19 Scandinavian Christmas Decorations: Captivating Designs for a Festive Ambiance

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.09.15

We are taking you on a tour of beautifully decorated spaces that capture the spirit of the holiday season. From cozy living rooms adorned with festive Christmas trees to charming farmhouse entryways and whimsical playrooms, each space is thoughtfully designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own holiday decor or simply looking to immerse yourself in the beauty of the season, we invite you to step into these enchanting Scandinavian Christmas decorations and be captivated by the magical ambiance they exude. Join us as we explore the artful combination of colors, textures, and themes that make these spaces truly special. Get ready to feel the holiday spirit as you discover the joy and beauty that each of these meticulously adorned spaces has to offer.

1 Festive Living Room Decor: Christmas Tree and Elegant Black Leather Couches

Set against large white windows, a vibrant Christmas tree adorned with red ornaments takes center stage in this beautifully decorated living room. Enhancing the cozy ambiance, a black and white rug adds a touch of modern elegance to the warm wood floor. Positioned beside the tree, a sleek black leather armchair and matching leather couch invite guests to relax and soak in the holiday spirit.

2 Cozy Scandinavian Farmhouse Christmas Decor with Earthy Accents

photo: poshpennies

Step into this inviting farmhouse entryway and be greeted by a picturesque scene of natural beauty and festive charm. A rustic wooden console table takes center stage, adorned with a lush green garland and potted plants, infusing the space with a touch of organic elegance. The backdrop is a stunning white board and batten wall, adorned with whimsical bunting and a tasteful garland in a pleasing palette of green and white.

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3 Scandinavian-inspired Playroom with an Abundance of Toys and Stylish Furniture

Step into this whimsical Scandinavian-inspired playroom where a white play table and chairs take center stage. Surrounding the well-appointed table are a variety of other white and beige pieces of furniture, creating a soothing and cohesive space for play and imagination.

4 Scandinavian Elegance: A Living Room Adorned with Twin Christmas Trees and a Cozy Fireplace

Step into this stunning Scandinavian-inspired living room, where white walls and trim create a serene backdrop. In the center of the room, two magnificent Christmas trees take center stage, adorned with glistening gold stars. A captivating sight, they beautifully frame a cozy white sofa, accentuated by a festive green pillow. The flickering flames of the fireplace cast a warm and inviting glow, completing the enchanting holiday ambiance.

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5 Festive Red and White Christmas Wreath Graces the Fireplace Mantel

photo: balsamhill

The elegant white fireplace mantel is beautifully decorated with a charming collection of red and white Christmas ornaments. At the top of the mantel, you will find delightful red and white pine trees, pinecones, and toys, creating a whimsical holiday display. Adding the perfect finishing touch, a stunning red and white Christmas wreath hangs above the mantel.

6 Nutcracker Figurine and Candles Set the Scene in Front of a Scandinavian Christmas Tree

photo: sculptedwax

Creating a cozy atmosphere, a charming nutcracker figurine and a row of flickering candles are arranged on a rustic wooden board. These delightful accents are placed in front of a minimalist Scandinavian Christmas tree adorned with elegant white and beige ornaments.

7 Whimsical Gnome Adds a Festive Touch to a Window Display

In this charming window display, a delightful gnome perches atop a lush green plant. With ornaments delicately hanging from its hat, the gnome brings a touch of whimsy to the scene. Adorned with a white beard and a red ball attached to his hat, he adds a playful accent to the festive decorations.

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8 Scandinavian Inspired Living Room: A Cozy Christmas Tree Aligned with a Stylish Couch

In this inviting living room, a majestic Christmas tree adorned with beautiful golden ornaments takes center stage. Nestled beside it is a sleek white couch, exuding modern elegance. A charming black hutch adds a touch of sophistication to the corner, while a gray lattice tree collar perfectly showcases the tree. Completing the scene is a delightful wooden rocking horse, adding a whimsical element to the space.

9 Festive Fireplace Mantel Adorned With Stockings and Christmas Ornaments

Above the inviting white mantle, a striking green wreath featuring vibrant pine trees takes its place. Hanging gracefully from the mantle are stylish stockings in shades of beige and red, adding a charming touch to the overall Christmas atmosphere.

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10 A White Christmas Tree Adds Elegance to a Corner of the Room

In a dining room with sleek white shiplap walls, a stunning white Christmas tree stands tall. The tree is beautifully displayed in a rattan tree collar, enhancing its natural charm. To create a minimalistic yet festive ambiance, a white console table is adorned with chic Christmas decorations, complementing the tree’s elegance.

11 Scandinavian Christmas Decorations in a Cozy Living Room with a Fireplace

photo: natashasumra

Step into this enchanting living room adorned with rustic Scandinavian style Christmas decorations. A gorgeous wood box filled with fragrant pinecones and flickering candles takes center stage, adding both warmth and charm to the space. Nestled next to an old-fashioned fireplace, the room emanates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

12 Scandinavian Style Christmas Dinner Set in Front of a Festively Decorated Christmas Tree

In this cozy living room, a wooden console table is tastefully adorned with minimalist white Christmas decorations. A small pine tree is carefully positioned in the corner, enhancing the festive ambiance. The focal point of the room is a beautifully set Christmas dinner, featuring a charming wooden bowl table surrounded by flickering white candles.

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13 A Festive Christmas Wreath Adds a Pop of Color to the Fireplace Mantle

photo: treenest

A beautiful white mantle is wonderfully adorned with a vibrant combination of red and white christmas decorations. At the top of the mantel, a charming display of red and white pine trees, pinecones, and toys brings a festive touch to the space. Completing the look, a stunning red and white christmas wreath is elegantly placed over the mantel, creating a striking centerpiece.

14 Scandinavian Style Christmas: Festive Fall Decor with Green, White, and Red Accents

photo: hollyandivy

Step into this charming farmhouse entryway and experience the warmth of Scandinavian style Christmas. A wooden console table takes center stage, beautifully styled with a lush garland and potted plants, adding a touch of greenery. Above the table, a crisp white board and batten wall is adorned with festive bunting and a delightful green and white garland. Embrace the classic simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design in your holiday decor.

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15 Scandinavian Christmas Decor: Gingerbread Men and Peppermint Ornaments

photo: hollyandivy

In this festive scene, a pair of adorable gingerbread men stand proudly next to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The tree is adorned with whimsical peppermint-themed ornaments, complete with a cheerful red and white plaid bow as the tree topper. The window behind the tree adds a magical touch to this Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decor.

16 Scandinavian Christmas Decor: Elegant and Cozy Holiday Touches for Your Home

photo: balsamhillde

Step into the warm and inviting ambiance of a Scandinavian home adorned with charming Christmas decorations. In the living room, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree takes center stage, adorned with red ornaments that add a festive touch against the backdrop of large white windows. The warm wood floor is accentuated by a black and white rug, complementing the minimalist black leather armchair and couches placed alongside the tree.

17 Festive Gnomes and a Potted Plant on a Shelf

Positioned on a table in front of a pristine white wall, two adorable red and white gnomes take center stage. With their furry beards cascading around their necks, one gnome dons a cheerful red hat while the other sports a mighty white one. These charming gnomes accompany a delightful potted plant, adding a touch of liveliness to the scene.

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18 Minimalist Christmas Decor in a White Bathroom

In this elegant white marble bathroom, a white vanity countertop is adorned with a small minimalist Christmas tree centerpiece. The delicate tree is beautifully arranged with a pair of gold Christmas tree ornaments, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

19 Scandinavian Christmas Decorations for a Cozy Holiday Atmosphere

Get into the holiday spirit with these charming Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decorations. From a cozy living room adorned with two Christmas trees to a rustic mantel decorated with stockings and ornaments, these ideas will help create a warm and inviting ambiance in your home. With minimalistic styling and touches of red, white, and green, these Scandinavian Christmas decorations are sure to bring joy and cheer to your holiday season. Get inspired and turn your home into a winter wonderland with these festive ideas!