white and blue powder room adorned with exquisite patterned wallpaper. The light gray washstand steals the show, boasting a pristine white marble countertop. A sleek chrome hook and spout faucet elegantly complements this beautiful feature. Above the washstand, an oval mirror hangs gracefully from the wall, adding an air of refinement to the space.

powder room vanity

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15 A Coastal-Themed Bathroom With a Vanity, Mirror, and Seashell Tiles

Step into a stunning powder room with an arched doorway and beach-inspired patterned wallpaper. The focal point of the room is a round-shaped mirror hanging above a charming demilune vanity, complete with a round vessel sink. Adding to the coastal ambiance, the walls are adorned with beautiful decorative seashell tiles that create a unique and textured look.

16 A Charming Powder Room with Blue and White Wallpaper and a Round Mirror

Step into this charming powder room with its eye-catching blue and white wallpaper that sets the scene for a stylish oasis. The focal point of the room is a beautiful blue reeded washstand, complete with a round sink and a brushed gold faucet that adds a touch of elegance. Above the washstand, a white beaded mirror reflects the room’s beauty and adds depth to the space.

17 Elegant Powder Room Vanity with Floral Patterned Wall

This elegant powder room vanity showcases a beautiful blue mirror, adorned with ornate brass sconces. The mirror is placed in front of a stunning floral-patterned wallpaper, featuring hues of blue and red. The vanity itself is a black dresser, exquisitely accented with a sleek gray and black marble sink.

powder room vanity

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18 A White and Silver Bathroom With Classic Elegance

photo: mariannesimon

This elegant French-inspired powder room showcases timeless beauty with white lattice wallpaper adorning the walls. A stunning silver leaf beveled mirror reflects light and adds a touch of glamour, complemented by the polished nickel sconces illuminating the space. The focal point of the room is a French washstand with a shelf, topped with luxurious honed white marble.

19 A French-Inspired Bathroom With a Luxurious Vanity and Artwork

photo: graciestudio

Step into elegance in this French-inspired bathroom. The walls are adorned with stunning green and yellow scenic wallpaper, creating a captivating atmosphere. A grand gilt mirror hangs gracefully above a curved washstand, complete with its elegant cabriole legs. The washstand sits regally on a beautifully laid gray mosaic tiled floor. To add another touch of refinement, a captivating painting graces the wall, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic of this exquisite space.

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20 Elegant Powder Room With Pink Floral Wallpaper and Gold Accents

photo: jamesshowroom

Step into this beautifully designed contemporary powder room with its stunning pink floral wallpaper that adds a touch of femininity. The white and gold washstand, adorned with intricate gold trim, is topped with a luxurious marble countertop. Above the washstand, a cream mirror, flanked by elegant sconces, enhances the overall sophistication of the space.

21 A Bathroom With Blue and Gold Patterned Wallpaper and a Stylish Vanity

This elegant powder room showcases walls adorned with a striking blue and gold patterned wallpaper, complemented by crisp white wainscoting. The focal point of the room is a sleek mirror suspended above a modern gray washstand, with a contemporary blue towel tastefully displayed on the adjacent wall.

22 A Bathroom With Blue and White Walls and a Gold Mirror

This charming powder room showcases a beautiful combination of blue and white walls adorned with elegant black board and batten trim. A stunning gold mirror is perfectly placed above a sleek gray washstand, featuring long brass pulls and a luxurious marble countertop. The washstand is paired with a rectangular sink and a brushed gold gooseneck faucet, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. A brass 2-light sconce is elegantly mounted to the wall, complementing the overall ambiance of the room.