21 Inspirational Stair Landing Decor Ideas: A Guide to Sprucing Up Your Staircase

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.06.22

Stair landings are often overlooked as a space for decor and design, but they can be transformed into charming areas that add personality to the home. With focal points like beautiful wallpaper, checkered floors, and sleek metal handrails, deck stair landings can be transformed into stunning spaces that make bold statements. Gallery walls, chandeliers, and window views are just some of the elements that make these areas feel inviting and unique. Whether you’re looking to create an elegant space or a cozy one, these stair landing decor ideas will inspire you to bring your design vision to life.

1 Elevate the Look of Your Stairwell with Curtains and Drapes: A Design Guide

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your stairwell with curtains and drapes that make a stylish statement. Enhance the overall design with white walls and hardwood floors that complement each other effortlessly. Add warmth to the space with wooden banister railings that add charm and coziness. Let the chandelier do the talking with a black chandelier that beautifully enhances the design, adding a touch of opulence and class.

2 Elevate Your Staircase With Modern Black and White Styling

photo: diyhomemaker

This chic and minimalist staircase combines black and white lettering on the railings, subtly adding intrigue and an air of sophistication to the space. The addition of a lush potted plant brings a natural and refreshing feel to the decor. A sleek framed sign adds that extra touch of refinement, tying together this tasteful decor in style. Step up the class in your home without breaking the bank and give your stairway the makeover it deserves. Applies easily and looks superb – high style at a low cost.

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3 How to Make a Statement with Contrast: A Beige Stairway with Sleek Black Railings and Captivating Window

Play with contrasting colors and create visual interest by painting your stairway beige and highlighting it with sleek black railings. Bring the space to life and let light in with a large window on the stair landing that offers a stunning view of the street below. Add to the modern design with metallic handrails that enhance the charm of the staircase.

4 How to Create a Timeless Stairway Design: Sleek Metal Handrails and Elegant Illumination

Add a touch of sophistication to your living space with sleek metal handrails that match with any decor style. Incorporate style and light with a large window framed by white trim that illuminates the stairs and enhances the beauty of the design. With two sets of stairs leading to the second floor, this stairway makes a bold statement that is both practical and timeless.

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5 How to Create a Stunning Picture Gallery Stair Landing: The Beauty of Black Framed Pictures

photo: humblehome400

Transform your stair landing into an artistic masterpiece with the beauty of black framed pictures that add depth and personality to the space. Complement the design with a vintage white dresser that enhances the charm of the space. Highlight the beauty of the staircase with white spindles and a black banister that elevate the design and effortlessly tie it together.

6 The Allure of Dark Wood Staircases and White Spindles: An Elegant Stairway Design

Elevate the look of your living space with a timeless stairway design that features dark wooden stairs that provide richness and depth. Add to the elegance of the design with white spindles that create contrast, adding visual interest and sophistication. Create a welcoming ambiance with a curated artwork piece that captures the style of the space.

7 How to Enhance Your Stair Landing with White Shiplap Walls and a Stunning Chandelier

Elevate your stair landing with timeless white shiplap walls that evoke a cozy and charming atmosphere. Complement the design with a stunning chandelier that adds depth and elegance to the space. Create a welcoming ambiance with a built-in window seat that doubles as a cozy nook for rest and relaxation. Flank the space with decorative wall sconces that enhance the design and add personality to the space.

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8 How to Add Classic Style to Your Stairway: A Striped Rug and Vintage Railings

photo: woodardweave

Add a touch of timeless elegance with a striped rug that provides contrast and visual interest to the space. Embrace the charm of vintage design with wooden banisters and white railings that showcase the simplicity and beauty of the late 1800s or early 1900s. Let the beauty of the stairway do the talking with a classic aesthetic that is sure to impress.

9 How to Create a Serene Stair Landing: A Stairway Leading to a Black Framed Window and Rustic Plant Pot

Add charm and tranquility to your stair landing with natural elements such as a rustic plant pot that adds a touch of greenery and beauty to the space. Let light and scenery in with a black framed window that showcases a stunning view and creates a

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10 How to Create Sleek Elegance with a Black and White Carpeted Stairway

photo: bungalow.54

Enhance your living space with a modern design

11 Stylish Stairway with Grey Carpeting and White Wainscoting

photo: 7westcarpet

This inviting image shows a sophisticated stairway, complete with plush grey carpeting and pristine white wooden spindles, topped off with a sleek black banister. The elegant touch of a door at the top of the staircase leading to a master bedroom adds a luxurious appeal to the decor.

12 Stylish Living Room with White Walls and Chic Gray Stair Runner

photo: homeonblue

Step into this elegant living room with its clean and classic white walls contrasting the rich wooden hardwood flooring. Ascend the wooden staircase to the second floor on a beautifully designed chevron stair runner in shades of calming gray. This decor exudes sophistication and grace, making it the perfect addition to your home.

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13 Timeless Wooden Stairs with Gray Vintage Rug on White Landing

photo: herrhome

Take in all the natural light that floods this home with this striking image of classic wooden stairs paired with pristine white walls and flooring. Greeted by a serene window perched above the stair landing, this decor provides a breath of fresh air to any home. A stylish addition of a gray vintage rug and white wainscoting on the stair landing adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to this welcoming space.

14 Chic Black Table and White Wainscoting on Gray Stair Runner

This photo features a striking contrast of crisp white wainscoting against a deep gray stair runner, leading up to a stylish black French table that sits perfectly centered. The table is beautifully illuminated by French brass sconces mounted upon the gorgeous white wall wainscoting. This decor captures the perfect balance of sophistication and simplicity, making a bold statement in any home.

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15 Decorating Your Stair Landing: An Elegant Wallpapered Landing with Frames and Chandelier

photo: circawdm

Elevate your stair landing with intricate wallpaper, complemented by white wainscoting and an exquisite chandelier. Adorn your walls with beautiful framed pictures that add personality and charm to your landing, while vintage chairs at the bottom of the stairs create an inviting ambiance for guests.

16 Add Character to Your Stairway with a Compass Painted on Landing

Make a bold statement with this unique and eye-catching staircase decor- a stunning compass painted onto the landing positioned beside a charming wooden handrail and steps. This photo displays the beauty in simplicity, with the compass creating a focal point on the landing, adding a touch of charm and whimsy to your stairs. Inject character and personality into your stairway decor with this beautiful detailing.

17 How to Create a Bright and Airy Stair Landing: A White Stairway with a Chic Wall Rattan Light Fixture

Make your stairway an inviting space by painting it with a crisp white finish that exudes comfort and tranquility. Add a touch of whimsy with a stylish wall rattan light fixture that adds texture and visual interest. Bring life to the space with a beautiful art piece and add a natural element with a potted palm tree that completes the look.

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18 Soak Up the Sun with Stunning Stained Wood Window Frame Ideas

Let the sunshine pour into your staircase with these breathtaking stained wood window frames on display in this landing. The impeccable combination of rich wooden spindles and handrails add a touch of charm and warmth, making this space an inviting addition to any home. The entrance truly embodies tranquility and serenity with the simple, elegant addition of a white planter filled with luscious greens. Experience the beauty of nature inside the comfort of your own home with this stylish and inviting decor.

19 How to Add Personality to Your Stair Landing: A Blue Staircase With a Checkered Floor and Stunning Decor

photo: miss.annie.xo

Elevate your home with a touch of class and style by incorporating a blue and white checkered floor in your stairwell. A gallery of pictures hung on the wall above the landing adds artistic flair and depth to the space. Let the beauty of the stair landing be reflected on a strategically placed mirror that accentuates the decor.

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20 Take a Cozy Seat in Your Stairway Landing with Striped Red and Yellow Cushions

This stairway landing is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a breathtaking view of your home. Adorned with vibrant and colorful striped red and yellow pillows and cushions, this cozy window seat is an ideal sanctuary to lounge and unwind. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance of natural light filtering through the window and appreciate the warmth and welcoming feeling that surrounds this space. Add a unique and personalized touch to your stair landing with this stylish and comfortable decor option.

21 Transform Your Stairway into a Stylish Haven with a Blue and White Striped Rug

photo: woodardweave

Add a touch of coastal charm to your home with this beautiful and refreshing blue and white striped rug on your staircase. This image showcases how easily your home can be transformed with simple yet effective decor updates to liven up any space. This stunning stair runner brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the staircase, providing a stunning contrast to pristine white walls and a warm, natural wooden handrail. Inject new life into your decor with this effortlessly elegant addition that is sure to leave your guests envious of your style.