A Showcase of 18 Unique Toilet Paper Holder Designs

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2023.09.21

Toilet paper holders may be a small detail in a bathroom, but they can add a touch of creativity and style to any space. In this article, we will explore several photo examples of different toilet paper holder designs, each showcasing its own unique characteristics. From novelty sheep-inspired holders to rustic wooden options, there is a design to suit every bathroom style and preference. Let’s dive in and discover the world of toilet paper holders.

1 Novelty Sheep-Inspired Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper holder
photo: bohotribe

This unique toilet paper holder, crafted from black metal, imaginatively captures the silhouette of a sheep while conveniently holding several rolls of toilet paper.

2 A Rope-Made Toilet Paper Holder

photo: vogues design

A wall-mounted toilet paper holder artfully crafted from sturdy rope.

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3 Industrial-Style Metal Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

This toilet paper holder, fashioned to resemble industrial metal pipes, features a primary dispenser and two additional storage spots at the base for spare rolls.

4 Rustic Bathroom with Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

This bathroom showcases a rustic wooden vanity adorned with a pristine white vessel sink. Complemented by a gold-framed mirror against a white shiplap wall, a wooden toilet paper holder makes a humble presence next to the sink.

toilet paper holder

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5 Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder Adorned with a Succulent

A photo featuring a wall-mounted, wooden toilet paper holder, artfully decorated with overhanging succulents.

6 A Double-Roll Toilet Paper Holder Stand with a Wooden Base

Showcased is a wooden toilet paper stand, offering space for two rolls. Complementing its practical design are a space for a phone and room for a delightful succulent on the top.

7 Displaying Toilet Paper Rolls on a Wooden Shelf

photo: hazel grey

Three rolls of toilet paper are beautifully arranged on a wooden shelf, accompanied by playful signs saying “hello” and “would poop here again”.

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8 The Wooden Toilet Paper Dispenser: Bathroom Functionality meets Aesthetics

The toilet paper dispenser, crafted from wood, houses a single roll of toilet paper. It is conveniently placed on a matching stand against the backdrop of a white-tiled bathroom wall.

9 Modern Bathroom Showcasing a Toilet, Bidet, and a Potted Plant Atop a Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

This contemporary bathroom boasts a distinctive toilet paper holder topped with a potted plant – an aesthetic yet functional feature. The stylish space, with its striking black and white tiled walls, accommodates a bidet on one side and a toilet on the other, balancing convenience with chic design. The holder doubles as a toilet paper dispenser, integrating practicality with finesse.

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10 Dual-Purpose Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf Used as Candle Stand

The product featured is a versatile toilet paper holder with a candle holder set atop its wooden base. The dispenser is made of black metal, complementing the warm wood tones.

11 A Wooden Block Designed As a Toilet Paper Holder

A uniquely designed wooden block toilet paper holder, with carved holes to fit toilet paper rolls in it. It is accented with a potted plant on top.

12 Versatile Wooden Toilet Paper Holder With Towel Storage

photo: homedecor.ks

A white bathroom is showcased, featuring a multifunctional wooden toilet paper holder that can conveniently store three towels.

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13 Eclectic Bathroom Decor: A Beads Artwork above the Toilet Paper Stand

Four rolls of toilet paper rest snugly in a wooden holder beneath an intriguing artwork that resembles a black-beaded necklace, adding a touch of intrigue to the bathroom decor.

14 Sheep-Inspired Black Metal Toilet Paper Holder

This unique piece serves as both a functional and ornamental home element. Crafted from black metal and cleverly designed to resemble a sheep, this toilet paper holder can accommodate multiple rolls.

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15 Sheep-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

A black metal toilet paper holder designed as a sheep, holds multiple rolls of paper giving an illusion of the sheep’s body.

16 The Innovative Sheep-Designed Toilet Paper Holder

This innovative toilet paper holder, crafted in black metal, comfortably holds multiple rolls and is charmingly designed in the guise of a sheep.

17 A Unique Sheep-shaped Toilet Paper Holder

This inventive toilet paper holder, fashioned from black metal, can store multiple rolls, whimsically emulating the silhouette of a sheep.

toilet paper holder

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18 A Sophisticated Bathroom With Sink, Toilet Paper Holder and Floral Accents

photo: lmgdinc

This elegant powder room features gray walls complementing a rich brown vanity, adorned with a marble countertop embracing an oval sink, coupled with a polished nickel faucet. A brown framed mirror enhances the wall above the sink. The vanity’s side is furnished with a toilet paper holder, elegantly equipped with a toilet roll.