Enhancing Coziness: Wall Decals for Bedrooms

Written byPatricia Baker
Published on 2024.01.30

Wall decals have become increasingly popular as a way to add style, personality, and charm to any room. In particular, wall decals for bedrooms can transform a plain space into a cozy and inviting retreat. Whether it’s through charming sunflower decals, captivating world map designs, or playful wildlife themes, these decals effortlessly enhance the overall aesthetics of a bedroom, creating a welcoming atmosphere for relaxation and rest. Let’s explore some inspiring examples of wall decals that can bring warmth and character to your bedroom decor.

1 A Cozy Child’s Bedroom with a Canopy Bed and Cheerful Sunflower Wall Decals

This charming vintage nursery features a pristine white spindle crib, adorned with a beautiful mustard yellow canopy and sheer curtains. A rustic wooden shelf is thoughtfully positioned against the wall, providing both style and functionality. Adding a touch of playfulness, the bedroom is embellished with delightful sunflower wall decals, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your little one.

2 A Touch of Sunshine in a Cozy Bedroom: Wall Decal for Bedroom Inspiration

photo: jadedecals

This cozy bedroom boasts a tranquil grey wall adorned with a charming sun wall decal. Positioned above the white bed, the sun decal brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to the space. The bed is dressed with a combination of white, pink, and grey cushions, adding a playful touch. Completing the aesthetic, a delightful pink pendant light gracefully hangs from the ceiling, casting a soft and soothing glow.

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3 The World Map Decal for Bedroom Wall Perfectly Complements the Decor

photo: metal plex

In this beautifully designed bedroom, a spacious bed adorned with a timeless natural wood headboard and crisp white bedding takes center stage. Exquisite black double lamps gracefully grace the wooden nightstands, positioned on either side of the bed. Captivatingly, a magnificent black wall decal, fashioned in the shape of a world map with meticulously applied compass directions, effortlessly dominates the space above the bed.

4 Fantasy-inspired Bedroom with Lord of the Rings Wall Decal

Step into a magical world with this kids’ bedroom featuring a captivating wall decal for bedroom that pays homage to the iconic Lord of the Rings series. The decal showcases striking green silhouettes of the beloved characters embarking on an epic journey, accompanied by an inspiring quote. The bed, adorned with a charming striped comforter, becomes a cozy retreat for young adventure-seekers. Discover a collection of books and files thoughtfully arranged on the bed, inviting young minds to explore the realms of imagination.

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5 Wildlife Wall Decals Bring a Colorful Touch to a Children’s Bedroom

Step into a vibrant world of imagination in this child’s bedroom adorned with an array of wildlife-themed wall decals. The white walls come alive with the presence of whimsical elements, including majestic parrots boasting a riot of colors, a playful bear confidently riding a skateboard, a captivating rainbow stretching across the room, delicate butterflies fluttering in the air, and a unique scene featuring a sun peering from behind a fluffy cloud, all while a whimsical unicorn effortlessly glides on a skateboard. The room is transformed into a captivating sanctuary, sparking creativity and adventure.

6 Aviation Inspired Wall Decals in a Baby’s Room

Step into this charming neutral nursery adorned with subtle shades of grey and beige. A cozy grey armchair sits in the corner, inviting you to relax and enjoy the soothing ambiance. The beige-colored walls create a calm and neutral backdrop for the captivating scene above the crib. A mesmerizing display of vintage airplane-themed wall decals adorns the white wall, capturing the essence of aviation. The delicate white crib is adorned with a soft blanket, providing comfort and serenity for your little one. With its rattan pendant light casting a warm glow, this baby’s room is a haven of tranquility and whimsical flight.

7 Fun and Whimsical Wall Decals for a Child’s Bedroom

photo: urbanwalls

Step into a world of imagination and creativity with this delightful child’s bedroom. The walls are adorned with playful and colorful wall decals featuring a vibrant collection of wild parrots, a bear on a skateboard, a rainbow, beautiful butterflies, a sun peeping out from behind a cloud, and even a unicorn skateboarding! These charming and whimsical wall decals bring a sense of adventure to the room, sparking the imagination of your little one as they explore the world of wildlife.

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8 Forest Themed Wall Decals in a Green Nursery

Step into this cozy nursery with its delightful green walls adorned with forest-themed wall decals. A charming light wood crib takes center stage against the vibrant backdrop. The white section of the wall is embellished with whimsical cartoon plants, a towering tree, a playful deer, a friendly hedgehog, vibrant flowers, and a tempting apple. These neutral-colored decals create a serene and enchanting atmosphere perfect for a baby’s room.

9 A Baby’s Room With a Cozy Canopy Bed and Matching Wall Decals

In this charming baby’s room, a pristine white crib takes center stage, adorned with a delicate beige canopy and matching bedding. Piled with cushions and adorned with adorable dolls, the crib exudes comfort and style. The wall behind the crib is a crisp white canvas, embellished with two elegant wall decals. One features a graceful curved shape in a soothing beige hue, while the other showcases a chic checkered pattern in the same color, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

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10 Floral Wall Decals in a Cozy Bedroom

photo: cmc.gold

This cozy bedroom features a comfortable bed with a white comforter adorned with vibrant flower wall decals. The wall mural showcases a colorful floral pattern, adding a touch of nature and elegance to the space. A charming yellow ribbon-shaped pillow complements the floral theme, adding a pop of color to the crisp white bedding.

11 Two Birds perched on a Branch Wall Decal in a White Bedroom

photo: yourdecalshop

This white bedroom boasts a cozy bed adorned with blue pillows, accompanied by a wooden nightstand illuminated by a lamp with a white shade. Above the bed, a captivating wall decal takes center stage, showcasing two beautifully depicted birds with delicate blue accents, elegantly perched on a branch.

12 World Map Wall Decal Above a Bed

In this beautifully furnished bedroom, a large bed with a natural wood headboard and crisp white bedding takes center stage. Enhancing the ambience, black double lamps rest gracefully on wooden nightstands positioned on either side of the bed. However, the true focal point of the room is the striking black wall decal above the bed. This captivating decal takes the form of a world map, complete with directional indicators, adding a touch of adventure and wanderlust to the space.

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13 Bedroom Decorated with a Koala Tree Wall Mural

This cozy bedroom is adorned with a delightful wall mural of a koala nestled among the branches of a tree. The bed is beautifully made with crisp white and green bedding and features adorable koala designs. Adjacent to the bed, a grey armchair provides a cozy seating nook. The wall mural adds a touch of whimsy and nature-inspired charm to the room.

14 Bedroom Inspiration: Palm Trees Wall Decal and Artful Zebra Statue

This stylish bedroom boasts a sleek wooden bed frame adorned with crisp white bedding. The focal point of the room is a captivating wall decal showcasing a serene scene of palm trees swaying in the breeze, accompanied by whimsical wildlife such as a playful tiger and a mischievous monkey. Adding a touch of artistic flair, an elongated zebra statue stands proudly in the corner, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the room’s decor.

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15 Elegant Wall Decal of a Woman’s Face with Delicate Butterflies

Step into a room adorned with sophistication and artistry. A stunning wall decal depicting a woman’s face captures your attention, with exquisite details such as perfectly arched eyebrows, mesmerizing eyes accentuated by long lashes, and lips painted with a vibrant shade of red. Delicate butterflies gracefully flutter around her, adding a touch of whimsy and enchantment to the space. As you explore further, you’ll notice framed pictures of the Eiffel Tower adorning the walls, evoking a sense of elegance and romance. A plush couch beckons you to sit and relax, its white cushion adorned with a captivating red rose, a subtle yet alluring detail that ties the room together.

16 Tropical Paradise Wall Decals in a Serene Bedroom

photo: sensuitedecor

Step into a serene bedroom retreat with fresh white walls adorned with vibrant and lush tropical plant and butterfly wall decals. These colorful decals bring the beauty of nature indoors, creating a tropical paradise right in your own home.

17 Vibrant Flower Wall Decals and Pillows in a Girl’s Bedroom

Step into this charming girl’s bedroom adorned with an array of colorful pillows in various shapes on the bed. A captivating sunburst mirror graces the wall, complemented by the letter ‘S’ hanging elegantly nearby. Embrace the uplifting atmosphere with a heartfelt quote that reads “you are loved.” To add a touch of nature-inspired beauty, the walls are adorned with lively flower wall decals, accompanied by a delightful bird motif.