22 Small Dining Room Lighting Ideas: Creating an Elegant Space for Intimate Gatherings

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.09.25

Welcome to our article showcasing a collection of stunning dining room designs! In this piece, we will take you on a visual journey through various styles and elements that create elegant and inviting dining spaces. From contemporary to art deco influences, each dining room exudes its own unique charm. Join us as we explore the exquisite furniture choices, lighting fixtures, and beautiful decor that bring these dining rooms to life. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own dining area or simply appreciate beautiful interior design, this article is sure to captivate your senses.

1 Modern-Styled Living Room Featuring a Dining Area

A mix of beige and black dining chairs form a circle around a round, industrially-styled dining table. This well-appointed arrangement is located on a neat, grey-tiled floor, strategically placed near the soft-toned sofa. Enhancing the room’s light, breezy aesthetic, beige curtains drape elegantly from the windows situated directly behind the sofa.

2 Modern Dining Room Featuring White Decor and Greenery

photo: aube studios

This contemporary dining room exhibits white panelled walls and a sleek modern dining table surrounded by white leather chairs sitting atop light wooden flooring. Completing the minimalistic design is a sizeable indoor plant housed in a white planter, perfectly nestled in the room’s corner.

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3 An Exquisite Dining Room Featuring a Beadboard Chandelier

photo: kdhdesigner

This stunning dining room showcases a brass dining table with a beautiful white and grey marble top. The table is circled by light grey velvet dining chairs elegantly outlined with brass trim. A spectacular brass oval chandelier casts an inviting glow over the setting.

4 Dining Space Accented with Wall Art and Lighting Elements

Above a sleek white dining table, an uber-modern black and white light fixture takes center stage, complemented by culturally inspired, black-framed pictures that adorn the room’s wall. A tranquil plant sits nestled within an elegant glass vase, positioned subtly on the table.

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5 Modern Small Dining Room Lighting Idea: Glistening Gold Pendant Lights Over A Sleek Light Wood Kitchen Island

photo: rejuvenation

This kitchen sports a light brown island complemented by leather-topped stools, elegantly illuminated by a round brass and white chandelier. The backdrop showcases tan cabinets against white and gray mosaic marble countertops, as well as a chic gray tile backsplash.

6 A Modern Living Room Complete with Dining Table, Chairs, and Bar

photo: lukelampco

This contemporary living space showcases a dining table encircled by beige and black dining chairs situated on a gray tiled floor near a sofa. Adding to the room’s elegancy, beige curtains fall from windows directly behind the sofa.

7 A Modern Living Room Incorporating a Dining Area

The design of this modern living area incorporates a round industrial dining table surrounded by beige and black dining chairs. It’s situated upon a gray tiled floor, with a comfortable sofa as a backdrop. Large windows at the back, draped with elegant beige curtains, add an air of sophistication to the room.

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8 Modern Open-Concept Living and Dining Space

This spacious open-concept design seamlessly unites the living room and dining area. A large wooden table with a light, smooth top takes center stage, surrounded by vibrant green chairs. The adjoining living room is characterized by a cozy gray couch, with a sleek TV mounted on the warm, wooden backdrop.

9 Modern Living Space Featuring a Dining Table and Chairs

Anchored by a round industrial dining table, the beige and black dining chairs are strategically located on a gray tiled floor in front of a stylish sofa. Elegantly draped from the windows behind the sofa, the beige curtains add a soft touch to the room.

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10 A Modern Dining Room with Striking Orange Chairs and a Chandelier

Adorning an art deco dining room, a black table stands in contrast to black molded chairs outfitted with vibrant orange cushions. Overhead, a silver and black round chandelier casts a soft glow.

11 Illuminating Lemon Centerpiece Under a White Pendant Light

photo: galleryl7

The dining room exudes a warm atmosphere, punctuated by a table and chairs positioned near a sliding glass door leading onto an inviting outdoor patio. Nestled atop the table is a beautiful vase brimming with vibrant flowers, all bathed in the soft glow of an elegant, gold and white pendant light fixture suspended from the ceiling above. A stylish rug spread out on the floor below the dining set adds an extra layer of cozy charm to the room.

12 Dining Room Design Incorporating Nature and French Doors

This fabulous dining room boasts a refined design featuring gray walls and ceiling, complemented by two small, elegant windows framing a white door built in vintage style. An imposing iron-based dining table takes center stage, strategically placed before the window and beneath a spherical light pendant, completing the room’s ensemble beautifully.

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13 Small Dining Room Light Fixture Idea: Elegant Dining Room Featuring Glass-Top Table and Gray Pendant Lights

photo: earafa

An elegant dining room is highlighted by a wooden dining table with a sleek glass top, complemented by beige chairs. The table is set upon a gray rug, positioned in front of light gray panelled cabinets. Adding a contemporary touch, two gray dome pendant lights hang prominently above the table.

14 A Dining Ensemble Set Against an Impressive Wine Cellar

This dining room showcases a plush table and chairs ensemble placed in front of a well-stocked wine cellar. Above the table, a captivating chandelier provides a warm, inviting glow.

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15 Elegant Dining Room with Wine Cellar Feature

This dining room showcases a table and chairs set elegantly against the backdrop of a wine cellar. A striking chandelier hangs from above, providing an added layer of grandeur to the arrangement.

16 Captivating Lemon Centerpiece under a White Pendant Light

photo: mydomaine

Introducing a bright dining room, complete with a tasteful dining set positioned strategically before an expansive sliding glass door that opens up to a welcoming patio. Adorning the table, a vase brimming with resplendent flowers catches the eye, elevated further by a resplendent white and gold pendant light fixture hanging directly above. Complementing the ensemble, a cozy rug unfurls on the floor next to the table.

17 A Vibrant Modern Dining Room with Wall Art and Pendant Lights

This dining room showcases beige woven chairs surrounding a brown oak table. The setting is under the warm glow of white glass linear chandeliers, adjacent to a vibrant piece of abstract art adorning the white wall.

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18 A Contemporary Dining Room With Beige Upholstered Chairs and a Large Artistic Wall Feature

This dining room boasts a large artistic piece on the wall, providing a visual focal point. A table and chairs, upholstered in a matching beige tone to compliment the room’s color scheme, sit beneath a stunning gold chandelier that dangles from the room’s high center ceiling.

19 Contemporary Dining Room with Grand Black and Gold Chandelier

This stylish gray dining room showcases a wooden dining table, surrounded by sleek gray leather chairs. Dangling above is an array of brass light pendants that bathe the room in warm, inviting light. This furniture ensemble is elegantly positioned in front of a large, inviting window.

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20 Modern Dining Room with Metallic Star Pendant Lights

photo: lightupmyhome

This captivating dining room features a tray ceiling, adorned with a cluster of small silver star-shaped pendant lights illuminating a dark stained dining table, surrounded by striped dining chairs. A round driftwood mirror embellishes the area above the dining table, flanked on either side by a pair of sleek white table lamps.

21 A Cozy Modern Dining Room with a Table and Chairs

photo: houseofalbero

In this inviting dining space, a gray, industrial-style dining table is the centerpiece of the room, encircled by beige and black dining chairs. A plush gray sofa sits cozy against the tiled flooring with strategically placed windows right behind it, draped in beige curtains for a complementary color palette.

22 Contemporary Dining Room with Geometric Pendant Light and Wood Accents

photo: mebelcity.by

Modern features meet traditional charm in this dining room, showcasing a geometric drum pendant light that casts a warm glow over a rustic, reclaimed wood dining table. Light gray chairs sit atop the stunning herringbone wood floor, providing contrast and a touch of elegance.